Just broke half a mil. Iron hands forged in the deepest of dips!

Just broke half a mil. Iron hands forged in the deepest of dips!

Yeah, jesus, what a rollercoaster it must be to sit in 65% ETH.

wow i'm like a shittier version of you

what did you start at? a lot of shitcoins on there matey

am i gonna make it bros?

This isn't real, you don't have NEO.

No one with this kind of money lacks the investment knowledge in this field.

2.3 Mil holding investor here

I got in a while ago. I've spent $4k in fiat

I've noticed almost zero six figure portfolios containing LINK, biz scammed us

Don't really get the point of all those shitcoins. Seems like dead weight. Consolidate everything besides ETH into NEO and it's smooth sailing till EOY.

Why not masternodes with that amount of cash? Never see any of these 6 figure portfolios invested in them.

I hate that, even with 2% of your portfolio, you still have more BAT than me.

Sucks being a poorfag. Congrats on half a mil

I'm losing on bnty (got in at 23¢) and salt (got in at $11.70). All other coins I'm up at least 100% except Zen which is around 30%. My dollar cost average for ZRX is 20¢.

Have seen it, they don't get posted very offend these days, also most of these cunts don't want to risk it yet so will buy in later buy will make sweet gains anyways


Did you get JUSTED when it fell to 40 cents? Or did you buy in at the bottom?

I bought presale.

Am I going to make it Veeky Forums?

Drop the fun bags my man

none of you have XRB ICON HPB. jesus christ ether is so slow and unscalable compared to these coins.

Im your not a total new fag you wouldnt of, alot of us made sure we got alot of your stack when link was 15c

sell your link dude. most investors sold it all at $1 cuz the team is lacking their communication. u sell 50% and split it into xrb and icon, both have working product and undervalued

Fud, check top link wallets none of them moved or dump that much, just weak hands poorfags

No, I'm sorry, you'd need to have at least 5k usd by now if you want to make it. This isn't 2011 anymore.

I would agree though get some of that icon while it's cheap, also jnt which is new to the market and definitely going cheap right now

And I’m a shittier version of you.

Why do we all almost have the same portfolio value wtf

if you own XRB you're legit retarded and i wouldn't listen to anything you ever say about anything ever. Shit will be under $1 by EOY screencap this

more like 95%, since most/all of his shitcoins are reliant on eth

whats the crypto scene like on aus? is it as bad as the us when it comes to trying to open up accounts, deposit/withdraw into banks, etc?

How do you guys plan on cashing out?

What's the best way without giving half to the gubbmint

i would put that 57k into NEO, at least you would be getting Neo Gas