This aspect of LINK is becoming more and more interesting to me as I continue to research. In the coming years...

This aspect of LINK is becoming more and more interesting to me as I continue to research. In the coming years, many large companies will likely run their own blockchains, ethereum or hyperledger, whatever. But they will need an oracle to cross reference each other's blockchains

This is where it really makes sense to have a decentralized oracle. Using microsoft's or IBM's would be counterintuitive, as it would be the only weak point on an otherwise decentralized workflow.

Yes LINK may not be the decentralized oracle that wins it all, but seeing as they have a POC with swift that at least gives them more credibility than their competition. I am hedging my bets with a bit of mobius as well.

Anyone else have thoughts on the implications of cross blockchain communication?

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>implications of cross blockchain communication?

profits what else

In the SEC hearing, the non-technical board members were into the concept of blockchains for business but they were getting hung up on "how do they talk to each other"

for example
my mango farm is american made, organic, no pesticides.
That would be stored on the supplier's blockchain, but then it has to be transferred to walmarts block chain upon receipt.

Any other use cases come to mind?

basically everything tokenized with high liquidity for everything imaginable

Come on man. Mobius is shit. I can't believe people actually buy it...


I think this is one of the key components of Sergey's message "beyond tokenization." The mass of business data transferred on blockchains in the future has to outweigh the volume of pure currency tokens 1000 to 1. This market could be even more robust than the financial services market.

> (OP)
>Come on man. Mobius is shit. I can't believe people actually buy it...

Klaus Schawab co-founder of the World Economic Forum helped them sign a contract for a decentralized oracle solution with BRICS.
Schwab even mentioned Mobius is his latest book titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution".
Mobius is floating to new heights in the turbulent waters of the current cryptosphere.

I liked several things about mobius
api documentiation
advisors which normie investors put a lot of weight on
ivy league degrees in CS/ harvard mba
CTO seems smart, scheming

CEO is a fucking dingbat. Hopefully autistic in the profitable sense but not looking good.
Gimmicky stellar token
DAPP store is useless, epitomized by the featuring of "flappy bird" as the number 2 app.

LINK will be IBM's oracle.

>Schwab even mentioned Mobius is his latest book titled "The Fourth Industrial Revolution".

pretty decent FUD

To any retards worried about this. It is fake. DYOR. Link is actually mentioned in that book. Mobius is a Pajeet scam. I will bet anyone all of my 100,000 Link that Mobius will be under a nickel 1 year from now.

I'm all about that cross blockchain communication.

LINK, ARK, and ADA all excite me.

Hey faggots stop derailing my thread. Please focus on the technology

I don't think you fully understand the implications of LINK if you think we will still be in a highly tokenized economies. We probably won't be using tokens as literal currencies but as commodities to run processes. You know how people need to mine, extract etc. then buy commodities such as corn, wheat, oil, precious metals, etc? well crypto will be more akin to that necessarily as income producing securities (obviously node operators will generate income but that's a whole different topic)

You won't be paid BAT for using the Brave Browser but rather youtube will pay you directly (such as PRL) but in fiat not tokens. You're overestimating the intelligence of normies, they simply won't care to receive tokens for renting out their time and resources to the services they use. They'll want physical dollars, something fungible for them and that's what LINK along with smartcontracts, REQ, etc will help to facilitate. I guarantee you once the implications of LINK and REQ become more clear they will directly trigger a crypto apocalypse thus bursting the bubble and ending the incessant tokenization.

Go look at does it not seem eerily similar to something like BAT or DTV? Obviously the execution is dogshit but the general idea is there. THey don't have some retarded token they pay you out in but rather directly to paypal if I remember correctly. Sure lots of tokens will exist but again more like commodities so BTC, ETH, REQ, LINK, RLC, QSP. You will have some specialized tokens such as VEN, TRAC etc. but those are very specific and self-encased ecosystems that are large enough to have its token. Overall however, I'd bet there won't be more than 100 cryptocurrencies in years down the line

Haven't seen how ARK and ADA play into this, would you mind sharing?

can we make this bet on a smart contract? i want your linkies plz

I appreciate a good fud

I like it better when we fud/meme link

What do you mean by "commodities to run processes?" Like CND and similiar?

Also I don't see why LINK and REQ will cause a crypto apocalypse for shit coins. I think there will be plenty of coins like QSP, RLC, BLZ, NAS that have use cases worthy of high market caps

I'm kind of a retard so I can't explain anything too technical, but in Charles Hoskinson's interviews (like the BoxMining one) he talks about how he doesn't see crypto as a zero-sum game. ADA is being developed to co-exist with other crypto. For example, they're working with ZenCash. He talks about being able to work on blockchain development and being paid (for example in ZenCash) directly for achieving development goals.

In general I think ADA is building a solid foundation, and it will solve a lot of the problems which Ethereum (and also EOS) will continue running into.

As for ARK, they're building an architecture which will enable anyone to easily create a blockchain which will be automatically linked to ARK. ARK will also enable you to share individual features of blockchains between each other.

So what I see in the future is a super robust, efficient, proven blockchain like ADA, with LINK being able to make use of data from the real world, and people easily being able to explore their creativity with something like ARK. The digital and physical worlds interlinked, cross-communicating, transacting and all kinds of crazy shit.

This is much bigger than banking with Bitcoin. The ways in which this can all be interlinked makes my head spin.

Why RLC?

Can't precisely speak for that user but i believe he means that RLC provides an actual product. Stake your virtual machine, get tokens. Sell tokens, get a virtual machine. Similar to BLZ (database service.) These are things that are worth USD, so it makes sense to have high USD valuations. However, historically free services (like UFR) make no sense to tokenize IMO.

yeah, the potential this tech has overall in truly digitizing life is pretty crazy. makes the whole idea of betting on projects in such a latent seem even more insane. like, as speculators, will we really see it happen before our eyes?

buy mobius if you want a working product, it's gonna moon pretty hard this year

So 20k LINK when?

links marketcap alone will be larger than the current entire crypto market

If that happened I could actually get a garage full of lambos.