You guys said money would help me get women

I was lucky enough to make quite a lot of money but nothing in my dating life changed. Fancy suits, ties, new house, nice car, and I'm still lonely as fuck.

My friends still talk shit about me (even more so) and girls congratulate me but never show any interest (aka friendzoned). What do I do biz? :( I know money's not all there is to it, otherwise my friend who's a 9.5/10 wouldn't be laying bitches left and right despite having not a lot of money, so how the fuck do I finally stop being single?

I thought this was my one good shot. Am I fucked forever?

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Work out, do intimate social things like salsa or yoga, take art classes at community collefes, don't talk about your autistic interests.

No, we meant literally. You buy whores with your money. High class escorts

I don't care about escorts, since I know they're doing it for the money, but I honestly was under the impression that woman start finding you more attractive.

they do, but maybe you are so incredibly ugly that money isnt enough, but seriously start lifting weights

If women start liking you because you suddenly have alot of money, then they are just gold diggers.
If you want true love, youre better off larping as lower,middle class and finding someone with similar interests as you.

aquire chad aeathetics now that u have the money u can afford it

>girls congratulate me
You're an insecure faggot who goes around and tells people how much money he made. Might be part of the problem.


No they say it after the change in my life since i was dirt poor. I don't go around telling people.

stop masturbating for at least 1 month. get some gainz and read /fit for tips.
you need to look like a chad to get laid my nigga

If it isn't a r9k thread, it's a tax thread. If it's not a tax thread, it's a whore pic thread asking a shity question.
Not to mention LARPing, FUD posts, flavor crypto of the month, endless shitcoin shilling ad infinum.
We really need a purge, just for the faggots on this board.

>My friends still talk shit about me (even more so)

these people migth not be your friends

money changes a regular mans life in time-freedom ways, meaning you don't have to spend all day wagecucking, you can go to the gym and lift every day, you dress better, you take better care of your appearance, you eat better, take better care of your mental health, etc. It still takes effort though, you have to actively make the necessary changes required to appeal to women, but money is what funds those efforts, and gives you the free time to pursue them.

A relationship today is not worth it. Not worth it at all.

If you want to have some fun, just get an escort.
Don't settle. It's a scam.

Times have changed my friend.

Currently putting 100% focus into crypto. Plan is to find a decent girl later and test if she's worthy while hiding crypto wealth. Whether or not I can get one is not even a question. Sorry but unless you were at least a bit popular with girls at latest in high school, you're not going to make it, other than attract gold diggers.

how many womyn have you actually hit on?
my guess is 0
go be a sad cunt somewhere else

stop being an unlikable piece of shit and things will change

i'm unattractive and poor but get attention because i'm funny
it is literally as simple as making people laugh




No they just put of with the things about you they don't like because you got money. Improve yourself and hide the fact you got fat stacks my G.

You also have to spend it. Nice clothes etc

how many women have you actually APPROACHED?

i see this shit on the internet all the time, guys engaging in all manner of self improvement nonsense expecting that women are just going to throw themselves at them once they reach x and y goals.

thats not how female sexuality works. If you are getting approached by women commonly you are either A) stupendously good looking, like top 1% B) in a street full of hookers or C) you're advertising yourself to gold diggers

A normal girl, at best, will give you some signs she wants you to interact with her, like fleeting eye contact or smiling at you, but she will almost never approach herself. It doesnt fucking happen, rarely ever in nightclubs, and in the normal daytime society? no way.

so all this shit is in vain if you dont actually TALK TO THEM. Regardless of whether you work at mcdonalds, or you're raking in 4 million annually, you still have to AUDITION.

Fucking hookers isn't the endgoal. You will start getting more laid back and not such a needy bitch around regular women - that's the goal

you think you're some enlightened genius, faggot? Anyone knows times have changed and girls are encouraged to be sluts and roasties. If you don't have enough confidence to realize your wants and desires, you don't deserve any of the additional control/power money allows you. Sorry I took your shy, cute oneitis's virginity in high school/college. Besides, if I somehow fail (I won't), I can just wait for AI and robotics to complete and get myself a customizable waifu, no problem.

pathetic, go drown yourself in that

Dont tell them you made the money doing internet trades.

if "sincere" love or affection is what you want you whole approach of once i be rich i will be loved is wrong
Especially if that wealth comes from cryptogambling, since it doesn't require alot of what makes successful people attractive
Success in crypto is at best a high iq and the ability to comprehend what you are reading and at worst pure luck

