Made $1.4 million last year

>Made $1.4 million last year
>Quit job because of riches
>"Oh hey user, what do you do nowadays"
>"I trade stocks/cryptocurrencies"
>..."oh okay"

>"I ran into user the other day and hes fucking unemployed LOOOOOL"

Is there a more prestigious way to say that you are retired/trade for a living?

Who gives a shit? You're a millionaire

Yeah. Make a website. Hire a designer to make a logo. Incorporate. Call yourself managing partner.

Just say you run a business and make up what it is

yeah but I dont want my old high school friends to think im a fucking bum...

Who fucking cares you stupid brainlet

just say you're retired?

just say you're a professional trader holy shit you might be a billionaire but you're absolutely retarded

you must be an anti-social fatfuck neet.
that sounds even dumber than being a trader/investor
these sound promising but lying makes me feel bad

Just make up some dumb shit. Meme marketing or something they can wrap their simple minds around.


Who gives a shit? You're a millionaire

write a book, paint a painting, try to take a patent of something.
The quality of the value of the above mentioned things doesn't matter, what is important is that you can call yourself a writer, artist, inventor.

Maybe try doing something with your life other than sitting on your ass if you want people to respect you. Money=/=respect

>Seeking approval of dumb sheep
>Not having enough testosterone
>Being an insecure little bitch

Bro you gotta do you. Workout, make money, dress nice, work on yourself, do awesome shit like flying, scuba, skydiving, climbing. Take up Boxing or jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai.

>Caring what plebs think.

You're going to end up broke keeping up with the Joneses.

Says the unemployed autist who 'doesnt have the job' and apparently has enough time on his hands to worry about what his former high school colleagues think.

Fucking kys you stupid fucking cunt.

buy a lambo and a nice suit, that'll show them

but really, who gives a shit? if you care that much get a job again

Call yourself a "portfolio manager."

Better yet say you are retarded and on disability

Just say "I'm an investor." That means you're rich

Angel investor (a.i)

just be honest.
and if you don't want them to think you're a NEET bum, show off your wealth. get a nice car/watch/whatever. or if you give them gifts for whatever occasion, spend more on it this year.

he's probably jelous of you being in crypto btw, but if he really just thinks you are jobless, the above methods will resolve it.

Imagine being such a pussy that you care about what some loser friends from high school think

What? Fuck them, that's some beta shit

he's jealous you idiot

giving more expensive gifts? no, actually that's the best idea if OP wants respect.
of course you need to do it smart, just giving away random shit is dumb. just subtly start sharing your a bit of your wealth with those you like/are close to you. clearly OP CARES about how his peers handle him, so it's a very worthy investment.

Tell them you're a Senior Memetics Infrastructure Systems Engineer at Veeky Forums Business Enterprises.

Just say you're retired and now trade for fun.

Just buy something expensive then. Or why do you give one shut about some highschool fags who wage cuxk for mister Goldberg


Always a bad call. Just say you run a successful online business and don't have to work anymore cause it took off. Make sure to rub in the fact that you are better than them

Bitches care more about your worth to, and place in, society. Actual wealth isn't so relevant. You need to be valuable to society and have allies or else your genetics are of no use to them. Getting rich from winning the lottery (crypto) isn't going to get you girls unless you buy them.

You don't magically become useless if you quit your job.

You're either useful or you are not. Money just enables you to do things.