Reddit vs Veeky Forums

Which one is better and why?


obviously 4 chan
reddit is full of sjw goy liberal msm media trash
4 chan is the red pill /pol

Veeky Forums if u are smart enough to understand sarcasm that is... reddit is good for crypto news, but the discussions here are better, unsencored.

Cancer. Is king

Both cancer desu


Veeky Forums.

I recall having a reddit account for a period (shilling brexit) and called someone an autist and was heavily downvoted as a result. Was asked why I thought autism was an insult and got lots of comments/messages from people who were either autistic themselves or had an autistic best friend who told me they were hurt by my comments.

This battle has been fought many times. Veeky Forums always wins.

This sounds pretty accurate.

Trump isn't winning again.

What's wrong with being an autist desu?

Both have there strengths and weaknesses. Too anyone talking down too either site, they probably haven't been on the internet for more than a week.

>reddit vs Veeky Forums
dumb people playing smart vs smart people playing dumb


reddit is good for news and getting a general pulse on market sentiment. biz is where real conversations happen.

I want to fuck that reddit-chan uguu!

He will if he can keep making shrewd moves like a ban on bump stocks and maybe some mental health doo da like he wants AND if Democrats put up Elizabeth Warren and some random Muslim.

If its Biden/Sanders Trump is super duper fucked.

There is a clever barrier to entry here to stop redditors and normies, you have to be able to understand bs vs reality. user is also much better way to go, more pure social experience. Names/pseudonyms just make people act certain ways to protect their “name” / image.

unironically 9gag

Veeky Forums are socially awkward on top of their autism, so probably reddit

>asking on Veeky Forums if reddit it better

but true desu
reddit is full of pajeets and kids

Yeah. Real conversations. Omg. Lol.

Veeky Forums is horseshit.

chan is much better if you can do your own research but if you're hopeless brainlet reddit can be helpful.

Wheres the upboat button?


>reddit is full of pajeets and kids
and Veeky Forums isn't?

They're both shit.

Nice meme bro

this is way more accurate, Veeky Forums is only useful if youre high iq and can sift thru the shit
>t. all in on LINK

This, biz is full of basement dwelling neets larping as billionaire playboys, reddit is full of pseudo intellectuals.

maybe we could link both worlds

not really
here it is at least college age
also look at the threads at reddit. REAL pajeet shit going on there. all they know is moon. here you at least get infos very fast and its funny too.

i'm high functioning autist and call others autists all the time. i also hate cucks and being PC


spoken like a true autist. god you sound like a faggot. hurr durr i hate being PC im so edgy

I implore you to stay off both.
hostsfile redirect to

can I post on reedit without needing to make an account?

everyone who's not a faggot should hate PC


>Using Veeky Forums lingo outside of Veeky Forums
I see who the real autist is

>heh, sorry snowflakes, you won’t find a safe space here

Our saviour sminem doesn't give a fuck

I've never known or needed any safe spaces in my life and i can't comprehend the mental fragility of so-called "normal people" at all. why so triggered?

reddit was unironically better in 2014

Veeky Forums was shilling the WORST shitcoins

I mean like groestlcoin

>muh new hash algorithm

shit that didn't add any value to anything

/r/bitcoin was about spreading Bitcoin to merchants

then the block size debate happened, and I got banned, lol

Reddit is way better for news desu. Veeky Forums is better at memes and shitcoin hunting.

Reddit is unintelligent as fuck. like any shitty news gets comments like "More good news, great!" "HODL!" "This is huge." I just want to vomit

This thread is a byspel if why we never talk about this

except literally half of the news are clickbait headlines that flat out lie from shit tier news outlets

hey man, not cool. i sent a screenshot to moot

I unironically never browsed any social media out of Veeky Forums. Is the censorship that hard?

It may not be so hard in all situations, but there is a definite sense of groupthink, and you can't just say anything you want
Veeky Forums is more like the internet, as it was not long ago, and social media sites are more like real life
As the old change saying goes, either all of it is okay or none of it is okay

Both contain useful information but in terms of community, Veeky Forums is better. Opinions are worthless here. Reddit is a fucking hugbox for pussies.

quality post

Of course Veeky Forumsraelis would side with kikes. Not to mention that 9gag is just eBaum's world 2.0.

Once I've made it and I'm holding a small conference where I know for a fact that some of the guys will be anons I'm totally going to do air meme arrows at one point just cringe the fuck out of them