How many of you are trading full time?

Do you prefer swing or day trading? Swing is easier for newbs.

Which coins do you like to trade with?

Is it like a video game for you? / Has it replaced video games? (I hear this a lot)

What would you like to know about other day/swing traders?

Do you set your orders and forget about them or are you watching prices every so often?

Do you find coins that are dipping or do you wait for your favorite coins to dip?

Do you find this is a stressful position or have you reached a level of discipline where nothing bothers you?

>Only high skilled people can day trade and most of us are not that. Holding works, but you won't maximize gains unless you ride waves. Waves are not daily things but more monthly things. I would suggest having atleast 50% in high potential but solid long bags (ven, link, icon, qash, wtc, etc) and then a portion in medium swing trades then maybe no more than 10% in fast swing trades.

Hi, I day trade. I trade mostly bitcoin, I try to catch $200-$300 moves, either short or long, it doesn't matter. It's absolutely not like a video game, you need way more discipline and detachment since you are "playing" with money. For me is more like a job. I would like to know how do other trades stay in a losing trade before closing. I never stop watching a trade, my trade last between 5 minutes and a couple of hours, during that time I'm very focus on every single tic. I don't like dipping coins, I wait them to start mooning to consider entering. It's stressful at times, specially when you know you did something wrong and you need a miracle to get out in the positive.

> this
I like to find a few coins that (somewhat) share inverse swing patterns -- most commonly you're going to find these to be altcoins and their trading pairs (btc/eth/neo), however there are a few that have tied market sentiment which swing together on inverse time frames. If use the TA that most bots use (macd/rsi/boll) then you can reliably swing your stack for 10% daily gains.

good thread OP, we need more attention for daytrading on Veeky Forums. A good daytrader can make much more than any holder. I like trading mid-high volume coins on binance that are about to hit their downtrend reversal. I treat it like a job, and it feels like one. I watch my positions constantly and take profits autistically.

Primarily use the MACD and stochRSI indicators to indicate when an uptrend is most likely to begin, I set stop losses and sell orders on all my positions before bed, been burned too many times overnight. Would love to hear how fellow anons trade.

It's fun for me, but I don't use TA, I just trade on sentiment and psychology

ive been practicing with 1-3 eth. I feel like I can more or less make 0.01-03 eth with not much effort, but im worried I'll get away with less/eat more losses if I play with a bigger pile.
definitely really stressful and feels like a job. i do neet stuff while checking charts throughout the day.

0.01-0.03 per trade. sometimes more. never at a loss. ill hold for a few days if i have to just to stay green.

I used to swing trade bitbean and 10x'd my stack . Then someone here told me to buy zec and I fell down back to where I started but then someone gave me an airdrop that turned 100x my original stack so I'm happy irregardless. When I have 100k I'll go all in bitbean


i will kill you

You don't really need "Moons" for sucessful swing trading. You're just riding the waves and it doesn't matter if the price has gone down 30% from last month. As long as there's patterns, you can make money off the coin's patterns.

The most important thing is discipline for a day/swing trader. You need to not get greedy. If you predicted a 5% gain and it reaches it. Just sell it now and don't bother waiting for it to 9% or 8%. Or you can sell in portions on the uptrend. Sell 50% at 5%, 30% at 7%, etc. You are trading with a calculated system. You have 10 other trades with 10 other coins in the works all aiming for that same 5% gain. Don't get caught up in waiting for it to moon. Just do what you came to do and repeat.

You also can't panic, if it drops below 5% of your buying price you don't want to sell. That's what a lot of newbs get fucked over for. You need to step away from the monitor and understand it will rebound. Based on your analysis. Trust it... Or have a stoploss of 15% or something.

The discipline keeps you in the game.
Literally the smartest gambling possible.

I'm with you friendo

What would you guys say is the minimum to start swing trading with? How much do the fees affect it?

I was all in ICX and VEN, both of them fluctuated a lot, so i took 1/3 of both stacks and started selling the most expensive and buying the cheaper one. Been doing this for about 2 weeks now and increased my stack handsomely without risking losing anything since I firmly believe in both projects

I also wonder this, is $10k enough or too much?

If you wanna make actual money you need to use like 5k. Otherwise most swings will net you dog shit.