Doesn't mean that money is bad
Use the money to make you more attractive and desirable
You have all the time and money to learn skills that a normal wagecuck wouldnt have
Read, lift, learn to play an instrument or whatever you want
Socialize more learn how to act to be more attractive
If you are really desperate you could even hire someone to teach you
All the suits, jewelry and wealthy symbols in the world will only attract golddiggers

Maybe you should stop wearing your fedora

>I don't care about escorts, since I know they're doing it for the money


>but I honestly was under the impression that woman start finding you more attractive.

ye.. for the money

whatever kind of position you regard women to be into... IT'S WRONG!

they are WAY WAY lower on the totem pole than you imagine...
no pedestal... no madonna... all just tricks and hot air...

they are all whores, every single last one of them... mothers, grandmothers... doesn't matter...
it's what makes them what they are... why would you hate them for that?
anyway, let that sink in... and accept it...

and then go have some fun with women... they're just as shitty as us, in some aspects, WAY more so... they are to be teased, to be made fun off and to not be taken seriously in any way, shape or form... and they will literally love you for it..
it's not about being an asshole... it's about being a funny asshole that entertains her with his bullshit while dominating the fuck out of everything...
remember: psychology -> good looks/brute strength... that is, if you want quality...

they are supposed to be the submissive ones... not you...
that is the major failure of the modern man...

low-test soyboy walking talking contradictions of mankind... predestined to breed themselves out of existence...

keep that mental image... and fight yourself becoming it...

speaking from experience: you'll be fine...

first of all, checked
secondly, it was supposed to be:

What do i do? stop being a beta, oh, let met tell it to you straight, u cant do shit about this, u were BORN beta, welcome in the real world, u think a suit and a fancy car gets u pussy? think again man, its a fucking mindset, ur still a loser, despite ur car and suit and house, good luck tho.

thanks just bought 100K

>being this dependent on anything
why, happiness lies in yourself bru

Rich people who got rich by being successful have successful personalities = attractive.

Stop being a beta bitch and OWN your own success. No, you weren't lucky. You were a smart mother fucker who invested early and you made a shit tonne from it. You should look down on nocoiners like idiots who missed the best opportunity to get rich this century.

fuck off man, soyboy cuck.

You need to impress them with something no one else can have

>He fell for the women meme

If you actually have money now, buy a fucking RSD seminar/bootcamp. They will fix your dating life unless you are literally a trash tier brainlet genetic defect.

This user gets it
pic related you will thank me later

>I don't want escorts who do it for the money
>I want normal women who'll suddenly start liking me because I have money
Come on.

redpill us on kratom

When on kratom life is just so much better that you don't want to live without it.
First off depression and anxiety no longer exist. Every night you sleep like a baby. On kratom you are always feeling comfy and relaxed, but not in a tired not feel like doing anything way. It is in fact the opposite; it makes you feel like doing things you find fun but depression use to stop you from enjoying. On kratom media such as video games become much more immersive and you can escape into the world for hours on end.
If you use other drugs kratom takes away any hangover or come down or any other bad feels. Kratom takes away all the feels when no gf; I don't give 2 shits about girls anymore.
Kratom is also very versatile and functional. You can use it for work or play. It doesn't matter kratom is enjoyable to take regardless of what your day plan is. Live life on comfy mates.

Pic related is my current stash

>ID: heh

pros/con of differing "strains"

any favorites for a first timer?

sounds nice
burgers can't get it though right?

thats some high level cuckery

Different strains have different effects. All the strains in the pic I send are really good. As you can see maeng da is 3/8 of the bags. It is more of a stimulating strain i really like. The others or more balanced and chill. The bali strain is the most sedating.
Cons: Only one is mild to moderate addiction. Oh and digestion problems but I don't get any of that.
First timer: I love maeng da, but can go wrong with any in pic related desu. This also depends on your personality if you like more sedating chiller highs or a chill somewhat stimulating high.
burgers can get it, but for how long i don't know. Trump and the DEA might ban it any time know them and what they are saying currently. It is only banned in like 3 states right now.

resuming your whole life in getting laid is pathetic! maybe you are pathetic by nature and what ever you do wont change a thing because you dont value yourself

my american friends say this vendor has the strongest kratom, and he has tried many.

>My friends still talk shit about me
So why do you still associate with them, at all?
Cut out the cunts immediately.
You have no self respect.

Kratom user here.
It WILL destroy your testosterone levels if you dose too often

>I don't give 2 shits about girls anymore.
Yes because it tanks test. I was proud once I did 6 months nofap.
Then I realized it was easy because Kratom had destroyed my sexdrive/test

I took tests from there on and they found I had the testlevels of an 80 year old.

