Guys, I just lost my entire portfolio shorting on bitmex.
Is there anyway to earn btc without mining or buying?
Heard airdrops were good last year.
what else should I be looking into?

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without sucking dick

If you’re not larping, I have no idea about airdrops.

Honestly, more capital is the easiest way. Sell some of your stuff if you can, find stuff to sell, start a business.
If you’re already working a ton then I don’t know of anything else.

But I don't want to place anymore fiat in
I turned 2k to 14k during the bull run and cashed out my initial only to see all my profits evaporate.
In an unstable market like this I fear losing even more

But dont do some big ass investment to make capital, whatever big is to you. Find one thing you can be able to repair that there are a lot of that are broken and easy to fix, repair and resell. If its an easy or cheap to fix there wont be many, so it’s a balance.

Stick to small quantities, like if you put in 10 dollars now for something you know you can resell for 30-40 in the next few months, that’s the same as seeing your shitcoin investment go from 100 to 400, except with less risk.

Just don’t buy like 10 pairs of jeans or 20 broken iphones or some shit. Sell the shit you don’t need first. Unless you’re really poor like that one poster a few weeks ago who showed us photos of his literal shack. Made me feel so blessed.

thanks for the solid advice user.
I guess I'll just stick to value creation for now
I badly wanted to take the express train to financial freedom though

Get a job

take a loan. pay back loan with those crypto moon gain

best advice

no thanks
that's how people get screwed

Sure way to fuck your life beyond repair

>guys i gambled all my money away
>what casino do you recommend?
this is you right now

get a job or start a business


OP is a shit gambler

Get on bitcointalk and sign up for every airdrop. I got that rebilous one and the airdrop was worth about $300-350. Could have did multiple accounts and made a nice amount of free money.

it technically isn't "all my money"
the point is to not do that
albeit this I already have one
I'll try looking into this

cellblocks is running one right now

Get a job, you stupid neet.

then buy more btc and start again.

/Thread. . I laugh at you poorfags so hard. I think practicing on a cucumber is honestly your best bet. If you are this dumb to have lost it all trying to be A Big swinging dick when you have a tiny lizard Brain...start sucking ducks faggot. Buy some mouth wash as well. You don't want two dads finding out you suck pole for a living....unless you want new clients

heres a good airdrop, cellblocks, has huge potential. use my referral for 10 tokens free


don't listen to this pajeet
OP here
use mine

If you want 20 cellblocks instead of 10, you better use that one.
Continuing the chain user ;)

The ponzicoins were good a while back if you timed getting in/out right, but now that is gone. I made 0.8 ETH from a borrowed 0.1 ETH on that wild ride.

you can earn bitcoin by HODLing

Tips for you
1) As long as you have money you can make money
2) learn from your mistakes
3) don't daytrade or gamble if you don't have certain targets with your trades
4) Don't get emotionally attached to your investments, this goes for both uptrends and downtrends.
5) Always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says.

Good luck user, I hope you make it!

thanks user :)

you can claim from the faucets and use those earnings to buy advertising campaigns to promote your referral code

any idea on how to look for coins with faucets?

Did you use a referral to sign up on MEX? I think I know who you are lol

Fucking retard you deserve to wage slave 4 life

How do you get paid for sucking dick? Asking for a friend

I'm not even mad
it was retarded in hindsight


I did the same thing with over half my stack yesterday. Felt like absolute garbage and borderline suicidal until I committed into learning from my mistakes and earning it back.

I would beg bro
But I feel so down atm

I'm genuinely glad you made it back and I hope you make it user.

what indicators were you using?

What happened OP, what coins were you trading on bitmex?
I am looking into it, but now i heard your story ...
Damn son

It'll be alright if you do it right
went against the trend cause

>muh intuition
>muh longer term bear trend
I thought we haven' broken out of it.

just follow the medium term trend user and set stop losses
let it liquidate if that's what it takes and reevaluate your strategy

I ended up constantly adding to my position trying to prevent it from getting liquidated. Pretty stupid in hindsight

was mainly trading btc

Tnx brah, that leaderboard is crazy tho.
Hold tight brothers. I lost good chunk of my stack too but I learned from that and now I am able to make profits on bitmex, withdrew my initial investment already.
How much leverage did you use?

Fuck you for going against me in the market - eat a dick and die

can you teach me kind Sir?
ended up using cross
opened near 8.8k liquidated at 9.6k
I was a gently caressing idiot for holding on to my losses that long

I could place back my initial investment but part of me still thinks a dip is coming along

It's basically like Veeky Forums, you lurk at least 2 years before posting.
The only advice I'll give you is to observe when and how, take a weekly candle, obverse what happened withing that candle down to the 5 mins charts, do you recognize patterns there? Good, observation is what helped me the most.

Don't forget your stop losses, below support or above resistance, and DO NOT move them unless you're closing your position if price moves against you

I know my advices are shitty but once you'll see the cycle, you'll see it's a powerful tool.

>lost my entire portfolio shorting on bitmex
>lost my entire portfolio

Veeky Forums links Peter not to talk shit about him? This warms my heart.

this was prior to the small dump

thank you user

>can you teach me kind Sir?
read technical analysis textbooks, study them like it's a college/university class

Do you have something about Ichimoku?

Retards, if you decide to do margin trading, don't at least start with 100x leverages

really appreciate this kind sir
may great gains come your way

One of my affiliates went full retard yesterday and traded like 600000 contracts. I think he got liquidated unfortunately. I warned them against this though so I don't feel bad

I've never used anything above x5, going 100x is like asking to get fucked.

Is roulette more profitable than bitmex?

Better Rope yourself you no coin nigger. Shorters get what they deserve.

Go see for additional advice on shorting. And burgers you can use BitMEX, just sign up with a proxy. Then you can use a US IP to trade. Use this referral link for 10% off fees. Make sure you read my thread to learn how to pay 0 fees. Referral link:

Once you get signed up, don't do anything stupid like open a 100X leverage position. Read about margin trading and then read some more. Then read like 3 times as much as you read. Watch the charts for days before doing anything. You can never learn too much. Remember anons, limit orders and stop losses to not lose money.

The thread I've been waiting for.

Can't wait fot btc to hit 10.5k, all these bears will get ANIHILATED.

We told you, every single day, short season is over, but you kept spaming your fud and your made up bullshit, learn to follow the trends you dumb fuck.

No pitty for bears, eat shit and die.

BitMEX is nice because you can make money in both bear and bull seasons. I think we've exited bear season now though.

Fuck off shill.

how was this even a shill post? I'm telling people NOT to do this. Using 100X is literally the most degen thing you can do.

You can do that in any market if you understand how the markets work and what kinda predictors to use

Referral link shill

You're already screwed faggot. Take a $20k loan, go all in on REQ and LINK and become a millionaire EOY or suck dicks for the rest of your life.

Nothing else has the volatility and leverage of BitMEX though. You can use high leverage on forex and the like but you can't do that without verification.


Ok suggestion - stay away from shorting and margins until you know what you're doing. This shit us going to keep going up. Just buy dips, and sell any obvious dumps. Repeat.

Don't get sucked in by faggots saying you NEED to do anything else. Do what's safe - and once you're good at it, then try the more advanced stuff. Trading is like any skill, you don't master it overnight.

The only reason you made money in the first place is because the market is unstable.


Evil, user, very avil.

>mfw did the same thing as op.

Now I'm trading stocks.