I will FUD/redpill your favorite coin

been realizing i'm much smarter and more experienced than this recent influx of redditors and normies (not saying much I know but I'm just not retarded and thats pretty good considering)

Feel like everyone has to learn tho whats FUD and whats legitimate. I liked biz from 2 years ago and theres a glimmer of that left.

Tell me your favorite coins and I'll set you straight if they're shit.


Tell me about QTUM or else.


QTUM and EOS are on my list next.
Please tell us what you think of qtum. im super interested

Talk to me about ICX, LINK and CPChain.



REQ lol

OP is a faggot





Theres Ethereum and the numerous public smart contract platform competitors it has. QTUM is one of them. Its a bet on it becoming THE one, because its unclear what the future for these platforms is. Do we need a shitload of them? Why not an oligarchy or even one the whole world uses? Or a few for each country? Or will businesses make custom solutions with hyper ledger that work for them and they all disappear?

Overall tho not a shitcoin, plus they got that satellite/space thing which is memey but kinda cool too.

its a better tether, but if tether is actually legit, they have so much of a headstart that I'd be concerned. and if its about digitizing assets/fiat/currencies, then theres a bajillion that do that are much larger, more established, and have better partnerships.

I like their team, not a shitcoin, decent risk/reward since its small market cap.

Tell me about Crypterium daddy!

seeEOS is another competitor, has the speed meme tx/s behind it which is nice, but unproven as fuck. The novagratz investment was super legit tho, institutional money baby

looks like everyone wants to know about their favorite smart contract platform.

If you're not holding ALL of them (ICX, NEO, QTUM, ETH, EOS, and maybe lisk/stratis) then you may end up picking the wrong one. But if one dominates and the others fail, the overall returns won't be 100x+ insane necessarily either. Whats your gambling appetite?

Also not a shill but if you like the fundamentals take a look at dragonchain.

Litecoin. Too bad you can fud it only when its going down.

REQ and LINK are the biz meme coins but they are actually legit. Very ambitious but necessary for the true potential of blockchain to be realized. Imagine if EVERYTHING was automated. Thats the real potential here. Its not just AI thats taking people's jobs, its blockchain too. Lots of people have to do manual things to get value transferred, think payroll and accounting and invoicing at companies.


litecoin is a payments coin
payments are a very fragmented industry and crypto displays this even moreso.

Paypal/venmo/credit/cash etc, regular payments are fragmented. Crypto has sooo many currency coins. Litecoin is OG and has decent development so I think it has a chance to be the silver to bitcoin's gold. But the crypto gold that is bitcoin is MUCH more valuable. Bitcoin could be the world's reserve currency, reach a market cap in the 10s of trillions one day. Litecoin on the other hand may own 15% of crypto payments ABSOLUTE BEST CASE SCENARIO and .1% more realistically.

I'd sell it after a year or two when it has one more legit moon and gets to 1k a coin (based almost entirely on the entire crypto market booming in late 2018)


or HPB

I like it, but its all about adoption. A major government needs to use it in the next 4 years or its not gonna happen. Could it be too narrow of a use case? I hold some because I got in so early it feels like it has growth in it if they can get a government to try it in a real election

nigga wtf is cloak? let me guess, its a privacy coin. Like the other 100 privacy coins out there. As long as monero works I don't get why there should be another privacy coin.

I hear zencash is doing some additional privacy things that are interesting, but just a currency you can't track, even if it does it in a new way, is not enough. If the government can't track it, thats all you need. beyond that its adoption. You need to track the amount of drug money flowing through cloak, its probably minimal.

I agree with you! You cant fud Litecoin. Thank you for your thoughts!


also curious what you think about ENG OP

That's the way I feel about it too, though I'm extremely optimistic after hearing MiVote's co-founder (MiVote uses HST) saying "One of the big 5 countries in the world has approached us with a really interesting opportunity that we're already moving to contract stage on, which when we announce, I think is going to shock the world" a couple of days ago.

If that news syncs up with the new exchange theyre announcing by around the end of the month it'll do wonders really early in the project already.


I've subscribed to their newsletter and read their site. it sounds interesting, ambitious. Team looks good, I'm curious how catalyst is doing and if its a pivot for them or just the first usecase of their idea. The way they talk about data almost makes them sound like an oracle but thats not what they are. Seems like another one you aren't sure how it'll fit in yet.

Fill in some details for me:
Do you need to hold/spend enigma to use catalyst? Or the data marketplace? Or run the off chain computation? Whats the point of the coin if not?
How does the oracle problem fit in here?
What are the big news/events/milestones for them? Nothing on coinmarketcal... I'm open to a shill on this


Can you tell me if SingularityNET is a good long term hold?


cmon really. anything mega shilled like that on biz is usually a scam, like bazingacoin. I stay away unless it has some sort of verifiable team/news.

I'm holding some XBY. Not my favorite. Just having some in case it's actually legit. Thoughts?

so I work in advertising technology and I can tell you competing against google and facebook sucks. As great as BAT is and the "guy who made javascript", i just don't see it happening.

Are people really going to switch their browsers? All those chrome extensions/plugins that are amazing need to be ported over. It has to stay secure and updated. And what about all the other great g-suite integrations. Same with safari and apple users. Older generations barely even understand what a browser is.

back to google/facebook, they utterly dominate the real advertising money out there. Sure some content creators may leave to try BAT, but generally these guys try and milk all the sources they can, and the volume of people is what truly matters. 2x better monetization on 10% of the users isn't going to cut it and I don't see it becoming the standard in browsers. adblock is pretty good btw.

$pac, rpx

Dogecoin. Not even joking.

no thoughts on xby sorry.
Give me the value proposition.

