We mainstream now bois

Even lesbian leftist cultural Marxists have cold wallets now, what is your excuse?


a goat is used to symbolise Satan, i would expect no less from Ellen

>mini hard drive

Did she talk about locking prices in? That’s the major selling point of the Nano S compared to competitors.

don't tell normans about that, i quite enjoy the volatile market and limp wristed panic sellers

I don't care if it helps making this tech mainstream. Some people might not support it if they knew that taxation could be avoided by using it but they don't know about it yet, and by the time it will come up it will be unstoppable because people who actually produce stuff will already be using it and they won't go back to worthless fiat.

fucking hell, has anyone else watched the video? its a goddamn normie infestation.

so the ellen show?
"no its no bubble mate, smart money early adopters"
thx, cashed out, see u in sommer


Short genocide at 10k boisss

And? This is what you want.

Fuck i locked at 7k

If you want crypto to succeed, normies need to get it.


>women taking risks outside of fucking people they shouldn't

Ellen is a lesbian so I can see why she's shilling it, but otherwise lol.


What the fuck do you mean by "we"? I would rather go to Microsoft's and Google's HQ, drop in front of them on my knees and start sucking their cocks before I spend any of my crypto-shekels for "we".

Listen up you entitled faggot, I didn't participate in all these airdrops, ICOs and PnD so I would spend my precious crypto-shekels in order to save your ass.

I don't give a flying fuck about "we", I would literally slit your fucking through than spend 1 of my shekel in order to save crypto from mega-corporations.

Now, if you say "we" one more fucking time, I will call my man at Mossad and let him put your name on a kill-list.

you have to go back

She actually explained absolutely nothing about bitcoin, just threw in buzzwords.

This wasn’t even good the first time.

Just evidence that it will take a while for the public to understand and trust blockchain

holy shit... she told them that the bizcoin can only be on one usb stick and if that stick is gone your money is gone

also, there are a lot of woman in the audience
imagen them going to tier husbands and tell them to sell all bitcoin because ellen said so

Where is the goat?

Whats their to explain about bitcoins?

>spend a shitton of money on electricity to make expensive computer equipment crush pointless puxzles
>receive designated piece of computer code
>only valuable if other people want it more than you. Otherwise it serves no purpose
>pay enormous fees to people smarter than you who run the infrastructure of this scheme, who are making the real money. If bitcoins were so valuable why don't the exchanges accept payment in bitcoin instead or real money?

>tfw locked in at the bottom
Just fuck my shit up

from another thread

How long have we got left?

This year is going to be the final bull run isn't

in the tilte of the picture & tweet it says (and a goat)

That's scandi for summer though. You calling the superior uberscmensch pajeets, subhuman?

1 woman out of 50 watching this will take the initiative to ask her husband/brother/guy friend about it
19 out of 20 times this will result in nothing

1 woman out of 500 watching this will take the initiative to figure it out herself
9 out of 10 times she'll give up right away because it's "way too complicated"

this shit doesnt matter

wtf is locking in? If you're fixing the price it sounds like selling for fiat? How do you do this with a ledger?

Be rude still wants to fuck damn

>He doesn't lock his price.

>implying women don't like rude guys


lol I love how easy you guys make it to discard your opinions

why do people feel the need to make this fake shit?

not yet though
we need price stability for 12months otherwise we'll just have boom/bust every couple months

>party slut t shirt tucked in to tight jeans
>revealing his devilish bulge

this guy just doesn't give a heck

The mainstream media loves the alt-right. They frickin love us and our maymays

>you either become a millionaire or you're broke
>"I dont understand it"
why are people proud of being retarded and not knowing stuff? Is this what an average 50 yr old mom is like?

it is literally a meme