Any TEL marines up?

Any TEL marines up?

>Only on KuCoin
>Run is imminent if it gets listed
>Do you have money?

I personally believe in this coin. Do you?

It's been 2 days, I hope my 4 gwei buy order gets filled soon.

21k sarg!!

I bought during ico and never once did it go below ico despite the whole market dumping.

Considering it’s such a new coin and considering it’s a token that’s pretty good.
Just wait for partnerships and pilot project with etisalat to be confirmed and it’s going x10

on a real note how much do we see this coin going up too?

Bro same here and I have a 7 day 5 gwei sell order

To be honest with you, maybe around 150 sats to 200 sats if it stays on KuCoin on a bull run. If it gets listed to Binance or Bitrex then I wouldn't doubt this hitting .10 cents.

Ath was x2.5 from here before the whole market dumped.

damn we gotta buy more

holding 1.77 mil here

down like 45% from when i bought but whatever

I had a 3 gwei buy order because I was convinced it was going to keep going down. That never got filled. I saw the 4 gwei buy orders and just assumed it would be small amount. Wake up the next morning and there's 50 million orders.

this guy over here with iron hands

I tried to buy at 3 as well. It wouldn't fill so I tried to buy at 4. Didn't fill either. I ended up buying at 5. I really can't lose much I guess.

>not buying @ .0000009

get on my level

Rolling daily for gains

Up like 20%


you guys should swing trade on the btc pair. I've bought in at 68sats and I've been flipping it all the way down. it's been pretty predictable but I almost got burned once so be careful.

50k reporting in. debating on adding more

I'll add more when it starts running. My buy zone is 35 sats to 75 sats.

How much rice does your British masters pay you, pajeet? Obvious paid shill, saged.

TEL or be poor

1 grain, you cuck.

I work for the FBI. Several of the telcoin devs have come to our attention for running hundreds of tor exit nodes in the states, in china and in eastern europe. The data gathering guys are collecting evidence with the aim of charging no less than five members of the TEL team with possession and distribution of child pornography. I would recommend against buying this coin, and those holding it should consider selling it before the end of the month.

nig coin cool. aounsa likw bitconecccc

Full of Schiff

shut up whispering eye

TEL will rise. Buy or stay poor fags

I still suggest DYOR tho. I could get pajeet'd over this coin too hahaha

Fucking finally getting my order at 4 gwei filled

How many TEL's did you get?!

18k here and I'm comfy.

What are your price predictions? Mid-year and EoY?

Holding 500k patiently, but I doubt it will moon this month. Long hold, because I believe In 10c.

sold 2.8mil at 90 sats, thanks for buying my bags!

Maybe 0.05c mid and a little over 0.10c EoY. Nothing too crazy.

Or it will go full TRON.
Depends on btc breaking 20k or not.

you guys think liberalcucks will buy TEL just cause a black man is the owner? easy money?

if you shill it that way, why not

no and yes

-10/10 FUD
Atleast make it funny if its gonna be this bad

2.5 million