Tfw literally homeIess

>tfw literally homeIess

I'm typing this from the local shelter, unironically. How do I make it with crypto? I can't go any lower so how? I am tired of being poor and looked down upon by society. My parents kicked me out and I lost my job and now I'm here.

What do? How do I into crypto?

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All in on Link

Also look around for some good faucets, you can get a dollar or two a day for free if you have a few hours to click bullshit and dodge pop-up ads

You serious...?

If you are post a photo

god damn that’s harsh bro
maybe some biznessman can help you out

i never understood why parents did shit like that to their own children
fucked up

Got get a real job you lazy sod

unironically this user

Its really easy. When a coin goes up buy it, when it goes down sell.

I'd probably just squat or kill myself before ending up in a shelter


Buy into Ethpyramid. Make consistent 1% & compoundable daily gains on top of the rising price of Ether.

Shit is legit OP. Work at McDonalds and buy Ether and Ethpyramid instead of food. In a year never wagecuck again.

>I'm typing this from the local shelter, unironically. How do I make it with crypto?
Focus on getting a job first asshole, you can't buy cryptos without money

Literally a lottery faucet for NEM. If you get 100 and Nem explodes like its expected, you can have a chunk of change. Setup a wallet, every 4 hours go for a spin

Yes, not even joking, but don't want to dox myself though.
I was fired due to the situation.
Ha... n-no I dont want to do that

i was homeless a couple of years ago and im sorry to say theres no shortcut, you just need to do the things they tell you to do, which will end up being a shitty job and a roof of your own..
from there come back and ask again

I'd look into Buddhism if I was you or Jesus.

So I'd like to know what your plans are now - from here.

Can you bulletpoint for me what you're going to do to unfuck this situation you've found yourself in?

Dude, just post a picture of your bed at the shelter. Jeez...

>He did and deleted it desu - YMCA confirmed.

>I'm sorry, now doesn't accept NEW users.
I know user. Shits tough.
I am Christian anyway
I'm still in shock but try to somehow unjust my shit by getting out of here asap. Working some shit and saving up, I don't know how it will pan out but that is the plan.

>You have some sort of problem

I don't really care - I just want to see what your plan is for tomorrow.

What are you going to do tomorrow?

Sympathy is for the weak user I want to see you plan.

Plan for tomorrow is look for a way out until I find one

>I'm typing this from the local shelter, unironically. How do I make it with crypto?
Your ass is trying to get from point A to point Z, with one step.

You can't buy cryptos, without money.

Focus on finding a job first, and the put a portion to cryptos.

1. Accomodation is not an issue.
2. Previous job...

Probably. I just know a lot of anons from Veeky Forums made it through crypto too.
Whaddya mean?

What was your previous job?

Oh, trainee machinist

>I know user. Shits tough.
it is. i had a bit of a mental breakdown and chucked in the job, girlfriend, home town, friends etc and bummed around homeless for 2 months before seeking help from the authorities. id spend all day sitting in the park reading ebooks, spend my nights moving between a couple of safe places to sleep, spent a buck a day on food, was in total denial about what a colossal fuckup id made of things.
going to a shelter worked though, a bed and a few regular showers was enough to get me into a minimum wage job and a cheap place to stay.
even then nothings easy but thats where you need to be, that was 2 years ago and im still struggling but ive seen the alternative to being a wagecuck for non-rich people and this is better than homelessness.
day trading crypto in my free time hasnt given me what i want in terms of $, feel like ive been trying to be too clever by trying to turn too small amount of money into something, i need to change that mindset. i do have hope for the future though that i never had homeless

Sounds pretty specific:

A. In the 10 mile radius how many jobs like that are there.

If not:

1. Temp agencies ?
2. Restaurants ?

>Bonus question - why did you get fired...

Lol why white people such subhumans? How can you pick out your own child and allow him to be homeless?

Op, i was homeless at one point too. was terrible. i blew everything i owned on drugs. stole a bunch of money and gold from my parents... i was kicked on the street. I went through years of relapsing.... then one day i just woke up and realized this isnt what I want.

