Give me 1 reason why Ven is better than Wtc and ill sell all my wtc for ven. (pro tip: you cant)

Give me 1 reason why Ven is better than Wtc and ill sell all my wtc for ven. (pro tip: you cant)

V is before W in the alphabet. /thread

This is the exact answer Id expect from a deluded venlet

why the fuck you just dont hold both
explain to me (protip: you cant)

There will only be one survivor

I do hold both but im not deluded like the majority on the board and I know WTC is better

Explain to me why it’s better

>Protip: you cant

The essential difference between Vechain and Walton is the layer at which the blockchain is implemented. Walton has patents on the txID-reading RFID chips with memory, which allows the blockchain to be implemented in the foundational level through the RFIDs. They are world leaders in chip technology, and make their own chips. Vechain does not make their own chips. They outsource the hardware, and have the hardware made compatible with their blockchain via API. So their blockchain is implemented several layers up in the application layer, through business-centralized control. So, Vechain is inherently less decentralized and less secure.

This is the essential difference, and it's not a deal-breaker for Vechain, but it is a fact, and it does matter. Walton is somewhat ironically better at authentication than Vechain for this reason, despite Vechain's original main use-case as an anti-counterfeiting product (they've since expanded their use-case into cold logistics and other areas).

But there are other advantages to making your own chips. Vechain is using someone else's hardware and then repurposing it for their blockchain. Walton has built the chip from the ground up to be compatible with the blockchain and improved the standard chip to be much more advanced, with encryption, fine minute movement detection, anti-collision logic to prevent skipping, low voltage technology so the chips can last more than 20 years, and other advancements over standard chips. Making their own chips also makes them cheaper. Standard RFIDs are 15 to 20 cents. Walton's are less than 5.

>Give me 1 reason why Ven is better than Wtc
It's making me money.

> blockchain to be implemented in the foundational level through the RFIDs.
> have the hardware made compatible with their blockchain via API
rubbish again

its not "rubbish" maybe you could figure it out for yourself if you didnt spend all your waking hours drinking tea and eating biscuits fagget

so a radio transmitter can "write" directly to the blockchain via magic? sure thing fucko. also, you do know decentralized apis are a thing right? but keep posting this faggy pasta brainlet

Yes with the storage module on the patented waltonchain chip it creates and exports the txhash directly onto the blockchain via the waltonchain rfid reader gun. There is no such thing as a decentralized api LMFAO. Nice education u got there. You are clearly deluded as fuck and believe anything thats spoonfed to you, especially if it benefits your narrative.

The proof? vEN holders don't give a shit about WTC. But WTC holders constantly make threads like this. If you constantly have to say you are the best... Then you're not.

sir ven coin is very good waltn bad for ur money sir sir!


> There is no such thing as a decentralized api
HAHA oh wow. You do know that an API is nothing more than a communication interface that could be massively distributed beyond one point of failure like anything else out there right?
> via the waltonchain rfid reader gun.
how does the communication happen here?

Also, you are saying Walton is the sole manufacturer and this somehow makes it more decentralized. I see a single point of failure there.

nah. the ven maximalist side-chat constantly shittalks wtc and every criticism in a biz ven thread is replied with "ok waltie"

the insecurity is real

LMFAOOOO you clearly have no idea what you're talking about so ill just stop wasting my time trying to safe a deluded venlet such as yourself.

dat image

nice comeback sweetie, you sure showed me. remember, don't get attached to your investment, its not a football team

whats the use of this post, except showing us your insecurity, cuck

It wasn't even a 'comeback' you haven't proven me wrong nor have you proven that ven is better than wtc. If anything you make wtc look better because you cant even fathom how their chips work you think its fake (LMFAO). I pity you man but good luck with your investments!

nah mate, you are just a brainlet spamming your shitty pasta and projecting hard. There's nothing to fathom here tbqhwy, it might sound like rocket science to you but again we've already established your brainlet status. WTC does chip->reader->blockchain all via their own hardware but still there's an API there, although closed form of course. Unless you are claiming they are able to send radio waves to the blockchain. VEN does chip->information offload->blockchain. All via API. You are just making various assumptions about that API implementation without really knowing how any of it works. Its really not hard and honestly a non-issue. But you do you sweetheart.

Lol you uk fags love to talk out of your ass dont you? Do you even know the difference between read/write capabilities? You do realize walton has a patent on rfid chips with read and write capabilities and they are the only chips like that to exist in the world. Also walton doesn't use an api but I know you love to make shit up to further your agenda as do all venlets. Do some more research on read/write capabilities and what that means for decentralization and an overall better product.