I made $1 mil in crypto from June - December 2017

I made $1 mil in crypto from June - December 2017.

I honestly fucking LAUGH at people who didn't go all-in on every trade.

This was the ONLY TIME IN HISTORY you could have made easy money with just a little bit of research.

BUT BUT BUT it's so risky to do that! You could lose it all!

Dude, again ALL THE INFO was available to you and you can see patterns after months of staring at websites, whitepapers, charts, and forum posts.

Seriously, I feel sorry for you fucking morons that diversified.

You had one shot to make it, and you blew it by diversifying.

Fucking pussies.

Hello were are the proofs :DD

>just keep going all-in in the most volatile market ever
>all you have to do is research

also proof or you're just a poor faggot LARP

I always know people talking like this 90% chance they have 0,01 btc

So, what was your path?
did you get in on ANT? how the hell did anyone know to get into ANTshares. I researched it and dismissed it as a bad chink copy that wasn't going anywhere. Blew my mind when it exploded.

What about the Bcash pumps, did you go all in on them? if so HOW?

post wallet faggot

I have to say I had a big antshares position did I saw to potential, no. I just left and came back XD

sign message from wallet or go kill yourself

You went all in on Antshares didn't you :)
How many?

>dumbass kid gets lucky and wins shitcoin lottery
>thinks he's smarter than everybody else
Lmao enjoy your paper profits. You're going to end up broke soon.

Post initial and post the coins you bought and sold. It's not impressive if you bought $100k BTC at $2k at the bottom of the June dip, and then sold it all at $20k.

Keep going all in every time OP.

Hopefully you'll get a lesson in humility.

>1 post by this id

$500 into elixir when it had $10,000 market cap.

sold for $27k (6 BTC)

cashed out 3 BTC

held 3 BTC until segwit 2x fork (i believe it was called) was canceled in early november

put into COSS.


two trades. ELIXIR because what the fuk kind of actively developed coin has a $10k market cap (right when it switched from timereum), and COSS because what the fuk kind of exchange coin has a $5 mil market cap.

easy as that, losers.

So you literally lucked out going all in one coin?

Take 6 BTC and turn it into 100BTC again.

All in on NANO next, X100 your gains at the EOY!

Hello, rebbit.

sage and goodbye

nigga put your money into bitconnect 100x moon mission!

>only time in history
that's what they told me two years ago and the year before that

You fags honestly sound jealous of OP. Hilarious.

I got lucky going all in on a coin. Therefore, everyone who goes all in will also get lucky. The level of idiocy from people here is amusing. I made 5 M off this shit in 4 months without going all in, but I'm not going to fucking parade around telling people how much I made or that they should always diversify to make gains. Take a lesson in humility you idiot. I'm pretty sure you're larping anyways.

Yeah, dumb kid who thinks he wins some money from lottery ticket makes him smarter than other.

>still no signed message
cool story op
personally i went all in eth at $10 in january, sold for $400 in june, bought btc at $2.5k, sold my bch at $3k and my btc at $20k, bought eth at $700, sold it at $1400, now sitting on 8 million US dollars. ez

Not necessarily and the fact you think that reeks of jealousy.

>going all in every trade
>cashing out half

pick one idiot

Keep sucking his dick, homo.

This wasn't the only time in history though. The second crypto book could happen in a few years when the U.S economy gets hit with it's hardest recession. People will start losing faith in the American dollar and turn to crypto. BUY AND HOLD LONG TERM!!!!!!