HODL is a meme

whoever has been in the game for over a year havent you noticed how 90% of the coins never recover after initial pump and slowly bleed out? There are exceptions like NEO but the rest absolutely follow a very similar pattern

Its called redistribution of marketcap after every shake-up, when scared money liquidate their shitcoins into btc/fiat to weather the storm. Those people are not gonna be reinvesting into their old portfolio 1:1. By then more promising shitcoins are created/shilled

Yeah totally my ETH sure is bleeding out.
Kill yourself my man, you are giving out bad advice.

You didnt read carefully my man, i did say there are exceptions, and its pretty obvious which those are.

Remove yourself, where do you see any advice being given?

I'm sorry but isn't NEO following the exact same pattern, but at a higher value? It's pretty far from it's ATH and has been slowly declining since.

Hodl is not a meme, so long as you don't

1) Buy at the fucking top
2) Buy into scam projects (like pac coin)

My own method is buying closest to its all time low and holding. It has worked well. I also like buying into projects that aren't already shilled. Stop chasing everything biz shills and dyor.

ok let's list exceptions going from CMC historical data one year ago, as your OP was being in the market over a year

BTC feb 19th 2017: $1,053
BTC feb 16th 2018: $10,020

ETH then: $12,81
ETH now: $931,07

Ripple then: $0.005636
Ripple now: $1.13

Litecoin then: $3.78
Litecoin now: $218.02

Monero then: $13.29
Monero now: $285.83

Dash then: $22.09
Dash now: $692.52

ETC then: $1.23
ETC now: $33.45

MaidSafeCoin then: $0.19
MaidSafeCoin now: $0.49

NEM then: $0.006
NEM now: $0.56

Augur then: $5.13
Augur now: $52.65

the list goes on, that's just the top10. the whole top20 would have given you significant cains. even Maid, a completely dead coin, did a x3 in a year

don't buy scams, and it becomes impossible to not make ridiculous amounts of money


OP is right, as a 2013 buyer I've seen the vast majority of coins die and never come back. The same will happen this time around, for reasons described above.

delete yourself OP

Dollar value isnt a great measure as it follows btc, i tend to measure in btc value as thats why im trying to increase.

Dont invest in shot coins. I invested in eth a year ago, when btc fags called it a shitcoin. Crashed and came back far stronger

So just buy high market cap coins. ETH and BCH are doing just fine.

>Dont invest in shit coins.
>I invested in eth a year ago, when btc fags called it a shitcoin.

yea most coins are exit sacms, dont buy them most of the top 100 is safe.

Literally the complete opposite. You being a literal faggot resembling the picture you posted and investing your peasant bucks into biz shilled shitcoins is totally irrelevant. Get cucked fucktard.

Hodling over the past year of anything worthwhile have seen massive gains.

Didn't even need to look at any charts to think about this. All top 10-top 20 coins literally 10x-100x or more over the past year.

OP is a literally an autistic cuck weak handed faggot that thinks hodling means waiting on the peasant bucks he invested from his mommy allowance will go up within a few weeks. Nevermind that he invests in shitcoin/pajeet coins.

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hodl isnt a meme you ADHD cuck. If you had hodled BTC, LTC, ETH, XLM, RDD, DOGE, DGB, NEO, and hundreds of other shitcoins you would have gone up to 1,000,000x.

I know there are at least 50 coins that have gone 1 million fold over the past 7 years. So even if you sold at 1000x you still got fucked.

Its a meme for a reason, people who held through the previous bubbles and crashes became millionaires and billionairs. Its like history: people prepare for the previous war and then get suprise buttsex when it aint so.

>don't buy scams, and it becomes impossible to not make ridiculous amounts of money
literally this. if you have enough patience and aren't in shit, you can't lose.. this market is a once in a multiple-lifetime opportunity to make it

Every coin I bought last year went up in value and is still worth more than when I bought it.

Maybe your problem is that you only buy shitcoins, scams and memes instead of coins with good tech and a future?

So which coins are you in for your long term? Just curious what you do think have the tech and the vision to make it (not trying to be a fag I'm genuinely interested)

I'm also curious to know the point of view of a rare 2013 buyer as to what you see as long terms^^


Only one that's really suffered is XRB, but I'm actually still up on the price I bought in at, and it's not "slowly bled out", it had some problems and then a huge amount of FUD. I expect it to rise again in 2018 once the FUD is over, because the tech is solid.

Hopefully he will see that you kys

OP is right, most of the coins never really recover their sats price.
The dollar price is not real, most of them gain value only because BTC gains value.

If after months/years you still have to realize this, your autism is incurable.

>Dollar value isnt a great measure
>measuring BTC with BTC

Its almost like these crypto currencies have no intrinsic value and are just tools to fleece idiot greedy autists of all their real money.