I think you do need the enigma token for that since that the enigma protocol encrypts the data that you need to use but that is just how i understood it... i guess i need to fully read the whitepapers and they said that they are preparing to partner up with ethlend. I hope someone smarter can clarify though.


Brave is based on chromium, minimal porting required


iExec, SONM, Golem. The whole notion of decentralized cloud computing on the block chain.


funny enough but doge has some of that meme magic that link is cultivating here.

Its normie friendly, shiba-inus are cute as fuck, good for a laugh... if these are the reasons you are investing though... it just feels like the kind of thing you exit out of at some point. Its probably too late but I could totally see some normie influxed combined with a good meme/joke related to owning/trying to pay in dogecoin (maybe snl skit) making this go another 10x+.

Req $100 EoY

The token is used in 3 different ways
>As a security deposit to ensure that anyone participating in the network is being honest. If they try to tamper with the data they would lose their deposit.
>As payment for any sort of computations or actions done on the network (Gas).
>As payment for fees to store data on the platform.

OP i need a thought on NEBULAS - im about to get 80 of these. Please let me know what you think - team seems to be solid as fuck.


awesome that makes more sense

Sir all my savings are in iota am i fuqt

Thoughts on Nano?


tell me about LUNYR and SALT


>not saying much I know but I'm just not retarded and thats pretty good considering)
only think that makes you diffrent is you're not lazy and read the white papers.

I was the same way but now i read them and the game dun changed


Carvertical? Not really a favorite of mine, but you have already given your opinion on my faves and I have considered it on and off. I don't see much tackling its niche unless one of the supply chain coins adds something for it.

Tech and teams, only solid way to invest eh?

its 50/50, sometimes things have so much hype that people just buy into them and rais the price.I will say this though once you do the leg work and read this shit you start to know whats bullshit and whats not

Opinions on OMG?

This. Also DBC and the other meme AI coins

but are all the companies going to port over? Its a chicken and egg thing. I guess they can keep giving out BAT and hope for the best. Even them reaching 10% browser share will be a huge success for token holders. If I was able to get in under 10 cents I'd probably do it. at current prices its still compelling but not an obvious can only go up proposition.

the reason people think crypto is a ponzie is the earlier you get in the better. I look back and wish I put in more too. Thats why im still here trying to get that last 10x on my portfolio.

great coin.

I watched the facebook livestream with DNV GL. people prove me wrong but has a huge company like that ever dedicated this much time to hype up their use of a blockchain project? VEN is going places.

Quad 8’s means BTC $30k eoy

I think theres a great application of blockchain here, but may be a bit ahead of itself. What do people really need this for at the moment? In the future when everything is on some chain and theres more demand, sure. But it may not grow fast enough compared to other projects.

Quad 8’s means bitcoin $30k eoy.

just another "were super fast" blockchain? like EOS? there isn't room for a million of these...depending on many Xs you're looking for this could be the right risk reward ratio.

Heres a secret everyone, take this point home with you: binance does a great job vetting projects. If you had a binance portfolio, it would be pretty killer over the past 6 months. If its on binance, and quickly after its ICO ends, thats a hugely bullish sign.

Quad 8’s means bitcoin $30k eoy.

the artificial price growth was fun to ride but this screams shit coin. see my litecoin response, payments are fragmented. Being super fast is dope, I saw it firsthand and liked it. But theres a little meat to the FUD on this one, im not getting back in. It won't be bitcoin, it could be litecoin. But thats what, a 4x from here? This shit has potential to go to 0 still

Quad 8’s means bitcoin $30k eoy.

SALT I like, just has to get adopted now. Not sure why its trading so low, I bought more. I plan to use it and redeem my SALT when I take some cash out without actually losing my bitcoin.

tech and teams is part of it, a big important part for the long run. Community and marketing shouldn't be overlooked if the other two are there.

News/catalysts for price change are important though. In this market if a coin has no hype its price begins to waver. If you are set on holding for 2 years + no matter what it wont matter, but timing your picks can compound your earnings. Once you taste a quick moon you want more of those.

I hold it. I like it for similar reasons as REQ. Love the team and adoption potential on that. Its a less ambitious product with a higher likelihood of success.

Opinion on digibyte?

i learned this the hard way with trx. I bought the hype but never sold, now i want out


payments? im not bullish on payments coins. I don't really hold any. I think fiat-cryptos is a serious possibility and may fuck a lot of the payment coins.

not a scam at least tho

i bought kucoin at 2 and rode it up to 20 but didnt sell until 13ish. I did this because I saw how much binance mooned.

Having said all that, the huobi coin is interesting. Their exchange is nice. Coss last I saw was still super shitty. They need a capital injection to catch up to kucoin.

Daddy pleeeease, tell me about Crypterium!!!!

Plees sir, why did you skip his requests twice>? Is this scam


>Crypterium is a... bank? i just dont get it...
and wtf is nebulas. tell me why its good, ill tell you if that makes sense

i used to post there but it has a shitty community. still a great idea that they can expand upon. Is the price going to explode tho? Some far off facebook acquisition/partnership? Or Reddit? What if reddit just added a coin you get for posting and curating content?


well i guess you're not as smart as you say you are faggot


Miley is very dissapointed in your lack of understanding


Thoughts on Unitus and Oyster?




tell me about Waves



>great job vetting projects
What about TRX? Not only it is a shitcoin, it even breaks the no price-related hype rule that CZ outlined, when it comes to listing. While you'd be generally right, I wouldn't blindly trust binance in this matter. They obviously benefited from this listing a lot.


SKY, I fucking dare you.