Fight hard, take a couple bux and throw it into crypto if you want. overall if youre poor youre not gonna be able to make too much in the beginning, but you just gotta stick with it man. Shit is hard, but life isnt fair.

I had to learn the hard way but now im a happy dude. Definitly not even close to rich like some of these other biz's but Im hoping to get there soon.


I pretty much do all of that haha. Pretty crazy to read that. Yeah, I'm looking now that's all I do really. Good luck in the future brother!

Yeah I'm not looking for that work because it's not going to happen quickly. Just anything atm. And I was fired because I couldn't show up since I had no place to sleep, lol. I know right? JUST

It's a cultural thing where they do it earlier than most other folks

I'm not on drugs and never even tried them, too much of a pussy

have you considered moving somewhere new? it wouldnt need to be a thousand miles away but new surroundings can be a fresh start in every aspect of your life

Literally how do you end up homeless without being a drug fiend or a schizophrenic? You're obviously not retarded because you can type coherently. So how the fuck did you end up homeless in the first place?

Yes but I can't afford to move right now. I hope to do that when I can though. Fresh start

Did you even read the OP? My parents kicked me out and I lost my job because of that, and bam! I'm a crackhead homeless now... at least thats what people believe

Search on google maps for every local restaurant, bar and cafe in a 10 mile radius to the YMCA you're in - prioritize independents over any chains and / or deselect chains if you have enough independents - you need to speak to either owners or guys who run the shop for owners

How many do you have of either?

You need to focus on getting a job first, so you can then invest in cryptos. If you're not going to get a job, are you basically hoping someone will donate cryptos to you? What's the point of this thread, if you're not actually going to get a job?

whats your eth address op i would love to help you

Do you think I'm not looking? Jesus christ, read the thread
12~ I've spoken with some of them already as well. I've been looking pretty much every day for a week or so now. Also, done some cash work a few days ago.
I appreciate the advice. Sound like you have experience or something

I don't think you are allowed to post it without getting banned?

Sell your fucking crypto and get a job.

You can probably post it but put it in brackets or something, it's not like you're asking, let the guy help you out

I don't have any and yes I am thanks

inb4 mods

Eh if youre desperate then a ban aint so bad :/
Never been in your situation so I dont know how much this helps, but people have made it out of much worse.. You seem to have your head on right and def stay away from drugs in this scenario. Do you mind me asking what part of the world youre in?

Don't enable him to make further posts. Do not feel sorry he put himself in this situation. Detach emotion.

Give the guy a break dude you would be surprised how close the average person is to this situation

I'm positive and trying to stay that way. I've met some real "characters" the past week. Jesus
And the US

How did I put myself in this situation? Wtf

when i was homeless id say thats pretty accurate for about 95% of people.
95% isnt 100%, some people do just slip through the cracks.

those saying get a job need to peddle back the faux aggression, its like reading a self improvement video from 2008 and aa bit cringe. sometimes its ok to take the foot off the gas and do a bit of reflection, when somebody in a state where they cant buy crypto is looking for advice on the future, its as important a step as filling in the burger king application as it builds motivation and gives the whole process a bit of purpose.

im a min wage cuck but my time spent there feels like it has purpose given ive taken the time make plans for the future and being homeless showed me the alternative. i wish i could give user better advice on where to put the little money he will have but i will say that just WANTING it is as important

all the best OP

Make a burner email & phone number (via Google Voice) and sign up for every free airdrop going on:

If you have time to kill, make a bunch of fake twitter/telegram accounts using your referral links to get extra coins. I got ~$150 in IOST this way.

Only thing is it will take a few weeks to get any of the coins and most are going to be duds. But you can probably get ~$300 from a full day of work and use that to reinvest in other coins.

good luck man, you'll make it!

Begging for $20 to buy pic related will take you less than two business days; you can then use them to achieve heavy gainz and proteinz like in your wildest dreamz

Are you anywhere in the Northeast?

imagine what he did to do to get kicked out by the only people who are suppose to care about him. i guess it truly depends what age

how old are you user? and wtf did you do to make your parents hate you?