Only use kratom for special occasions or you will cuck youreself

Only used up women (30-35) find you more attractive when you have money. If you want young woman try SE Asia (or even poor European countries).

falling for the female meme

OP, a man without a mission/passion/goal is worthless...look up some RSD

Hey if you are happy without test and dont care about sexdrive or lifting gains then daily kratom is the right choice for you.
Not meming by the way. Kratom daily makes life so good its almost worth being chemically castrated.

But I stopped because I want to lift and be Veeky Forums.
Now I take it for special occasions

>art classes at community colleges

>Fancy suits, ties, new house, nice car, and I'm still lonely as fuck.
fuck off erik

>Every night you sleep like a baby. On kratom you are always feeling comfy and relaxed, but not in a tired not feel like doing anything way. It is in fact the opposite; it makes you feel like doing things you find fun but depression use to stop you from enjoying. On kratom media such as video games become much more immersive and you can escape into the world for hours on end.

Highly controlled substance in my cunt.ry :(

You obviously have no confidence if you are still friends with people who talk shit about you all the time. Also maybe you're fucking terrible at holding a conversation. Lot of undiagnosed autists on this fucking board, maybe you're one?

OP i can confirm money works even if ugly..but only in poor countries and mostly for girls 25+ years..and you have to aggressively show off unfortunately (that makes people mad and envious...friends will hate you)

I think the low test is exaggerated. It's not as bad as being a pill addict or heroin addict. I can still jerk off and get an erection fine. Magic mushrooms gave me more erectile dysfunction than anything else.
But yeah man I stopped caring about girls and I am fully green pilled. I am going for that money. I turned my .2 liquid ether from last night into .81 ether tonight.

Pro-tip: You will be happier with zero friends than with "friends" who dont respect you.

Veeky Forums on women
>abs dont get that 10/10 qt u all about confidence and money
Veeky Forums on women
>money dont get that 10/10 qt u all about abs and confidence
/ic/ on women
>art dont get that 10/10 qt u all about money,abs,confidence
/mu/ on women
>music dont get that 10/10 qt u all about money abs,confidence and fashion sense

ah yes i love 4chin

It's not that they don't respect him, it's that they are wagecucks and envy/hate the shit out of him. I know those feels.

I thought the same until I got it tested.
Im 240 ng when on Kratom and at least 600+ when not on kratom

Same thing. Having people you know shittalk you in your life will lower your quality of life tremendously.
Its better having none at all than jelly or disrespectful ones

>Same thing. Having people you know shittalk you in your life will lower your quality of life tremendously.

I think the solution is either having friends higher above you in status/money or friends so low they can't even compare themselves to you.

Average wagecucks are full of envy and hate..

Yea I think the same. Its hard but I literally had to cut out a lot of people that revealed themselfes to be utter scum.

Becoming rich made me unironically realize subhumans exist.

I know a guy like this, he is probably a 5-6/10 but has a ton of money, college educated, overall average guy.

His problem is that he is 27 and still uses the "leans on your table, stares you down while holding a ciggarete and asks: Do you have a boyfriend?" as a conversation starter. Even if the bitch were to say "no" he wouldnt have anything else to follow up lol.

I'd say something but I dont really hang out with him. He is best friends with a chad friend of mine who obviously keeps the dude around for his money and to lift himself up when around women, its kinda sad desu.

Of course you are going to make it OP
you don’t need to make mad gainz or act like a wannabe chad to get women.
What you need to learn is a new way of thinking, a way to alter your perception on women and life.
I have helped my other clients like you which aided them to grow into people they never thought they could be.
Message me if you want further deets: [email protected]

The only halfway decent advice here. My best advice is dont ask for advice about women/relationships on Veeky Forums. Especially not on biz, where it is especially fucking irrelevant.
t. Actual woman, no tits, no timestamp, already gone.

You don't give a fuck about girls because you're a kratom junky. It's like a mix of an opiod/benzo.

So that means none of them are right?
I think this is the only useful advice in this thread. If you want to have a girlfriend you kinda have to bruteforce it, eventually you will meet a girl that doesn't give a fuck about your defects and you seem like Brad Pitt to her eyes even if you are an ugly cunt.

>So that means none of them are right?
no matter how you look outside and what skill you have.if you are broken inside people can tell.after fixing that and if you really want the same shit normie have you gotta become a normie didn't end up well for me but maybe you can do better