What's the most stupid thing you've ever done?

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These guys actually pissed me off

is that you streaming the bitcoin conference?

Not me, fortunately.

source? story? source? sauce? complete information as to the background information in the pic used in your post on this Mongolian kids cartoon site?

Just some faggots heckling at some other faggot giving a presentation about a shit coin nobody outside of Veeky Forums cares about.

I'd say buying world of warcraft back in 2004. It resulted in:
>wasting prime years of my life (23-27 y-o)
>became a weed-smoking alcoholic
>lost friends because I would rather play than hang out
>became fat
>lost a job because I was calling sick too often
>lost a girlfriend

Biztards livestream Sergey's presentation, proceed to mock him with McDonald's jokes when he's just 3 feet away, run away when the rage in his eyes becomes so intense it burns like a thousand suns.



did the opposite for me. if i never played wow back then i wouldn’t have found Veeky Forums and wouldn’t have invested in crypto

Did you get anything positive out of it? Asking unironically.

soyboy and his sidekick the hapa

Hmm... 200-300 days in 4 years I guess

Well... hmm English isn't my 1st language so I guess it helped me a bit. I "met" a girl from another country and we had phone sex a few times. That's pretty much all I can think of

Unironicaly, this is actually me... Not proud

I'll still hang out with you if you're done organizing your sock drawer now.

based NEET

> "Why aren't keyboards in alphabetic order? It would make so much more sense"
> Spend ages swapping jimmying keys out to swap around
> "Finally my masterpiece is complete"
> Press A
> Q

Lol I keked.


Crippling body dysmorphia that led to other insecurities, which has now resulted in my isolation from the rest of the species for the last 8 months. I am very tall, muscular, with an ok face, yet I spend my days pent up in my parent's house pissing life away. Have not had a genuine social interaction yet this year.

But unironically, steroids are the reason I discovered bitcoin and ethereum. Which is now the reason why I have 500k worth of crypto.

Can you post a body pic?

Are steroids safe if you dont over do it and only for a period of time?

Im a lazy ass fucking fag
Just want faster gains. Not looking to be a fucking huge faggot either.

Are you a femanon?

Street fighting

What's great is your account is probably worth a lot of money by now.

yes, but you probably don't know how to eat/train right.

Got a better one.
The asian guy is a cutie.

I do. When I was neet I lifted every second day because I had time and energy
Now im working shift and Im maybe doing twice or once a week. Way too fucking tired and have no energy left anymore

You're a legend now, and not in a good way.

>How much Link for a guy like this.

I actually sold my account for like $500 when I left

wait, actually?

i have an old T1 rogue that still has the OG mounts, pets, raid gear, unobtainable pets -- really the whole 9 yards.

you're telling me it's worth something?

>The asian guy is a cutie.
He's all I've been thinking about for the last three days

Nigger check how much a comparable account is selling for why do you even have to ask?

I played vanilla and got up to rank champion on my warrior before bc, afterwards just casual playing till got bored. wut would that be worth just for the vanilla title?

because checking is work and reading is easy

why else do people ask questions? idiot

he is larping. whole biz is a big fucking larp.

If you're not larping, then you are an asshole. Imagine somebody doing this to Steve Jobs back in the day. How stupid would they feel years later?



I've joined Veeky Forums...
top level of retardation reached.

Is there recorded video?

In 2011 I sold over 200 bitcoin for TF2 items. It wasn't until 2017 that I read about how high the price had gone.

Never mind, thought you were one of those two disrespecting Sergey while he was speaking.

where is a safe place to sell WoW accounts?

I put 10 BTC, back when they were worth 300 USD, into one of the early shitty HYIP, it was called ahash.io.

I even KNEW it was a ponzi scheme, I just thought I could cash out quick enough and becides 'it's only 10 btc'.

They took it down after the extent of their stupidity kicked in.

happens for autists when their delusions are normalized but they dont realize no one else is in on the joke. story of Veeky Forums and generation z in general.

that said, sergey was not helping the matter with his own autism. he should have called them over the moment he saw them stalking him

someone was disrespecting him? didn't see anything


I know the Asian. We are in a trading group

Quick rundown?

Smu cs student. Named Spencer

any vid of it ??

Guy on left here looks like a mount&blade character.

Here he is. Good man

I will post his Snapchat for BTC

any vid of the precentation

He streamed. Not sure

He's got a hard-on.

What cockwanks

I want to succ his boipucci


May even throw in his number for the highest bidder

I'm the dumbass on the left... I'll give you .1 ETH to send me your name with time stamped photo and another .1 to not post anything.

Spencer doesn't deserve to be fucked with. He wasn't even in on the shenanigans. My autistic self just roped him in. Calm your tits.

name via email

weren't matt and trey on LSD that time they crossdressed at the emmys? fuck that must have been weird

Someone must’ve saved it. I want to see


I don't need your money axel

That doesn’t have any heckling or whatever happened. Did they say anything to Sergey? Or just stared at him?


what is this about?

Delete thread. Legal reasons