10k to 20k is perfect. put 2k in up to 5 coins if your starting with 10k or up to 10 coins if your starting with 20.
In my experience anything less than 2k gets you pennies on the dollar

>Is it like a video game for you? / Has it replaced video games? (I hear this a lot)

Fuckin oath. I used to play a game of two of CSGO every day and waste my free time. Trading in that free time is so much more productive, and I don't get triggered anywhere near as easily because no teammates

What does your setup look like?

Ok guys so is TA something good to learn on the side? Is this something that can give you an edge?

I think I technically count as a day trader. Sometimes I make 20+ trades a day but it's brain dead.

I've tried holding, real ta, swing trading, pure fa, but nothing works even close to the way I do it now. At my ath I honestly went 300x my initial investment (less than 2 months)

What is my strategy? Market making. It is so fucking easy it's insane. Your margins are thing but on high volume coins/days you can get up to 20% return in one day. And because I'm never holding for long I'll probably only lose on maybe 1 every 10 days or something and it's always a little amount. Also I don't have the dumb hold mentality either when I employ this strategy which I admit I've fallen victim to many times before. So when a bear market enters I have no gripes with pulling out and often still end up gaining.

What is a reliable bot to use while im wageslaving at work? Any advice would be appreciated fellow anons

Any resources for this? I was looking into stuff beyond the classic buy & sell strategies but I don't understand market making yet

I'm curious about your method as well...do you just scour altcoins with solid volume that have large Bid/Ask spreads and then be the one who tightens the spread? Are you using any indicators to check trends?

TA is useless with daytrading alts, there isn't enough volume and it's too manipulated. You need to learn how to read order books and see how they're manipulated.

I made a bunch today on GTO and then TRX. Now I'm in XLM and ADA.

I trade full time.

I like to trade large cap coins like ETH, BTC.

I can day trade or swing trade, and usually try to do both, but swing trading is generally easier.

It is like a video game for me, yes.

I would like to know how often other traders take losses for a day.

If I day trade I pretty much just watch the prices. If I'm swing trading I might check every few hours. And for long term trades I make woth a plan to sell in a few months for one reason or another, I will set them and check only every few daus at most.

Trying to "buy the dips" is kind of retarded. I do "momentum trading," so I'm looking for trends and factors of demand which cause those trends.

If anything I think it's boring. It's like a job, I guess. I wouldn't exactly say it's stressful, just boring and takes patience waiting for certain things to happen which confirm your beliefs, or don't.

Well my understanding is it's called market making. All I do is find a (usually) relatively stable coin with a non-neglagable spread. You just buy 1 sat above the current buy and sell 1 sat below the current sell. If there is sufficient volume and stability you basically can't lose.

When you are looking for coins I have general tips I've learned in my experience.

First decided what risk level you are comfortable with - high cap coins will generally be much more stable but have a much smaller spread. Often it's too small to even profit after exchange fees. On the other hand, low cap coins can have pretty high spreads but can crash randomly.

A good tip to gauarentee high spreads is very low price coins, as you can only divide it down to 1 sat, so for example, at 20 sats the smallest spread possible is 5%.

Well great you say but the buy and sell walls are huge on these coins. Now that's usually true but now you gotta to hunting through all the shitty sketch exchanges there are. The walls are much smaller and the spread can even be 2 or 3 sats sometimes. Of course there is a risk of lack of liquidity here.

Lastly , low volume xchanges while riskier give some fantastic future-seeing abilities. For example, say you are trading Doge on some shit exchange. On bittrex, doge is 50 sats but suddenly pumps to 55 sats. On your low volume exchange, the pump hasn't happened yet, and you have about a 5 or 10 min window to act. You buy the sell walls at 51 and boom 5 min later the arbitage kicks in and on your exchange the price is 55 and you made 8%

Sorry if the typing is bad I'm on my phone and walking rn but ask.me any questions if this wasn't clear

What is swing trading and how do I learn how to do it with crypto

how do you determine when to get in and when to get out?

So big traders, what are you gonna do about taxes?

They only tax when you cash out. Either withdraw lump sums or "pay" yourself weekly and pay the appropriate tax rate on that

nope. they tax you on every trade. so if you've traded with bitcoin pairs 500 times in one month youll be taxed on each gain youve made on those 500 trades.

