Who else is counting on crypto to set them free?

Who else is counting on crypto to set them free?

If crypto explodes I can stop wagecucking and finally live my life.

>MFW I have 99% of my total networth in crypto


the explosion was 200 bucks to 20k you stupid fuck, if you aren't already rich you're fucked.

>if you aren't already rich you're fucked.

pls dont be true


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The show has just begun.

You know what they say, OP
Only Arbeit macht frei

Your only real chance now if you're not rich already is to hope that blockchain really does get huge real life adoption and you pick the coins that make it. You're still an early investor if you're looking at it from that scenario.

you are like a baby

"stop wagecucking and finally live my life"
Even if you fucking make it, you will need something to do with yourself. This cancerous mentality of omg wagecucking is hell and only life livable is the billionaire lifestyle is fucking sad. Pursuing a career is something you should be doing regardless of financial status as it helps you grow as a person.

Literally everyone I work with thinks I am brain damaged for holding $100k in crypto. They all laughed at me when BTC dropped to 5800, saying I should just sell it all now before it goes to 0 because it's just imaginary internet money. Not even larping. I am a blue collar worker, make about $80k a year. I'm gonna make it, r-right user? I'm not retarded...am i? Holding

I'm all in on TRX

$1000 EOY easy and then i'll buy SpaceX


>80k/year blue collar worker
>thinks he hasn't made it
I'm gonna neck myself, only made 30k doing manual labor last year and it destroyed my body.

Live in NYC, cost of living is like 846 million $

Don't count on crypto mate. It will wreck ya.
Sure, I think going all in on crypto with your money is a good idea, but make sure you have other path to making it too.

What I don't get is the "human right" to have a job. Work can be fulfilling and formative as a person, but when politicians talk about creating new jobs it's beyond me. Technology has helped us to increase productivity, but instead of embracing this and work shorter days we build companies with ineffective meaningless occupations. I look forward to the boomers retirement. We should embrace the need of less work for the same product. Not the other way around.

U got into btc at which price? On the top?

Keep holding up.

If u cant live ur life without crypto u wont be living it with it. i spend around 500$/month on living (food, accomodation, gasoline, fun, phone etc) another 300$ to travel. hikking, skiing, ski-touring, climbing and many other. i go to theaters (academic theaters are for free) concert, and many more. just find something passionate to do and keep to it.money is nothing.


People have been saying this shit since it was a dollar, get fucking real.

The real question is where does it stop? It's literally ridiculous.

Me too. I Should be scared but I'm not

Are you me? I'm currently moving to my cabin, basically paying for electricity and nothing more. What gear do you have? I'm so stoked on my dyna beast/slack country set up!

Legit, getting rich won't help most people here.

Also, you'll probably fuck it up even if you do win big. If I had cashed out in Jan I could have retired very comfortably and done whatever. But I stayed in and now I'm fucked again.
We're all brainlets here, anyone who really knows how to make money doesn't even know what an internet forum is.

Most of the best things in life are cheap or free, OP. And not having a job makes you pathetic in most people's eyes.

We are heading straight into some dsytopian cyberpunk shit as robots and ai take over more and more jobs, simply because while working less hours with a higher productivity would be to the benefit of society as a whole, it benefits the owners of companies more to cut jobs and work the rest to death. Look at fucking Jeff Bezos, the scum piece of shit is the wealthiest man alive while people working for him are treated like absolute shite.

I'm not a "capitalism is the root to all evil" - type, but this is correct. Both companies and politics will need change. And it's not just blue collar. Think about the sheer amount of paperwork, testing, research and analysis a computer will do better than a human ever could. I've read that the American unemployment could be about 40% in 20 years. It's hard to predict the future, but let's say it's 25%. That's as high as in the great depression. It's scary to think about. And knowing this dilemma is sweeped under the rug is even worse. I mean, even communists worship work like it's God; we own the cooperations, but let's work ourselves sick and die.

>"destroyed" by "1 year" of "manual" labor

Thats the worst fucking thing. You see that this will be a huge problem, one that takes a lot of time to solve, and yet the world at large doesnt give a shit. This and climate change are the two issues that are like one of those nightmares where you are paralized and can’t move while something horrible is happening. Even if we start dealing with these things now, it will probably be too late. My only hope is making enough money before the inevitable downfall that I can fucking retreat to my own alpine house and have a big enough stockpile to survive.