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if you are not in these you do not love money

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iexec will make me so filthy rich
whats the coin on the left though?

Baguettecoin !

What the fuck is the coin on the left ?

To the fucking space!

are the French finally gonna succeed at something?
will they bring The Crypto World Order?

You forgot NapoleonX, first quant fund with crazy team.

french phalanx with germany (iota, lisk)

we'll conquer the world hand in hand this time

If no body else had noticed, RLC is literally being held down by a sell wall across all exchanges.
If you don't know what that means, you deserve to stay poor

yes, with ark

Origami Network. ICO in 7 days.
Under the radar gem
> low cap 5000ETH

They will

Already suceeded as not getting Trump as president.

does it have a promising roadmap, solid team and great partnerships?

yes, already got a working products as far as I read.

this thread is 1 guy asking questions to himself and responding with the HOT ICO THAT YOU HAVENT MISSED YET

>Love money

Les deux sont malheuresement mutellement exclusifs...

Already in!!

but you have the best food and horniest women in the world. my god, what a life you can lead dans les pyrenees. i enjoyed it so much. wonderful

Horniest ? Not in Paris...

IExec is the coin you can mine by taking part in distributer computing right ?

Good food and loose women do not a prosperous and virtuous economy make make...

...to be clear, the French love money but they love hating the rich even more. Success is not praised as it should be and ambition is viewed as a negative characteristic.

but it's still be a great place to retire

Maybe just not for you

Paris is a pure unadulterated shithole where everyone is unsufferable and depressed.

Reminder that Tezos is building off decades of knowledge and human capital accumulated at INRIA

>not including Telcoin

It's like you want to stay poor.

Inria is a good institute. I've only had good partnerships with them

> working product

loose women? really? where?

they are all uppity Channel, Gucci divas even the lowest cashier bitch.

Preach. 80% of the women I fucked this year were foreign students/tourists in Paris

France overtook the UK as europe leading deep tech investor in 2017 and is closing in with the US.

If you've ever traveled you would know French girls are some of the easiest to hook up with. They tend to be less arrogant with foreigners than with Frenchmen so maybe that's your problem

this, La French Tech is a brand and they are getting serious funding though some projects are just shit

Well there's a reason, 3 of the 5 most productive research organisations in the world are french.

Also he's a bitter parisian faggot, don't expect him to be objective.

>3 of the 5 most productive research organisations in the world are french.


Its 3 on the top 10 actually.

Startup nation

Make our planet great again !

Use my ref link for a 5% bonus:

get.ori.network? r=BS62346
(remove space)

RLC is the king of french coins.

Parisians and bitter are the same things.

Nice b8 you’ll make someone angry

WHat does it do though. In before dyor


Good for frogs, they're good people.

t. working immigrant in France

The French hasn’t invented anything good since the FT-17.

whale advice:

Don't invest in French shit

Yeap better invest on xrp.

>American are so big they call themselves "whale"

lol.. go and buy a renault

you sound retarded.

I'm european

just trying to help idiots here

>Statistics; 80%, hur dur.
He fucked 4 pajeet refugee woman and a 60 year old French hooker.