Enough bullshitting. just tell the truth. will bitcoin ever recover? will altcoins ever recover...

enough bullshitting. just tell the truth. will bitcoin ever recover? will altcoins ever recover? this is not an overreaction to ask these questions. prices are WAY down from all time highs.

One more btc drop b4 the run to 50k

Ask your self this, who has the vast majority of BTC in circulation?

what about alts though?

BTC is fine. Altcoins are in big fucking trouble this year. Their worth is actually getting out to the test and it isn't going to come out looking good.


oh no. i am genuinely upset to hear that. are you certain?

its a different time of year than it was at ath. Wait till november/december and if its not at 18k plus then be worried. till then just chill the fuck out.

that is bitcoin. what about the alts?

100%. It was the year of the altcoin last year. Expecting more growth based on nothing is stupid. How many coins do you see with no working product let alone actual use cases? 80%+? Do the math. FOMO got the best of people last year.

After the hard fork who became the largest holders of Bitcoin Cash?

Not until REAL bull market mania comes and people are afraid to short it. For now, we are shorting it as we go up.

do you mean the bitcoin mining groups?

Will anything recover? Who knows? All I know is that you guys totally shouldn't but ETH, NEO or VEN right now so that you go up in sats. Don't do that, I'm sure it's a terrible idea.

Look up the term Painting the tape with google and look at the charts of BTC and bitcoin cash around the time the CME released bitcoin futures.

ok, but how do you know it's all of a sudden done for good? what was so special about changing from 2017 to 2018 that caused this sudden change you are talking about? what i mean is, why couldn't we easily see the stupid speculation continue for longer?

dropping to 8k tonight

Basically anybody who had a large stake of BTC during the August fork, got a large stake of Bitcoin Cash. They then traded these back and forth to run up the price and crash the other and then dumped one for the other and made billions in profits doing it. The bitcoin futures deal was the last hurrah to get the last dumb money they could, it's going to be a while before you see a big bull run. There's probably viable alt coins but bitcoin is kill.

jesus. that is a huge drop. is it done for good?

yeah, pretty much. Higher bottoms and higher tops to 50k

oh my god. that is terrifying. so would you advise to sell all coins now? or hold for hopes of a big bull run? you said it would be awhile, but what if it's huge enough to make it worth it?

the drop is done after that

The btc shakeout. People taking money out. Simple test of their value. Which they're failing at. Compare value at 11k a month ago vs now.

thank goodness. that makes me feel better. what about the alts though?

they will fall for like 2-3 days as BTC re-consolidates, when BTC goes up for like a day then alts will skyrocket.

wow december bagholders are really pathetic. Why did you buy after everything had just went parabolic? What did you all think would happen?