LINK price predictions

What are you guys' price predictions on LINK by end of may - early june?



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Probably 5 dollars

As much as i want to believe the 1k meme i just cant, id say link reaches a max of 100


Personally I believe we will have $50-100 by EOY, so I'd assume around $5-15 area.

I doubt we'll see those 4000% gains by june, but 2000% feel quite achievable.



depends how far down the line you look. by EOY >$100 seems almost impossible, but give it a year or two extra and the crypto-market as a whole will have expanded.

$1.03 in June

>I doubt we'll see those 4000% gains by june


Trust in AssBlaster

nice fud

Trips confirms, kek be praised

$100 by end of year is genuinely possible though

Unlikely, but possible

I think you all are underestimating what is going to happen when partners get released.

Don't forget about the new marketing director. They aren't going to be hiding all of their work and partners anymore and they are going to actually promote Link! The normies will pour in.

Practically speaking, $1E5 dollars





$33 in June, $333 EOY confirmed

Kek smiles upon the LINK Marines


Where are you getting new marketing director from?


holding a very small 463 linkies, will I make it?

Are a newfag or what ffs



$50 EOY.
$100 Q3 2019
$300 EOY 2019

gud goy

EOM $0.55
EOY 2018 $0.55
Heat death of the universe $0.55

Leave moshi . You owe me 100 bucks . I didn't forget . I wrote it down!

make it? no no no. no lambo for you. but you'll probably be able to pay off your student loans if you have any if given enough time.

>mfw it's $0.58 rn

1/200 of what Mobius price is gonna be probably

I'd honestly be happy with $1. I'm already sitting at 250% profit right now.

>nothin personnel kid