I swing trade sometimes. I look at 15 minute charts, buy when it drops below the bollinger band. Wait a few days, sell when it goes up above the bollinger band.

Although technically this could happen the same day. It takes a few hours to play out minimum, though.

My shoulder hurts from playing vidya, so now I trade (I use the mouse in the left hand now)

>implying everyone is american

professional traders only pay taxes on net profit in australia. feels good

that's why I use bitcoin futures

I don't have to realize capital gains on actual BTC holdings and still use FIFO when I file

Do you use a bot for that? How long do you stick with one coin? Also what's the capital you need?

It's the exact same as if hold for less than a year

Didn't use a bot. I didn't trust myself to make it effective enough to respond during sudden price swings, and it didn't really take much time from myself. In reality though you could probably do it quite easily and successfully with a bot.

Once I found a coin that worked I would continue to do it until it didn't. I've done the same coin for 2+ weeks straight.

I started with 370 dollars on November 10th 2017. On January 6th(? Give or take a couple days) I reached my ath of about 125k dollars. I did get a decent boost at the very end on stellar though so I owe some gains to that pump. I know it sounds like a joke but I'm being completely honest. I've tried to tell people before but I always just got called a larping faggot so I kinda gave up

I like trading low volume coin on low volume exchange.
It was easy until your stack got bigger, you daytrade 2-5 shitcoin or make a sell/buy wall which is painful to watch because people will likely undercut you

Ive been trying to scalp ethereum these few days, but with the current dip Im just breaking even.
How do you guys trade alts? My feeling was that alts get buffeted around way too much by BTC... but I mus be missing something.

My concern is the fees, how do you manage to be profitable with small satoshi differences in price when there are fees?
Also don't orders get eaten up quickly so you miss profit opportunities (when trading without a bot)?

Most of my success has been on low volume low priced coins so sometimes it can take a few hours for your order to fill. You definitely do miss out on some time in between without a bot but I felt that was worth the fact that I had full control. It would be very difficult to do something like eth or LTC without a bot.

And yeah the fees are an issue so you either need to do a cheap coin where the spread must be greater than the exchange fee (so anything below about 100 sats will get you still a decent spread). The alternative is again to use low volume exchanges where the spread can be a a couple percent even on high cap coins. In fact, the most successful time trading via market making was with Litecoin on a low volume exchange using the high volume exchanges to predict the price swings and just market make in between. Spreads were as high as 4%, and I made almost 50% over about 1-2 hours

dont listen to this guy hes fucking with you.

if people are filling up the spread do you ever buy them out cause they're screwing up ur system?

quit shitty league of legends to day trade
make 1-5k on good days with 1 btc and cash out every day

I know. That's what I used to do. I shouldn't have come back to Veeky Forums. Got greedy and lost it . But then that airdrop was also shared around the same time

Yeah sometimes you can get people who out bid you a little by little so what I'd try to do is force him to push his big up and up almost closing the spread and then pulling my order and dumping what I have into his to force him to buy high.

Its kinda fun on small exchanges because you get to become a whale even when you don't have much money. At one point I was almost 35% of a coins 24 hours trade volume and I was at the point where I could semi influence the market price lol

Post something so i can contact you like email or Skype

I feel like TA is good for long term candles, like 1D and 1W, but what do I know.

what do you consider low volume?

for instance i do arb for tiny tiny gains and i target literally $1k or less 24hr volume markets


Literally every call I've ever made turned out to be a disaster. I learned early on that I have no chance of predicting this market. I just started working in the crypto field instead and feel much better (like I'm actually creating value). I also make much more money this way than I ever did with my trades. So now I just work, buy cryptos and HODL

Way too low for me, my portfolio is about 45k right now and would like to move it fairly quickly. There is a sweet spot I've found between low volume and liquidity. Lowest I've gone is around 30k but I think my ideal is around 80-100k.

I've done arbitage on lower volumes but I don't think it would work very well for market making.

Also idk how much longer I'll be awake so if I don't answer any questions I hope you guys at least give what I said a shot and it works out for you

I don't quite understand how you're making money off minute sat differences with the exchange fees, I've tried this before and I've been successful at making short term day-trades but the fees eat all of my profits up and make it pointless for me, not counting the sudden dips which can destroy all your small, profitable trades in seconds. It seems like I need to get at least a 5% profit to see even 1% of it

What do you do now user?

