Poo in it

ok my Veeky Forumsbros, got you some OC
fucker cant even read

even took the time to check the fucking domain to be sure it's dot in
what a waste

sorry fucked up my screenshots

[[[the system]]]


fuck i'm a faget

>oh noes

>chapter iv. the bonus


not twice
ze end, too bad i was a bit uninspired

sir. when will you send me the rest of payment?

Fuck I was hoping this ended with you convincing him to send you money

tomorrow my dear sir

nah, it wouldn't obviously work and i didn't really have the energy desu, had a shit day

>rupees sorry

good shit op. doing the lords work

Worth a try. Tell him you want to send him 5 eth but need 0.1 for gas

oh shit this is nice, will do it tomorrow for absolute legitimacy, kek
a man gotta give back sometimes

Kek I have screens of some ignite admin trying to steal my private keys topkek. Gonna crash the price when I release them

Worst thread ever. You sound like a nigger


how much do you think you can scam out of them?

english is not my first language faggot
certainly whiter than you tho


Top kek
Thank you OP. You just made my day better after walking in on my father fucking the fat toothless upstairs neighbor :)