Get in here now!

We're GOING. ALL. THE. WAY. Who else is ready and comfy? I mean you did get in right? Still not too late, easy 50-100x by next month.

Top coin in 2018, revolutionary, lowcap, the smart money is all over it.


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ALREADY ALL IN BRO. If you are not all in this then walk away now, you will never have another opportunity like this.

Are you fucking kidding me? I am all over this. Once in a lifetime opportunity. Get in or stay poor. Did you see the team? 100x.

Fuck! Loading up my Binance acct now, am I gonna make it??? How long will it take to get my ETH cleared? FUCK!

I did a lot of research on this boys, skeptical at first but now I'm going all in, I love you guys. This could be life-changing for me, seriously. Listen to the OP.

Sup ya'll, I almost missed out on this, got 50k COMFY AF. Will never see these prices again.

Nice post OP but I've been in this since 3cents. Made 500k already.

>what is poster ID ?

Are we talking about COSS?

shhhhh Veeky Forums doesn't deserve this coin

God what a literal unironic nigger



Just wait for the huobi competition to end, it will moon

Delete this, i'm accumulating!

He's still investing in coins and not crypto gaming. crypto art is mooning right now. Its like biz hates money.


Current Veeky Forums in a nutshell.
>Do you hate money user?
>I know this low marketcap gem that's going to 10x tomorrow
>X is on sale!
>X is being suppressed by whales!
>X will never be this low again!
>X is refueling for the moon!
>Remove this I'm not done accumulating yet
>Accumulate now whales are about to pump
And the list goes on and on, board needs a good holocaust.

that's a copycat game

Too many pajeets

It wouldn't even be as bad if the streetshitting scum actually put some effort into their shill posts.
Instead what we have is the same shit every thread with a different shitcoin as it's posterchild. I'd happily watch crypto die just to see these cunts go neck themselves.

>I know this low marketcap gem that's going to 10x tomorrow
I've found good stuff in those threads, it doesn't take much investigation to know if it's a pajeet or if he has a reason to believe that.

I have 5000 (insert shitcoin name) will I make it?

>posting dubs. trips, etc. counts as a fundamental driver to invest in a shitcoin





Partnerships being announced soon!!