Who are the cute bears of crypto?

I like bearish men (stocky, rugby, lumberjack type builds) with beards and fur.

So far I've found Mike Doty (Ark), Charles Hoskinson (Cardano), and Sergey (You know the one).

But who else is out there? I don't want to invest in scrawny Chinese men, or gangly-looking white boys. Only cute teddy bears I can snuggle up to.

So are there any more out there? Do you think this is a good investment strategy?

please take your unapologetic homosexuality to 8ch*n where it belongs


I haven't been there in years and most of my old boards are dead. And I see 711chan is gone now. :-(

Legit curious are you a woman or just gay?

no offense...kys

I'm a man.

im a asian lady-boy also looking for bear crypto holders~

i like to skateboard and i love apple products.

seek help and you need to go back

I can just imagine Vitalik fucking me in the ass with those dreamy eyes. Ill tell him to lean closer and whisper in his ear, "finish inside me". He dumps his entire load into my tiny asshole and we both lay there as he pulsates inside of me.

I can't comprehend being attracted to skinny, sickly, feminine things. I'm going to assume you're joking.

I can't comprehend being attracted to obese, gross, masculine things. I'm going to assume you're joking.


>being this much of a pleb
>not wanting a big bear husbando

A bit young for me, but not bad. He looks healthy.

there are none

u rang

OP do you like daddy bear to fuck your ass or do you fuck him?

I also think these 2 are adorable.

Have you seen Tom Bean of b0x.network? That guy got a quadruple dose of testosterone in the womb.

Seems like you better go balls deep on XRP, OP

I like both. I like men who look like alpha tops (but actually submissive bottoms). I also like total tops. I'm not into that vers / flip flop thing though. We should both assume our roles.

That guy kind of has crazy eyes though, doesn't he?

No, I haven't seen him. Will look him up, thanks.

What about ex USMC dominant power bottoms who chop wood and smoke pipe tobacco?

You can get rid of your gayness with hard work and dedication

That is hot!! Woof!

He also likes to hunt and carries a knife in his boot. Full head of silver hair. White teeth though, tanned skin. Chicks try to pick him up all the time. Like making warm fires in his cabin.

quit larping.

pics or gtfo.

Love to bump into you in the forest when you're dirty, sweaty and full of testosterone from hunting.

You jacking?

that depends, big boy.

Well that brings up a related question - what is the optimal age for a bear, and does it conflict with the age of a shitcoin developer? A "bear" is not simply born; he should have some evidence of life experience in his build, in his durable daddy muscles, the confidence of years, and so on. But many developers are just kids in their early-20's, if even that. I'd say the "prime" of a bear does not really even begin until his 40's, whereas that is considered "old" for a programmer. How to find a balance?