What the fuck is happening to Ethereum

What the fuck is happening to Ethereum.

Money skelly just sold all his Etherium to prevent a conflict of interest.

It's going back to its real price

Remember when you fags were 0.04 BTC? See ya there

>Cancel the flippening. We're sticking to BTC for the foreseeable future.

Do not fomo into BTC tether up or fiat out. Do not allow Veeky Forums to scare everyone into backing btc with the crypto market cycle meme.

It's going down a bit. Were you expecting it to always go up?

Wealth redistribution phase. Vitalek said it's not fair that some people got rich off Eth and some didn't. This is the first phase of giving back power to the poor.

I bought at 0.094 guys am I fucked?

Why the fuck it must be top 2 right now?
ICO monopolia ended, the tech is old (as of right now).

Shitcoin is finally being flushed. Vitalik is sick of being a cult figure and is dumping his bags.

It’s because I bought it... everything I buy tanks

Does he go all in fun?

>open up cryptowatch
>literally blurt out loud "What the fuck is happening to Ethereum"
>open Veeky Forums and immediately see this thread

>Vitalik: "Reminder: cryptocurrencies are still a new and hyper-volatile asset class, and could drop to near-zero at any time."
it's going to near-zero.

>tfw you own lots of both

ETC/ETH flippening thats what

Etc is the real ethereum?

Vechain is a better enterprise version of ETH. MySpace, meet Facebook. Sorry join or lose.

That was skelly code to his minions to warn he's cashing out.

Fucking thanks!!! BAD user!!! I hope this is a lesson for you to never FOMO AGAIN!!!!

look at it in USD


Just sold everything..

Can any TA fag give me an estimate on the bottom?

.06 BCC is where I short it.

What are looking at now after the retrace?

yes, that's where eth spawned from.

What conflict of interest?

my OMG stack is now worth more than my ETH holdings

I still remember when it was .025 damn

he's making fun of SoyBoy Charlie, who sold his Litecoin stack at ATH

i fucking just waht the fuck
bitchcoin goes down 1% and the entire market goes -10~20% per coin wtf

Vitaliks whining became to much

Market cap size. Btc is an ocean liner and waves in ocean barely touch it. Smaller ico's means smaller market cap and unfortunately means market waves that cost 1% on btc swamp a smaller asset.

Its over boys. Bag it up

At least it might tank eth pyramid.