Oh and are you available in any of the chill telegrams?

what are some good telegrams?

appreciate it, gonna try this out tomorrow it makes sense

>Do you prefer swing or day trading? Swing is easier for newbs.
Newfag here, what's the difference? o_O

Working part-time on finishing my masters thesis in electrical engineering (salary is OK for local market, utterly shit in terms of international salaries) and getting comfortable with blockchain tech and the such. I realize the only way of escaping wageslaving is to work in the global market as a freelancer or build a company eventually. Can't say I'm making a killing yet, but it fills me with purpose and I only recently started out. Much better than trading (though I didn't really do that for long, I'll admit).
>tfw second world so 1000$/month salary is considered great here
>will have to hide my power levels till the end of my life if I continue to live here (which I plan to do) in order to not end up spiked on a fence

Are there thought-crime laws in your country? Shit, hopefully sentiments change, I have high hopes for Central and Eastern Europe.

But you're getting paid for learning blockchain tech practically, that's kinda nice, especially because it's an emerging field and will have a high demand for available workers, you could easily work for high-5 or 6 figures and eventually start your own business possibly.

Typically the only difference is the time with which you trade, swing trades are longer, days to weeks long. Day trading is all within a day.

> How many of you are trading full time?
No, I'm a wagecuck

> Do you prefer swing or day trading? Swing is easier for newbs.
I prefer swing trading, less time consumping and I feel more comfortable staying on objective targets when short term volatility isn't that big of an issue. But respect to daytraders and I've learnt a lot from some of them.

> Which coins do you like to trade with?
Mid and lowcaps, fan of dumped ICOs.

> Is it like a video game for you? / Has it replaced video games? (I hear this a lot)
I don't play videogames because I'm not a pedophile

> What would you like to know about other day/swing traders?
Mostly interested in knowing if anyone has had any success with bots.

> Do you set your orders and forget about them or are you watching prices every so often?
I rarely forget and if I do I'm not aware but I do use orders 95% of the time.

> Do you find coins that are dipping or do you wait for your favorite coins to dip?
I have some favorite midcaps that I look for on dips, also look for stuff not listed on big exchanges.

> Do you find this is a stressful position or have you reached a level of discipline where nothing bothers you?
Like I said, daytrading makes me nervous, if I lose a 1% 4 hours after buying I just shit my pants and play myself.

I'm leaving, will check thread later, but a general advice to nubis: watch less coins, make less trades, keep things as simple as you can. Patience is rewarded even if you're not hodling and ADHD trading will ruin you.

How do you do this? I'm looking to increase my DBC stack by 3x, whats a good strategy for this?

For me it's like watching a horse race. I do all sorts of analyzing and watching previous races seeing which horse is the shit and having a gut feeling and then I make a bet that's a sure thing. And sometimes it goes exactly how I plan. Buy at the bottom sell at the top make like 1-500 bucks feels good man. Other times I buy at the bottom but it keeps tanking then I'm sitting there watching green candles screaming "GO! GO! CMON MOTHERFUCKER GO!" And then I get a giant red candle shoved up my ass.. I then sit there for an hour gradually decreasing my sell then say fuck it and place an order at or under what I bought at and go do something else. Come back in an hour and it's up like 3000 sats. I could have made a grand but instead I made 12 bucks. In the end I'm just betting on horses

>Are there thought-crime laws in your country?
Not yet, but the way things are evolving in Europe... We're one step away from a socialist takeover. At least we don't have migrants yet, but that can change if some fucking idiot gets voted in for running with the motto "let the rich pay!!". And then in come the 70-80% income taxes like they have in France or Sweden.

The worst thing is that there's no culture regarding small government whatsoever here. At least in America you have some people advocating it due to >muh freedumbz. Here, everyone is stating that the reason why things are going bad is because people aren't paying ENOUGH taxes (ofc, everyone states how THEY are paying enough taxes, but everyone ELSE is evading them or ISN'T, then continue to buy stuff in the grey market). Worst thing is that so many people are government employed that they blame everyone in the free market, because you see THEY don't pay taxes, but the poor government employees do because they can't evade it. Like fuck, what do they think they get their salaries from if not from ppl in the free market? It's "Atlas shrugged" all over again. People who produce and are leeched off of are painted as the evil tyrants of society, not to mention that I'm forced into paying into the biggest ponzi schemes of all times (state pensions), knowing all too well that I will not get jackshit in 40 years.

