Who's ready for the pump?

when does news usually drop? Its about 3pm over there in Singapore

Holding 3k am I gonna make it

Usually around midday in Europe. I expect the news to be released in 4-6 hours.
Dubs will decide

God please do something. All this cuckbase happening today kind of gave me hope for this shit.

$3 by April screencap this

get ready
usually around like 5-8 AM EST

Of all the link copies this one is by far the most aesthetic.

What's going on with coinbase?

what price you expect it to reach by the time of announcement?

34 cents maybe
it'll dump afterwards, it always does

What's the news for this coin?

>34 cents maybe

its already 33c and dropping, has the dumping started already?

based on my research I suspect a minor partnership today that hints at a huge one down the road

Maybe they'll allocate funding for the shilling on /biz

do you know what time its going to be?

Kek nice fud

>Kek nice fud


$3 is optimistic user. Don't expect this market to start making sense until Q2-Q3 when wall street enters. Then we'll see two digits.

ok then
$3 May 1st
that's the start of Q2 :^)

bitch you stole my get

If this shit doesn't hit $3 until Q3 it's all over.

It will hit possibly triple digits in a couple of years, if the team delivers on their roadmap.

wallstreet already entered kid lmao

Pump was called off

were gonna dip tomorrow as usual, which will be a good time to stock up before the actual moon mission

I guess just ledger support. That's what they were working on.

REQ will be a top 10 coinl in 2018

Yeah, keep telling that to yourself, brainlet.

What use is ledger support when it's an EC20 token that you can store on the ledger anyway?


Bullish reversal?

Don't know. Can you decipher this for a brainlet? It's from their blog:

"Hardware ledger wallet support: Currently, only a connection via a Metamask wallet is available on the app. A connection with a ledger wallet will soon be possible as well."

Edited for the blind.

For REQ being as sjw as it gets that was triggering. Do better user

A dedicated REQ interface?

I don't know what did you mean by that arbitrary line, but as a matter of fact, currently we're precisely at 61.8% retracement, so the only way from here is up.


kikecoin on the left?

this was the pump. its always crashing after news
t. req holder

No news out yet fag