Cash out strategies thread

Cash out strategies thread.

I'm approaching my target so looking to start cashing out. What strategies do you guys use to avoid missing out on gains? In thinking of cashing out in % stages. Every x% closer to my final target I'll cash out y%. This should limit my exposure to risk. What do you guys use? Any information on this on the internet?

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Depends on the coin desu

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only cash out when you've made enough for you to retire on

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I have 8 different holdings that count for anywhere between 5% and 60% each. I'm not sure if I should sell a certain stack or skim a % of each. Skimming will keep my portfolio exposed to any upside but it will also increase fee cost.

SALT Lending


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lots of the Gold websites allow for an exit through BTC such as and thats how i plan to exit without govt knowing...


How would that work though? Don't you need to give them a lot of data? also, isn't gold heavily regulated in the US even when buying?

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very easily. only have to submit info for shipping and make buys less than 10k USD and they are not required to show the govt anything. make sure you buy legal tender tho such as silver or bull coins. no one will know where your money went. then take that money to the local coin exchange and get cash for it. Loop hole cash laundry from crypto without tax.

20% of gains per year, unless there aren't enough in which case don't do it.

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