I mean it's not too bad right now but elections are around the corner and it might change if those fucking socialists get elected. Doesn't help that the current regime isn't doing shit for decreasing the size of the government either, but that's the state for you. At least we don't have niggers yet, but we have 10% gypsies which have an avg IQ of 70, so they're just as bad pretty much. I honestly don't see how it will not end up in a race war / civil war scenario.

Tried trading first time last night when GTO news came out. Got in too late, ended up losing 10% of my investment. Oh well

Okay, wtf. I'm actually making money because of this call. How can you tell

How do you read order books?

nice one. good idea.
just play your two long holds off against each other

Minnow swinger here. I've gone from $150 to $2k, low volume coins on kucoin 3-10% difference between buy/sells. Have been running ARY recently. Trying to make enough to go to the dentist.

That's not swing trading, that's chasing pumps. That's how you lose money.

>Mostly interested in knowing if anyone has had any success with bots.
I have a gunbot that runs binance using bollingerband/stepgain and I can make ~2-3% a night but I feel like I get more gains swing trading manually. I only have a key for binance but I like using kucoin a lot more so I don't even use it anymore. Hoping that they come out with api support for kucoin soon, that would be dope as fuck then I don't have to compete with other bots and spend all day trying to fuck them.

You can make 5-10% a trade swing trading by using the stoch rsi indicator , buy bottom, selling top. The 4 hour one is fairly reliable.

Thanks user.

This is what I've been trying to figure out - what candle should I use for swing trading indicators? Anyone else?

Itt: larpers who make 1% every week, if that


LINK/ETH or VEN/ETH has been a goldmine for daytrading. Very predictable the whole january and february. I only daytrade with 1 ETH and take profits, made 5 ETH.

But its daytrading. It all goes well until it goes really badly, thats why you shouldnt trade with a lot. 500-1000$ is perfect imo.

I liked that, how successful is that strategy for you?

I've been swing trading eth since the day after Christmas. Started with 1.6 eth and am currently at 11.2 It has definitely replaced video games for me, although it's getting a bit boring

I got raped in the ass in January, it just kept dropping and dropping. One mistake I made is not being patient enough. It's often better to wait just an hour and let it move a little further. It would have limited my losses since I would have cost averaged further down.

I only made back 40% of my loss after the 6th, but I still have a whole month. If it goes up or sideways I hope to break even for the year.

Nice webm

so ive learnt basic candlestick patterns, how to use them with moving averages, RSI and MACD, what charts make the most sense for someone who wants to day trade? 30 min? 4hr? 1 D?

I learned stick patters as well but honestly I haven't used them at all. Maybe you can use them on solid volume coins but on low volume coins on kucoin it seems almost sporadic when a buy or sell order will go through, it feels like an elastic band getting pulled. Use all the different times try to find patters, volume on 5 minute candles might be too low too see anything but then on 15 minutes you can see defined peaks and valleys, zoom out to 1hr and you can see the peaks and valleys are just small scale bips and bops on a large up trend.

Can you elaborate?

For example, it will buy when it is in the bottom 35% of the bollinger band then sell at a profit, I have it set to 3% but if it doesn't reach that it will sell for at least 1.5%

That looks complicated.

5min on coins with good volume

That is how I exactly trade. kek
made me laugh

how do you guys decide when to exit your position if there was no significant price increase? let's say coin goes up 10% and trades sideways from there, wouldn't it be better to just hold it?

I thought it was too but 75% of the settings I don't touch. There's also an emotionless setting which is just basically plug and play. You just need to read up which settings do exactly what and it's not so bad. For example trading limit is how much btc/eth it will trade with, reserves is how much it leaves, period is the candle stick time, buy level is the % below last buy it will buy at, gain is % above last buy, ema1/2 are the times it uses for moving average, high and low bb are the %'s of the bollinger band it will buy in, stdv standard deviation, and sell levels just the %'s it will sell at. Basically the only parameters you change. I thought it was complicated too but you need all these to make sure your bot making good choices.

I dont set stop losses. Got burned once with a single very low candle. If i deem iy too risky then I sell before going to sleep.