Just panic sold everything


Who is making all of these nuwojaks?

If not Larp then you are an absolute fucking idiot my friend.


you. fuck off

You can buy back in when its much lower OP!

go buy something nice for yourself and enjoy life

Everyone salty because user cashed out and is comfy AF. Meanwhile the rest of you hodlers are stressing.

Lol can't wait for your pink wojak retard. He's gonna get a better position easily. You however will HODL xDDD down to zero.

user is definitely on suicide watch but since we’re larping, TA in crypto is real!

Why would anyone be stressing, this happens so often that you should be numb to it all by now. Is it really worth the stress to fomo back in? Just buy the dips and hold, it's so fucking simple.

justed everything I hold is turning to shit

Ok how low do YOU think we are going by the end of the week? I want to screencap your predictions for a laugh

>tfw tethered up just now because being up in sats wasn't worth it when the entire market crashes
How low will we go bros?

Not necessarily at the exact end of the week, but I think that will be the bottom for this week.

Ok if it goes below 10k before Saturday then I will genuinely eat cat shit. It's not going to happen.

LMAO its already at 11.1k AGAIN

9.2k at LEAST


its going back up u tard

dead cat bounce

its literally one person spamming it to force a meme


The line is 11k right now, it's going to bounce around it for a while. When Asia engages, who knows what way it will go, it could go up again, or down further. It's a healthy market either way. All the so-called "experts" are jerking themselves furiously off right now in /biz, but nobody has a real clue what the market will look like in 6 hours.


theyre ugly i hate them.

You're ugly

they dont make sense. why does he have a chad jawline? it totally misses the point of a wojack. definitely made by a plebbitard