Most of you don't have what it takes to be rich. $100-$200 million. That's rich. You fucks might be mcrich at best...

Most of you don't have what it takes to be rich. $100-$200 million. That's rich. You fucks might be mcrich at best, 2 million, 5 million, drive around in your middle class life. Good for you. its adorable. but the real $$ is reserved for only the select few. That's the unfortunate fact.

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That’s fine and all but I guarantee I have a bigger dick and your money won’t change that

Yep, I'm sure that would be you. So magnanimous, you took your valuable time to come here and denigrate the plebs to teach them their place. Bless you sir!!!

How is that unfortunate? $5 mil would be fucking amazing, I have literally zero desire to rub shoulders with rich fucks, I just want a nice house in the country with a music studio and some ducks and dogs.

>he says from his shack in rural Arkansas

>2-5 million
>middle class

Yeah, don't see the point of this LARP. I mean, if anyone even did believe this jagov, would they give a shit? Not working another day of my life is a suitable goal. I don't need a yaught or a private space shuttle


you are destined to be nigger rich at best

yes that is the range of 'mcrich', you will be the king of plebs, but nothing more

I don't care. All I really want is to never have to interact with poor people again.

2-5 million is literally enough money to travel as much as you want, eat whatever food you want, have a nice home, car, buy whatever entertainment system you want, and just live it on easy mode doing what you feel like doing with your free time.

Who the fuck cares about having more than that.


Rich is in the eye of the beholder. Give me a million and tell me I'm not rich, I'll call you a faggot and enjoy setting myself to live on mailbox money for the rest of my existence.

>net worth ~2MM USD
>definitely not rich

Cut-off for me, personally is 10 million, maybe 20 million to be extra safe. Anything more than that is just plain fuck you money.

You sound really insecure.

Why user? As soon as I have 2 milli, I will put 1 milli in a fund and hodl for 50 years. Voila, I have much more than 100 million.

Cool, I’ll happily take my 2-5 mil and be mcrich. And the ‘rich’ people can keep all the pretentiousness while I actually enjoy life, something they can’t do because they’re so obsessed with how big a number is.

Fun Fact: If you ever DO start to inch towards the "real rich" class (aka 25 million or more), you will be offered an ultimatum: Either "take it" or you will be "taken out."

It's that simple.

And let me clarify: When I mean "real rich" I don't mean money invested in cryptos, businesses, assets, etc. I mean real, hard cash in the bank.

blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

take what

Nice covert larp faggot.

there's a point past which you're just keeping money you won't spend. i would do almost anything in the world to have $5 million and skip 40 years of wagecuckery. what is the other $95 million going to do?


OP pic related is a cult leader
but a new age, digital cult leader
doesnt even have to live on a cult ranch with the weirdos that are paying and sustaining his life style
got to admire that if anything, turned this culture of eceleb worship into millions

I'm 22. My 20k in debt is more than everything i own and all the money in every banks account.

I've never had a proper job nor more than the bare minimum weekly income to survive. Most of my money is from my mom and the government. I sleep on the floor and dont have furniture because i have to pay my jewish landlords every cent for rent.

I still have more friends, 20 year old girlfriends and a better social life than any miserable old fuck who has dedicated their life to money and lost all their time in the process.

>be born rich (networth 338m at time of birth

oh i guess im super elite because of all the cool things i did

Kekkest of tops

you being here proves you're no different

>$100-$200 million. That's rich.

You're assuming we give a shit about living in gigantic mansions & hanging out with Pastel wearing faggots at the golf course.

We want enough money to NEVER wagecuck, fap all day and watch your world burn down normie. That's all. Except kys obviously.

They'll force you to join their pedo cult

anything less than a billion is rich

anything over is wealthy

That's not true. Even Trump with billions is not part of their club.

hell yeah, ayn rand 4 life

I just want a rural farm or cabin in the mountains with some passive income far from the select few.

That is how they all start out, until they realize what is available to them, there are seats at the table in places you can never imagine. do you want to go your whole life not knowing what this is all about? but like he said

$2m-$5m post tax is more than enough to be financially independent the rest of your life while living in luxury.

OP is a troll.

Having 2-5MM is highly liquid assets is pretty fucking rich senpai. Having that as a networth based on a property that's ridiculously overpriced is mcrich. But desu anyone with over 100k in crypto right now has all the possibility in the world of being fuck-you-tier rich-rich in the next 3-10 years. There's trillions ready to roll into crypto. You better have yourself sorted when it comes, bucko.

Trump doesn't have billions lmfao.

Tell me more

They ain't getting my cornhole bruh.

Researchers have said overall "happiness" doesn't really increase past a 70k a year income. At 5 million in some fund making you 3-5% a year, you're raking in at least double that amount.

I know a lot of wealthy people not rich people, wealthy people. and user the problems they have you cant even imagine even the simplest things are pretty much a shitshow.

that made me realize that mo money mo problems really is true, I'm good with being financially ok.

