Experienced TA guy here. Sell all your holdings. Massive head and shoulders confirmed. Short 100x. This is not a drill.

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Thanks, leveraged 100k.

>bonus shoulder
God damn i hate ta faggots
Go suck some dicks in an ally

shoulders can't be higher than the head u dumdum

I'll set a buy for 4800. Don't want to get greedy.

Now this is the kind of TA I can appreciate. Makes perfect sense, thanks OP I just sold 100k.


>bonus shoulder

Wow you're chart has a tumor. I'm sorry to hear that.

Lmao that’s not a head and shoulder
>bonus shoulder

I guess ever dip is a head and shoulder lmao outta here with that garbage bum

Learn to ta faggot

Nah it's another bonus shoulder into a full shoulder into another bonus shoulder into another full shoulder. This is not a drill, hold.

>Veeky Forums can't take a joke
I hate what has happened to imagebaords.
this guy knows more than you and he says we've got a lil more time


Not gonna make it



>not realizing pretending to not understand the joke is part of the joke

fuck off my board brainlet

remember when ta fags at least larped as real ta fags

when will u TA niggers get it in ur head that TA doesn't mean shit in crypto

bonus shoulder I needed this kek so bad so many horrible people today in the world, thanks user


> not realizing that pretending to pretend to not understand the joke is part of the joke

it's ok you'll learn how we operate here one day

More shoulders mean a harder decline.

>it's going back up

zat you Omega?

Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

where are the ta fags showing their shorts and longs these threads need more drama and excitement. put your money where your mouth is desu