>mfw americucks pays taxes on bitcoin

How is freedom treating you?

Bitcoin is used for organ selling and other fun stuff, how much of a cuck do you have to be to pay taxes and declare your bitcoins?

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>not being able to evade all crypto taxes
do americans really do this?

bitcoins what bitcoins officer?

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How do you attempt to hide $1,000,000 some in gains?
(other than by living in a shithole)

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You pay so many "bitcoin taxes" that you don't have money for a eyecheck, cuck?

>create a company with your portfolio as starting capital
>invest the gains you cash out in every tax loop you can find giving you a decent ROI to reduce corporate tax
>dont profit/cash out dividends as those are taxed
>buy a mansion/lambo as part of work benefits
>give yourself a salary putting you at a reasonable income tax bracket

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Paying taxes on unrealized gains will never be enforced. People who do are fucking themselves financially for no reason.

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Almost nobody is going to pay taxes on crypto gains without cashing out first. We will hear the IRS have a shit fit about this come April and it still wont change anything. And next year we will have people mostly using decentralized exchanges exclusively and privacy features will be included as a side feature to most coins.

The government might want to start consider downsizing to make up for lost revenue. You dont have a choice.

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i'm yuropoor and my country taxes crypto as income, so the 150k+ bracket ends up at 80% taxes
which will go to fund muds and more muds
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are you from france? i'm from scandinavia and 80% is insane