If I had $3M right now I would dump that shit in REITs and live like a King off of $150k quarterly dividends

Explain to a poorfag pls

>do you want to go your whole life not knowing what this is all about?

I DO know what it's all about. Annoying fucking retards leading around even stupider annoying fucking retards because there's literally nothing better to do.

Dogs pissing on fire hydrants is just as meaningful as anything humans get up to.

0 interest in any of it myself. There's NOTHING you can tell me that'd interest me enough to join any little clubs.

It's all just faggotry people engage in so they feel like their lives have meaning.

>criminal elements know who you are even if you try to hide
>bribes are needed everywhere
>bodyguards to the teeth
>no privacy since you need to be protected
>family members have been kidnapped a couple times, his father was kidnapped 3 times, mother was 2
this isnt in a 3rd world shithole

yea this basically. OP sucks cocks

this is why I'm slowly buying in

I'll probably stop spending money on stupid shit for while too, I almost feel a little sick when I see some of the shit I bought for hundreds or thousands of dollars while I was dismissing bitcoin and eth as being fads.

Bruh that was in the 90s. At least 100k to equal that now.

Oh well. Like my mommy used to say "just do the best you can."
As long as I'm richer than even the most well paid crane operator or other blue collar worker who I look down upon because most as retarded, I don't care. I just want enough to have 100k/yr passive income.

which projects do you recommend? Having 100k in shitcoins with no future is no good

>because most as retarded

What an absolutely shit thread op you should be ashamed. Fuck this thread so hard. This is now a brap thread. Post your best brapps

>Calls people retarded
>Can't form a coherent sentence

>you will be the king of plebs, but nothing more
Some people are interested with their own affairs, freedom and happiness over lording over others/the opinions of materialists.

We get it, you have a tiny cock and no amount of money will ever fill that void for you. would one go about doing this? I was just planning on opening a vanguard account and putting my money in index funds.

What exactly does it take to get to $100-$200 million? I feel unstoppable, so I'd love to see what this is going to take.

1st world middle class life without work is better than 1st world wage slavery

It's a typo. I'm on my phone. I don't waste time proofreading a Veeky Forums post, you know what I meant. Nice argument

A shitton of work

Building a national brand

depends on the level of risk you can tolerate. i've traditionally been 50% BTC 40% ETH but atm i've pushed all my ETH in on a couple of promising ICO's to chase that 1000x. might pay off, might not. if not i've still got my BTC bags to help out. if i strike it lucky (and i think one ICO i'm on is a lock for 100x and possibly 1000x in 2-5 years) i'll be knocking on the door of 100MM fiat.
as for projects you want to be looking at fintech infrastructure and protocols that improve/solve cryptospace issues. desu i think we are still too early in the game for IRL projects to make it big. just my opinion.

i only need 5mil
my end goal is to strap into VR and never see reality again
just need money for protein paste and a nurse to come around and clean the piss and shit off me

It's true. (((They))) are my friends, but I am still not included in the shekel opportunities because nobody cares about a faggot tier 6 figure investment. So here I am still stuck with you mouthbreathing fucking larpers on a pajeet shit color sharing forum. I could not be happier.

>believing the msm

Trump is a 33rd degree Mason, you dont think he's part of it? lmao.

i won't have to work for anybody ever again and i'll be able to pursue my interests free of worry. that is valuable enough

I spent 100 btc on a BMW, computers, and weed.

Feels worse

WHATS THE FUCKING ULTIMATUM TELL US ALREADY FUCK ASS OR GTFO. your not worth our time if you have nothing to offer.

jesus that sucks
I keep telling myself I would have lost my btc in mt gox or wasted it on stupid shit if I got in early but it doesn't really help

yeh and?

Opinions on RLC and LINK?

I currently have 70 ETH, and $35k in shitcoins like ENG, REQ, ICX, DBC. Am I gonna make it?

I don't care to be rich but to live comfortably doing nothing.

I assume it means they want photos of you fucking a little girl or some illuminati shit like that

You did clean your room today...right user? A-user?...

With 2-5 million you could easily start a business that'll yield many more millions. Like Trump did.

When are you going to start cashing out your 200 btc?

Jordan Peterson is an idiots intellectual.

I mean, that's more than enough for me. I've never really cared about accumulating money, just about having enough to chill.

sure you might be rich with high 7 figures to low 8 figures, that's great.

but if you're dealing with crypto, it's all about those three commas unless you were a late adopter.

A 20 cent bullet still puts you in the grave, kike. Never forget that.

You posted Jordan Peterson, which is the #1 sign to me that you are just a scared and lost middle class boy looking for a surrogate father figure and projecting your inadequacies all over the board.

>jp is the stupid person's smart person
wow very original you sound very smart

"Real money"


What's wrong with Jordan Peterson helping manchildren and soyboys? Do you know what the alternative is?

New Teeka Tiwari PBC report released hours ago.

user with those figures reporting.
Nobody puts that "in the bank" at that point.

Most of it is crypto/stock/gold/realestate...

I'm with this dude

Rome wasn't built in a day. Well get there and our kids will get further. Times will change. JUST then watch.