>Transient user doesn't know about coinpot

Just make a coinpot account. It's free and you can just passive mine on your web browser.

Only intelligent person in this thread. OP has given ZERO evidence that he's actually homeless so this guy was smart enough to try and get OP banned. He probably reported him right after he posted the address.

>12 - hopefully independent.

Okay so you've got a shower and a (hopefully) neat set of clothes.

You plot out your route for each, you go into each you ask for the manager. You don't speak to anyone if you can't speak to the boss.

You speak to the boss you say all you've done today - you've looked x, y and z - you're looking for a job, any job. Sound earnest, don't say you're in the YMCA, if it comes up say what the situation is but don't be a bitch or turn into a sob story you just need a job and are willing to work for it.

Out of 12 if it's pretty fair odds you'll have something at least washing dishes if nothing else - you don't wait for people to tell you how to do it properly you ask or establish how to do it properly.

You show you can do that for 2 weeks / have some proof / stay at the YMCA - you show us a photo and show you're not just a bum perhaps I'll help - not before though, I want to see you can get on your feet.

Then maybe Veeky Forums helps you - or perhaps not...!

Hes already proven it with the YMCA bed photo go away

sent you some eth bro hope it helps


Thanks will look into those. Pretty good if the coin happened the moon after.
Nice. and thanks.
Made me laugh at least
I posted proof but don't want to dox myself or w.e.

Thanks for helping the guy

>10 cents
Lol you asshole but hey, thanks anyway! I won't complain about that

>claiming to be homeless
>"b-but I might get doxxed!"

What the fuck am I reading? Are we going to send pizzas to your street corner? No wait that would be helping which I sure as hell don't want to do.

There are some sick people in this world my friend
People who enjoy kicking a man when he is down

Just because you personally never experiences the shadier side of life because you were fortunate enough to have X or Y doesn't mean everyone is/can/has/does.
So sincerely, go fuck yourself

how much do you actually get from coinpot?

ITT: Veeky Forums gets pajeeted (again)

>There are some sick people in this world my friend

You're right. I'm talking to one of them. The larping Veeky Forums beggar scum.

Beggar how? I never asked for shit and I never recieved shit

Fuck you, man

>no proof
>"i'm poor how do i crypto"
>knows he can't give eth address right away without getting roasted
>gives eth address.

Get a job and quit begging
>waits till bait is taken
I'd have helped you out myself if you'd have provided evidence

>how much do you actually get from coinpot?

Depends on your computer rig. Right Now I've been converted all my cryptocurrency to doge because chinese new year tomorrow. Year of the dog. I make a good decent amount.

This but unironically.
You dont have to post a lot to prove it OP like just the shelter beds or some shit we are clearly not asking for you social security number and drivers licence or even a selfie.
As for you being homeless why not go to a labor exchange or some shit and start doing manual labor to get back on your feet. I dont see how crypto is at all ever going to help your situation if you have no money.
Provided you are larping and you are some pajeet honestly just go end yourself you fucking scum stop shitting up the board.


>Get a job and quit begging

Jesus christ you sound like a fucking conservative hick.

I already posted proof
I never asked and even said I dont want to get banned before 3 anons said go ahead
I never recieved shit and never intended to anyway

Fuck you, you stupid faggot

I already posted proof

It made me laugh

Your gas costed 3 times as much!

>Fuck you, you stupid faggot

Now I hope you actually are homeless. I'm a strong believer that almost everyone gets what they deserve in this life.

No you didn't faggot proof isnt you saying you're homeless you nigger homosexual. How the fuck do you even think you can get into crypto without money.

I am calling pajeet all over this thread. This is a dishonest thread op you should be ashamed of yourself.

become an actual beggar if you live in the city, they make 50k-60k per year or more

though you may get killed by police

Then you are an ignorant fool

This is Veeky Forums
Read his posts
Just because I'm temporarily fucked, doesn't mean I'm gonna be some apologetic retard like how you expect. Whaddya want from me?

