About to $2, gonna be $3 by next week.

Are you locked in for the megamoon?

can anyone explain the shell whitepaper easy to me?

i'm all in on kucoin, hope it doesn't bite me in the ass

file storage on the blockchain is a good idea that only works on paper
gl though

just needs to be listed on something like binance for it to truly moon

"The latency-optimized Oyster meshnet operates due to the economic foundations built by the
utility of PRL, yet grants a platform for the SHL token to exercise its own independent utility.
Users with basic wireless hardware will be able to convert their device into a web node and
seamlessly connect to the meshnet, therefore bypassing centralized infrastructure owned by
ISPs and Governments. Thus, the entire Oyster network becomes a massive organic super
computer, with PRL (via the tangle) facilitating long term persistent storage (HDD) and SHL (via
the meshnet) facilitating volatile memory, instruction execution and data transmission (RAM, CPU, and NIC)."

Over ambitious unrealistic goals. The internet architecture is the way it is for a reason. Not because it's good, because it's extremely hard to change. There are several huge concerns unadressed and the whitepaper is 8 fucking pages long, what the actual fuck. No way this is going to succeed over better projects just because it has blockchain slapped on it.

Basically application layer ad-hoc full mesh storage network with WebRTC support for voice/video/streams to support DaaPs and SHL economy.

You have zero understanding of implications of modern internet architecture and global web so shut your fucking mouth here

Don't feel attacked user, you shouldn't be investing with your emotions. It's not your favorite sports team. Nothing pearl does is novel, they just slap blockchain on it and are desperatly searching for something that creates demand for their token. But neither distributed storage nor meshnets are new.

The internet architecture of today has glaringly obvious problems, but you likely don't even know about them because you don't know anything below the application layer. There were smart people working for years on this problem and they have come up with a beatifully elegant solution. I bet you don't even know its name. There are multiple scientific papers and books about it, but surely the 8 page whitepaper of some anonymous dude has the better solution, cause muh blockchain.

Well, do you want each node to hold the entire blockchain? Is that feasible? No
Is it centralized? Then it's not crypto.
Then what if user over here in China decides to shut his node off to mine some shitcoin? Then, your slow, creaky system is missing whatever data that node had, and you can't get your por... I mean family photos out.
You'd literally have to be the dumbest humans in existence to think this is a good idea

The power of PRL comes form the protocol being used to materialize the decentralized storage and meshnets. It'll create an organic economy, and because storage has value, the price will stabilize at what the market deems it to be fair.

If blockchain was a meme for storage, storj and SIA would be worthless.

More wishy washy fucking gibberish nonsense from you.
> beatifully elegant solution.
What??? shut the fuck up pretendious clown you wouldnt know application layer from presentation layer even if it smacked you across the face. You fucking boomer cunt can return to your spreadsheet and leave this crypto stuff alone.

See you dumb faggots have sero understanding of the topic here so fuck off

Yes, imo all these tokens and will be worthless once crypto goes beyond its speculative phase and consolidates into fewer tokens. But I'll gladly be proven wrong.

Decentralized storage and meshnets have inherent limitations that arent't easy to overcome and can't be solved with blockchain because they are of fundamential (physical / information theoretical) nature.

Called it, you have no idea of what you're talking about. Good luck with your lunchmoney investments

>again you dumb bitch dont even know terms you put up here so just shut the fuck up. Go back to your faxes and floppy drives you dumb fucking lazerfag boomer from the 80’s

Go buy more sears stock grandpa

Damn, I feel so humiliated, how could I ever win against such strong arguments.

My only advice for you is to go back to your sears stock, leave technology to those who shapes the future, you are not part of it anyway and you will clearly lose in this game

Thanks but I'm good, I'm very comfy with my holds. And of course I will buy stocks with my crypto gains once the recession kicks in, only retarded teenagers brush off stocks as irrelevant and don't diversify


just neck yourself and fuck off /biz fagit you dont belong here


This will unironically reach $4-5 before the airdrop.

Also the fucking mega 1:1 Shell Airdrop, who knows how much that project will bring.

I'm comfy

we are one of the very few coins not crashing right now.

it's kinda crashing senpai. (was $1.80 earlier, now 1.64)

But I like that, I want it to crash harder so I can go all in. It probably will before April 6th.

rip rekt 1.54

This coin is dead in the water

Someone FUD me on this coin

about to moon back to mid-dollar values

People gonna overbuy like every major snapshot? Thinking of just selling rigjt before and buying some Shell and PRL after.

it's your time to buy right now if you want to get in while BTC is flash shorted

Sure. Its literal malware. Its a fucking webbrowser coin miner websites can use. When there already working, already rolled out miners that do this with Monero and need no exclusive token. And heres the kicker. It relies on Javascript.

you dumbshit your mom uses javascript in her dildo what's your point

>whats your point
Its javascript. Google why JavaScript is not used anymore you fucking normie.

>only 150 PRL

am i gonna make it?

Javascript is used everywhere tard. You're thinking of Java.

this is literal state of /biz brainlet investors right now

locked in

Holding 5000 pearls til April will add more on dips.

Even Eich thinks its shit lol.

look how long it took me to make 1k

you havent made shit till you sell virgin

selling before airdrop and mainnet released
>you not going to make it in cryptos