Eth Accts/Keys for Sale

Hello biz, I have about 25 sets of ETH acct #'s and private keys. They were acquired legally. However, I noticed some are still being used and some still contain tokens and/or eth.

How much would you be willing to pay for one? This one for instance has little ETH however it contains about 5 EPY (eth pyramid tokens) currently valued just shy of $450...

I have another with 9750 LINK, 38,000 GMT, and another with about $3,000 worth of random EtherDelta shitcoins.

Throw out some numbers, I can provide specific addresses on etherscan if the numbers are right. This is a bit of a gamble for you and you may need to watch them closely. Though many may not have a ton of current value, they have history of transacting 100,000's of dollars worth of ETH and ETh tokens.

Anyone interested?

those are mine wtf

what is an exchange?

Did i get it right?

Don't forget to report and sage guys


i dont think you're understanding what I am offering...

>I have about 25 sets of ETH acct #'s and private keys.
Why the fuck don't u use those private keys yourself, and clean them out?


Why wouldn't you loot them yourself?

>account #s
>private keys

Nice job newfag, we wouldnt be able to access the account without the publix address key so thats worthless to anyone

He wants to hook you up! It would take to long to transer that ehterium so he'll pay you and then transfer yours!

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>and another with about $3,000 worth of random EtherDelta shitcoins.
O shit....I think this is me..

I have no way to cash out cryptocurrency in my country.

Sorry, I have full access to the wallets via MEW or MetaMask, like I said above I have no way to cash out crypto in my country so it is basically useless to me.

I would need paypal, venmo or western union (not the best options).

Still not buying it. Why not take the money and hold it until you can cash it out?

if you send first I might

it is not possible or legal and probably wont ever be. the internet itself is highly censored (being on this site or even google can have me arrested!!!) I use a VPN on my phone using a public wifi that doesnt always work. The fact I have a paypal account is great but I cannot even withdraw cash to my bank account, I use it to basically buy online things (digital stuff only, entertainment, etc.).

I am from Cuba and was given a paypal account and iphone buy a wealthy tourist I helped out, I explained my situtation here in my country. He sometimes puts funds into my paypal when he visits and I drive him around. Last time he came gave me a document with all the accounts and said I can do what I want with them.


I am seriosu about this and Honest, if nobody can paypal, I am willing to accepts Litecoin as that seems to be the future paypal. Also, im am sorry if my english is not perfect. Ty

saged and reported 1/10 pathetic scam

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at least post the public addresses so we can see what's in the accounts goddamit

Dude convert them all to litecoin yourself


>its all an elaborate erc20 FUD and LTC shill

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Why don't you empty them yourself mr hacker? Why would you sell them for less than they're worth?