The next Bitcoin

So, assuming Bitcoin dies at some point due to how old and outdated it is, what coin do you guys think will replace it?

Also remember that tokens are not coins and therefore can not replace BTC as the market leader due to the nature of how they function.

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corporations, already did a study on blockchain. adoption isnt looking good. too costly to run a blockchain

Probably ETC, because of how many tokens are ERC20

Why ETC rather than ETH?

Universa or Eth

first ETH... remember that biycoin is primarily digital gold. later, Cardano which will be everything bitcoin and ETH promised to be and more

Yeah cardano.

Unironically skycoin

but it will still be cheap
this our market now goy


Source from the deepest abyss of his own anus

for now.

Lisk - coming out the gate with sidechains and catering the the fastest adopted language in the valley (JS)

I don't think Bitcoin can die. Too much market manipulation. I am not a bcore cuck either. Just a realist.


NANO obviously.
Network coins can't replace it since tokens created on them create unnecessary network saturation.

>with new coins are still being made from blockchain

Block limit is the only problem and it's a manufactured one. If they don't solve it , BTC wont work as a currency. If they do, blast off.

If they don't, BCC is King.

Fiat has been outdated for a long time as well the majority of internet protocols in general. Shit so much stuff in modern day is outdated yet we keep on using it.

Thinking Bitcoin will die because it is "outdated" any time soon is silly.

skycoin has a seperate blockchain for each token & purpose. It also costs almost no energy through obelisk.

Bitcoin isn't going to die. The very best brains in crypto are all in on bitcoin.

Cardano has nothing more than a centralized database right now. They are expecting to outpace Ethereum when they can't even build a that works for exchanges...


jk get chainlink.

>Bitcoin dies at some point due to how old and outdated it is
The state of uneducated pajeets

Once quantum computing becomes powerful enough, it really will die to be replaced by crypto that is newer and updated to combat the new technology,

BCH will win this. Its a free 10X at least this year.
Just go all in on BCH and ETH and you will make it

BCash is not in the realm of possibility - it is a shitcoin bitcoin fork with no chance. you're correct about ETH however.

the only reason for paying extra overhead to run a currency on a pow blockchain is hiding your money
for the same reason it wouldn't be mass adopted
so will probably have some centralized pseudo-blockchain shit like ripple backed by banks
and illegal stuff like xmr for real (the first one to get banned will probably reap all the fame)

You are in for a big surprise this year.

Overhead is way smaller than traditional banking. Only if youre a retarded core dev and keep blocksize at 1mb is it overpriced.

we can do 1k tx per sec with normal 2018 desktop PC nodes and penny-fees

he's not wrong

when Cardanotakes the #2 spot ahead of bitcoin and behond ETH? nah, nothing surprising about that. nice pajeet-tier bcash shitcoin shilling though

lel. Bitpay will add BCH to all checkouts in Q1

This thread is so obviously full of newfags.

>bitcoin never changes
>bitcoin is outdated

You have no fucking clue what bitcoin even is or why its valuable. Plus there are huge projects planned for bitcoin this year including scalability and app platform layers. BTC less than $10k is the easier 10x you'll ever see because morons like the newfags in this thread think its a "dinosaur" that hasn't changed since 2009.

BTC is an almost guaranteed 10x, so good luck picking the one shitcoin currency out of the hundreds, out of all of which there is maybe a 1/10th chance even a single one gets to bitcoin's level. That is lotto ticket investing and you deserve to loose your money if you think some random shitcoin shilled to you is "the next bitcoin/ethereum."

Fast, secure, decentralized.

>The next bitcoin

Something that can fork and evolve never gets outdated. Brainlets fail to realize BTC can be anything it wants, but nothing else can be BTC

>What will be the next Bitcoin?

Well, that's literally the million-dollar-question, isn't it? If we knew that, all of Veeky Forums would be all-in on the same coin. Spend 10 minutes here, however, and you'll see that there's little consensus on which current "altcoin" is going to be the next big thing

> he thinks BTC is gonna die

only good answer

Interblockchain is the future.

>If we knew that, all of Veeky Forums would be all-in on the same coin.

I won't say it's the next Bitcoin, but I'm very excited for Decred. It solves the governance problem which is ultimately what's been holding Bitcoin back. Having a clear decision making mechanism is important in order to adapt and evolve to changing conditions and new technologies.


The current bitcoin is the only bitcoin i need

Bcash: lol

BTC will never go PoS which means it's fundamentally outdated already.

> assuming Bitcoin dies at some point


> in the actual real world

Nothing. A flippening was possible a year ago. With segwit, though, BTC is going to become a settlement layer for every other coin. This will ensure that it never dies.

winner winner chicken dinner

Bitcoin is not sustainable because of mining. In the end you’ll have miners in your town hall.


This guy knows, shitcoins don't have nearly the development as btc. BTC will always be king

Bitcoin is by far the most developed crypto-project, it's grown completely organically, yet the assumption is it won't evolve. Wishful thinking by poor people clouds judgement.

>tokens cant be it
that's not how markets work user

>a wild corecuck appears

The "next bitcoin" is already being used throughout DNMs. It's Monero.

>Also remember that tokens are not coins and therefore can not replace BTC as the market leader
So it's impossible for exchanges to open up token/fiat trading pairs? Good to know.
fucking retard