Literally how retarded is reddit?


That is I reminder of why I avoid reddit. Every post on there is a 5-7 page essay written by someone with delusions of grandeur thinking everyone else is going to bother reading that shit.

Pretty fuckin stupid



also dont forget the constant circlejerk.

Disgusting. But I'm going to enjoy watching those retards losing their money

>a 38 year old woman looks just as good as when she was 18

>the state of 3dpd roastie toastie whores

>prefers 1-3 lines written by someone with delusions of grandeur
>irrelevant MGTOW circlejerk
>literally can't see the circlejerk happening in this very thread, useless garbage thread #5959332
why is Veeky Forums becoming /dumb reddit/

I prefer 1-3 lines that get the point across vs reading a 10 page reddit screenplay.

>greatest transfer of wealth in history

>"Lack skill"
>Being "good" at sex from fucking the entire town is valuable

>I've learned a lot

>western women

absolutely degenerate

That’s not what he said though. Lol Veeky Forums reading comprehension

tits or gtfo retard

Why the fuck do you go there guys?
I visit Veeky Forums since like, dunno, maybe 2009?
9 fucking years, and you constantly "why reddit is retarded?" everywhere on Veeky Forums.
I visited reddit for the first time ~6 years ago, surfed for 1 hour and that was enough for not to come back there anymore.
Layout, controls and all the design just started bothering me, it's so stupid. USELESS OVERWRITTEN TEXTS EVERYWHERE
Just to get screenshots and post here? Why not just assume that everyone anything Veeky Forums related (or other subject) on reddit is retarded.
It's similar to pol situation, everyone knows that reddit is diverse left liberals as it can get.
Since it's a HEAVILY moderated forum, reddit is massive group of people that think alike. Since we know that they are liberal shits, they probably eat stones and grass. Their minds connect, because they write to much, they read to much, and decisions they make are all affected by this huge think alike mind that is overflowed by useless information.
If a man can't tell a straight truth in two sentences, he must be a liberal trans feminist.

Can you condense all that shit in the afore-mentioned 1-3 sentences? I'm too lazy to read that shit.


Read all caps text
You got it!

he's unironically correct, nano is super undervalued right now

idk reddit told me to buy chainlink 6 months ago when you guys were FUDing the shit out of it and I could have made a fuck ton.
Honestly fuck both of you

...And That's Okay.

My girlfriend made this post. Thought you guys might like it.

bitching about reddit is pointless because none of us should even visit reddit to start with

Not to mention bringing up some saccharine story about their kid

>today I taught my 5 year old daughter what the blockchain is and have her a private key

Nigga she's 5 she wants to play with dolls for gods sake


> lack skill, experience
Why are roasties under the impression anyone cares for their "skill" developed by being fucked by 600 men. Let's be honest they're just going to lie there with there blown out sarlac pit open.

this. internet communication is supposed to be efficient, not the same page-long drivel you get from overpriced handbooks and courses...

and the handbooks and paid courses at least have somebody competent sitting there writing, not some moron who fomoed in in dec. and now thinks they're a pro investor..


brevity is wit

ITT: A group of neets jerk each other off over their choice of website.

I spit on all you pathetic little fucking basement babies. You're all exactly alike reddit users except with an autistic superiority complex.

i go there to try and give them a perspective they otherwise wouldn't see because of their bubble.
it may be fruitless but i try anyway.
for politics though, not crypto. idgaf if other people make money off my picks

I don't think they realize writing your back story to make yourself more normie and credible ultimately makes you look autistic and amateur.

It's a site with user history if someone wants to know your credibility they should just click on your username and determine for themselves.

if they were smart. but it's plagued by idiots.
so they'll look at your history and say "oh you posted in X sub, you're an idiot".
or just dig through for anything to disregard the logic or content of your posts.
"oh you like strawberries, you're hitler"
so they probably see that as a good thing.
>omg this guy has been on reddit for 4 years he's so smart