I posted proof being my admission letter into the hostel, you fucking ass. I'm getting sick of faggots repeating "pajeet" when I already posted and never even asked for shit in the first place
So call pajeet and then fuck off

This is now a pajeet thread.

>never even asked for shit in the first place

Okay, brainlet. Let's break this situation down. You made this thread asking about how to get into crypto. You now know that you need money to make money. Why are you still blogposting? Is it because you haven't been given a hand me out, yet? Oh, have I exposed your shitty little begging thread?

They just want a picture of you are the place. Come the fuck on dude. Picture or it did not happen.

I never asked for shit, again
I came for advice mainly and just to "banter" and see what anons would suggest, some gave advice. Does every thread on Veeky Forums have a direct point? No. Don't like it? Don't reply

I already posted one, god damn man



Come back in 2 weeks.timestamp your payslip user.


If you are in the US find the Labor Ready in your city and go there - they will give you a job and pay you cash.

It's shitty manual labor type work, but it's there if you need to make a few bucks

>I already posted one, god damn man

No you did not. Posting a picture of an angry meme is not proof of you being at a homeless shelter.

I'm at the space station now. lol here is a picture of a meme to show you I am at the space station!

You can tell a decent number of people on this board have never experienced any kind of hardship in their lives. Which is good, good for you, overall, but you can see how immature they (you) still are about situations they clearly have no understanding of.

For example, in my situation, people who have never experienced it expect you to be like something from an advert or television. They expect you to be like 'putty' in their hands, like a lost puppy looking up at its owner because he was just found. What I'm trying to say is: Retarded faggots think because I or someone else is homeless temporarily and/or in a situation wherein they're facing hardship that they should bend over and let people just fuck them in the ass because duh dude, you should be "humble", you're lower than me! You should do what I say and be how I want you to be like it is on TV with the dopey "in need of help" fuck who yes sirs no sirs because what? Because they're in a better situation? Because they were more fortunate though no doing of their own?

Go fuck yourselves
I'm homeless and I will still tell you to go fuck yourself in person, online, in any event ever, you fucking faggots with no understanding of anything but internet porn and your moms home cooking


I posted one and deleted it to avoid the doxxing that was inevitably about to happen, read the thread

Why dont you just do what your people are born to do and call old people and tell them you are from windows and bill gates said there is a virus on their computer. You then ask them for credit card details. Use the credit card to buy some awful crypto coin then come to biz and shill it to no end with poor english.

That op will be how YOU into crypto.

Honestly user, your best bet may be to make up with your parents if that's still possible. Will allow you to more easily get a job and hold it. Beg for forgiveness, do whatever shit they ask you to do.

If that't not at all possible - get a job and figure out your shelter situation ASAP. Start by investing a small portion of your weekly/monthly paycheck into crypto. Don't do this too quickly. Slow and steady, dollar cost average your way in.

Good luck.

>I'm homeless and I will still tell you to go fuck yourself in person, online, in any event ever

Which is why (assuming you're actually homeless - let's hope you are) you'll remain homeless.

The last homeless person I saw was on his hands and knees, begging for change. I didn't give him any. Now look at you who is the complete opposite of that person. In what universe would people give you anything? Advice is useful but you won't even get my advice.


Didn't see it. That was tooooooo quick! screen cap mah man.

Because I have a moral compass and integrity and don't believe in wronging people in such a way

Why the fuck else? If I wanted, I could also just go commit a bunch of crimes and magic! I'm no longer int he situation I'm in. But I won't do that because I'm not a scumbag

No, this explains nothing. You had an income stream that could enable you to at least rent a room or some shit. Are you saying you had a job and $0 in bank and noone willing to take you in for a few days?

>The last homeless person I saw was on his hands and knees, begging for change. I didn't give him any. Now look at you who is the complete opposite of that person. In what universe would people give you anything? Advice is useful but you won't even get my advice.
That was my point you fucking retard. Read my post again and read it slowly. Guess what? A homeless bum has better reading comprehension than you faggot. What you gonna do about it?

>What you gonna do about it?

Well, savour the fact that some random scumbag is homeless and crying about it on Veeky Forums, for one.