I'm ruined

I'm ruined.


about to get $3k more

sell sell sell

What exchange and what happened

which price did you get at

Fuck, did I just lose 2k XRB!?! Shit man.

I lost 50% of my portfolio because of BG.

Decided to immediately buy back in on binance

So not only did I see the majority of my savings go straight to 0 because of BitGrail, but now i'm down more than 50% of my second investment that I made on Binance.

Gonna go jump off a bridge.

>keeping coins on a shit exchange like bg

You deserved it

I'm down 60k and not even worried

I bought 11k this week. Ill be buying 50k chunks at 5 and 3 if we hit. at 1 itll be my largest position in crypto but I can see getting it 1 unless Colin is arrested for embezzling bitgrail money or something lol. This market is so irrational though who knows?

One this is for sure: this is how the money is made. Not getting in late on pumps, its about buying retarded FUD, waiting for the calm, waiting for the pump, then the FOMO pump, then sell when all the the people buying ZCL right now get in.

fight the storm
there's always the next paycheck and the next crash
then stock up on something you know it's legit

Do dumb shits like you know that they're dumb as fuck or do you think you're decently intelligent? You couldn't take your coins off chuckles the fucking withdraws were disabled.

Its not your fault they got hacked. But you should have waited to buy back in. Just hodl, user. In a years time youll be laughing about all of this

video tape plz

you dont know wtf your talking about

This crash is the chance for you to get back in. Pray for 6K

what about
just wait some month?

the only thing you can do now is forget about it and come back in 1 year. don't do stupid shit and just move on and put what you can afford to lose in some new shitcoins

your coin is gone and it’s never coming back


>Gonna go jump off a bridge.
livestream it pls

Not feeling all too comfy rn


My only wish is that you send the tape to Vitalik Buterin because he's the guy who motivated me to put my life savings in crypto.


>FOMOed in at ATH
>Get fucked by exchange
>call other people brainlets

>he didn't investigate the small exchange before buying into it
>he didn't check to see if withdrawals were enabled before putting money on a small exchange
>he didn't withdraw immediately after getting the coin
i did 5 minutes of google search and saw bomber had red flags all over him, so i used mercatox

at least I bought @ $4.00

Sold almost everything @ $12

Still have 70 NANO. Just in case it moons for no reason.

this honestly
i got in at $2 after doing all these prechecks and put into raiwallet right after buying on bg
no way would i ever buy on that exchange without checking withdrawals were open
need for verification pm this wop's piece of shit website was a big red flag, i would've just waited for kucoin at that point

still holding btw

the whole fucken cryptoscene cept few coin are bleeding like a raging hemorrhoid this coin aint alone.

Boy you should've dumped after bitgrail. Why anyone is still holding this shit is beyond me. It's like you guys like losing money.

how often do you get your ass kicked in real life? i would assume frequently.

If you had put your life savings in ETH at any point, you would at *worst* be down 40%, if you bought ATH. Don't blame vitalik for your stupidity you soyboy cuck.

lost 6.3k on bitgrail, sold what i had on merca within 1 hour of bitgrail announcement, just bought back 13k on binance&kucoin, couldn't risk it any further ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i mean it can and most likely will fall somewhat further, but when it stops it will shoot back up
nothing changed except losing a few people from the shill-army who lost their xrb on bitgrail. they'll soon get in acceptance stage and be back in. xrb community is just insane, compare reddit activity to literally any other coin. it's in same league as the top 5. that alone would bring it way up, but it's goals and development is also very sound, not saying as insanely great as the shills are portraying it, but it really does have more potential than almost any other coin in its current shape

I rolled my remaning nano over to eng as I intend to cash some crypto out in the near future and they had a similar 24hr loss at the time, but I would bet Eng is more likely to recover short term. It already paid off a few % points.
That said, I think nano at this point is a wild card that could pop off a 20% or more run at any moment. Even pure scams dont run downwards linearly into 0.

>If you had put your life savings in ETH at any point, you would at *worst* be down 40%

bit more if he put his BTC into ETH when ETH was 1.5 :]


I'm down 60k. Nano is still real to me god dammit.

would unironically hodl if i were you

you're just clearly very new if you BOUGHT after the bitgrail announcement lol
just keep up, c'est la investing

The old branding was better desu

you will make it back on fees over time anyway


Its a pump and dump from day 1

Lol go to Reddit if you want sympathy, I literally loving watching dumb soyboy 105s like you get absolutely JUST'd.

>tech so good and advanced every exchange has problems with it

non retarded member of society here, you need to go to a counselor until you no longer have the desire to call people " soyboy 105s" online although it does have quite the ring to it i admit, i would guess you are at a 9/10 on the edgy douchebag scale by your desire to call others this esoteric and truly bombastically retarded name, i would gamble 500 dollars you have low T

How new are you to Veeky Forums?

Do you know what site you're on?

i worry bout you lil niggas just like your grandmas

I want you to die.

Ask me how I know you're from reddit.

>proven and popular coins such as eth and btc regularly deliver gains with minimal drawdown and little to no chance of going under
>instead invest in a redditcoin that’s been exiled from exchanges more times than the Jews and complain when it tanks

You all deserve it

I wouldn't wish Nano on my worst enemy.

they said they think they can save XRB by renaming it from Nano to something more logical ..like Raiblocks

Good FUD idea, and perfect timing too