No end

It is not stopping.....

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Why is this mooning?

>mfw cashies will end up with a clogged blockcain from all their big blocks meanwhile the Bitcoin Blockchain is smooth as silk

because its the real bitcoin


Because I fkn sold

oh hell yeah 13% gain

nice link fork, saved.

good to see it going up while buttcoin is going down, maybe the decoupling has begin

Going to sell this crap for OMG/JNT

don't u dare faggot i will find u

I don't get why people repeat this. When the blocks are not full btc and bch have roughly the same fees... Do you think that 1 tx in a non-full BCH block costs 1/8th the price of 1 tx in a non-full BTC block?

Nah its going to sit around 0.13-0.16 btc

no shit...

bitcoin core isnt what satoshi had in mind at all, bitcoin cash is the real implementation of his idea. if you have half a brain you'd see this and stock up

Roger Ver probably has a public appearance soon

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It's been a fun day

happy new year

Jihan wishes all BCH holders a Happy New Year


I think there is going to be a debate between a bch dev and a btc dev. Literally how could a core dev argue any tech at all?

They can't even hire good developers to implement LN.

It goes a little somethin like this