Tfw there are probably anons worth at least 100 million dollars browsing this board right now

>Tfw there are probably anons worth at least 100 million dollars browsing this board right now
>And they don't even try and help us Veeky Forumsnessmen out

Show yourself, we know you are here

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throw your bizbros a bone

I can LARP as one if that would make you feel better

No, they are on here lurking.

exactly what I was thinking desu

>And they don't even try and help us Veeky Forumsnessmen out

some people just can't be helped fella

Asking for hand-outs eh, Obongo?

yes give us advice

That's not true, there's this whale who told us to buy xvg at 56 sats in December. I didn't buy because I tho he was trolling.
Plz come back

they are smart, if they say something you'll call them pajeets and anyway this board is cancer. they come here only for entertainment not for anything useful.

er... get in early?

Dunno, I told you to buy LTC at $100, OMG at $0.5 and NEO at $2.
It's not my fault you decided to buy chainlink instead.

Here’s a tip chew before you swallow

>LTC @ $100

Okay, tell us next moon missions like you "told" us in past then

I mean, what way is there to help? I don't know what the FUCK I'm doing. I'm just buying shit and reinvesting. What do you want me to tell you?
>Go back in time and buy ETH when it was really fucking cheap like I did

Like, honestly? I don't know what the fuck to even do. I'm just kinda going with the flow. Oh, that's a cool project? Guess I'll throw a couple thousand into it. Fuck, it failed? Oh well, the other project I put a grand it gave me 4x gains so it covers my loss.

You wanna know what the best coin is right now, OP? My dick.

on what?!?
I never bought Link
What if you're eating soup?

why would they help you, you're food for them lol, you need to learn this shit on your own mostly, and once you get a signal you wont know if its the real deal or some pajeet scammer larping who wants to dump on you.

Read the OP. You aren't worth 100 million so you need not reply as if you are.


I'm definitely not one of them
lost my entire stack shorting btc
follow me @memenalysis

Yes but say they wanted to pump a coin or liked one, they could post proof and then post it on here

Whale > Biz > Everyone else

But no! They don't even offer us that! Even though they probably post on here. In some cases they posted on here BEFORE they made it.

get a load of this guy

Honestly, how can you expect them to help you besides getting info about their PnD plans? The fact is, most crypto millionaires got lucky.

On what?

Subtle begging thread

Yeah, they could post on here before everyone else finds out

Blatant retard

I didn't think OP was being literal with it. I definitely don't have anywhere near 100m. OP isn't going to find anyone here worth that amount.

Here, have some more.

what kind of "proof" would that be? that's pretty much what pump and dumps are, they prepump to fill their bags, shill anywhere and dump on retards, is that what you want? plenty of pajeets shilling shitcoins, shit i even done it myself when i wanted to get out of bags.

Vitalik posted on here
so does that guy who made minecraft and hes a billionaire

I dont believe you

Proof vitalik posted?

Don't know if there is any but he has 100% posted on this board before

Ethereum was memed here so much that I refuse to believe he wasn't in some of those threads explaining his coin back in the day

>Tfw you may have called him a shill

I wonder if he got called a pajeet?
Did Veeky Forums call it a scam?


Swallow before you chew

go look in the archive and see
people said it would never reach 10 dollars (i may have been one of them i cant remember)

i definitely remember getting annoyed at how much it was shilled but obviously no one really knew if it was good or not, many coins were shilled the same and died

>And they don't even try and help
Well it's so much funnier to troll you and see the Wojak threads where OP blames Veeky Forums for telling them what to do


A small bit above a million. The reason why we have this money is because we worked for it and don't give hand outs. You would do the same in our position.

Does anyone have that pic of the doctored Warren Buffet tweet that says "shill me on the next 10x moon mission, NO PAJEETS"

Not worth 100MM but I do make 130k a year at 22 so I'm getting there

>A million
>one hundred million
Faggot I have more than a million

Don't laugh at him, he lost 2bn on bitcoin cash


Why the fuck would they waste their valuable time trying to help you idiots out?

Why do you think you are entitled to their help?

Fucking parasite scum.

Well they posted here before they made it in many cases.

Retard kys

That’s not a good attitude user, if you wanna make it then make your own decisions, fuck the whales I’ll be a blue whale motherfucker

If I was worth 100m+ I'd honestly still lurk and fud the shit out of everything, but inside my mansion made of lambos. Kinda like how notch shitposts on twitter all day.

post wallet
ill help you out

When will faggots stop with this lambo meme

Its sad as shit
Lambos are trash I feel sorry for anyone who would genuinely waste money on that shit

And yeah, but Notch is self admittedly empty and lonely from what I read

And you think that mean they owe you something, you little crybaby parasite faggot?

You have to be a shitskin.

>inb4 troll

link will be the biggest scam ever

As I suspected, its a parasite shitskin with no pride desperately begging in a gutter. Fuck you are so pathetic.

>passing up the chance at maybe some ultra whale sending for the fun of it
Ya never know user

Hey whales, any good crypto forums on tor? Or better places for discussion than biz?

Nobody ever actually gives away crypto you abominably retarded little fuckup.

But thats bullshit because even i have gave away crypto before on here

Zero sum game faggot. We only "help" after we have taken positions

>Don't know if there's any proof he was here, but he has 100% posted on this board before

This will probably hold up in court aswell mate.

>>Tfw there are probably anons worth at least 100 million dollars browsing this board right now
>>And they don't even try and help us Veeky Forumsnessmen out
Well, I'm not one of the 100 mil anons (just a measly 100k), but I'm much better of than most others in other ways (not depressed, happy, fit, gf…) and whenever I tried to help or make some sensible comments I got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'd or shitposted down, so I just dont bother anymore.
I'd assume its the same if you offer sensible comments in other issues.

Not 100 million but I am worth 3.5 million USD. I bought a ton of bitcoin in late 2015 about 70K worth and sold in October. Nothing has changed with my life.. I still live with my parents at the age of 24 and haven't told anyone. I just feel this numbness like life is meaningless. I beat the game yet I feel like shit.

Well he did, for all I know, you are him!

this post made me angry

Any feelings about xrp?
I was in at 20 cents but only had a target of 1-1.25 before it went 150% nuclear. Currently using historical charts, I'm banking on ltc/btc, omg/eth, and a small allocation for zec/btc and dgb/btc right now. I don't like tether, not an option.

it is the wild west out here, everyone could become your potential enemy at any moment in crypto trading, unless you are an idiot that shares your strategies with strangers, a paid shills or a pajeet scammer there is no reason for you or anyone else that browses this board to share any solid information with one another when it comes to trading or which shitcoins to HODL.

God dam I have the same feelings
just that i am 22 and have 1 million
i feel depressed, no social circle, no friends , rotting in the basement

>Veeky Forums
>influential outside of the very bottom of the barrel
A likely story.


I made a few thousand from mining as a hobby over a month or two. Don't be a bum. I don't hate the folks who actually made millions from getting in early.

The Faucet used to give out free chunks of btc every day that are worth hundreds now.

If there are any friendly whales here, could you go to TradeSatoshi and buy a big enough load of TRTL to make the graph go the right direction. Couple of BTC would do it

AAAAAAAAA fuck you god damnit go live your life
You are lucky as shit user

doubt it

Genesis vision, only a few million coins, only $20 on Binance. 3k by 2020.

What's the best way to cash out a large amount of crypto to USD without getting your shit frozen?

Post proof you're worth 100 million