We're going back down

Veeky Forums, it's happening. Us bears are taking over. It's about time we crush you, your dreams, and your holdings.

You thought you were an early adopter at $19,000? LOL. Save it, user. We run the show now. We sold at 17K, and we're selling on the way down. Until you hear the Main Stream Media calling BTC "Dead", you know that we aren't done. We will bury it, and subsequentially accumulate while the normies and non-believers get purged.

Z help us

plz no

12k tomorrow confirmed

In my opinion if we were going to 4 it would have already happened.

We're shorting too and making money. Don't forget that.

It takes time to bleed. The cryptocurrency markets transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient.


The salt is unreal

Also the weekend is incoming
Errybody knows what happens (most times) on the weeeeekeend

thats not true at all considering crypto markets crash and rise within minutes

The past couple thousand milliseconds have been pretty bullish.

Red candle on the ┬Ás charts. we bear again

See in the beginning you could make a killing by just holding, the short changed the fucking game. Any neckbeard can make money holding a currency when we all worked together to increase the market cap... now we can dump (high), short on the way down, buy (low) and long up and make a fucking fortune while Joe Blow holder just broke even.

It'll fluctuate at these numbers forever.

Alt bull run, great!

>In my opinion if we were going to 4 it would have already happened.
we had 3 years of bull - everyone is still too optimistic and buying all the dips
also there is no point in going straight down - unlike bulls, bears can buy dips too and then short again from higher price

btc has "died" over 200 times

>b...but this time its different cuz muh crystal ball/time machine/TA

sure buddy

If btc ever stops being king we'll just short eth, bch, xrp, doge or whatever. Get on Bitmex and play in the new crypto world, or die.

>bears can short dips
This, you can make money in both directions now. It's great.

Sorry it had to be this way anons. But it's the price to pay for me telling me I'm wrong. Which I never am. See you at 3k

>10K incoming

Nice post blog post faggot
I fucked your mom and came in her ass for less than $3k so if btc dips I'll still have enough to buy your mother and treat her like the whore that she is

>Being this mad