Is college education and student loans a bubble?

is college education and student loans a bubble?

I hope not; I've made my career in one of those ancillary positions only possible because of colleges milking student loan money.

Yes. University is a waste of time.
t. PhD.

Nigga, I fucking hate college. General ed classes are a FUCKING SCAM. They fucking charge you for this shit and its not even related to your major.

I honestly wouldnt mind paying tuition for gen ed classes but i hate how much time it takes off you concentrating on shit that really matters for your career.

I'm a bit biased because of my situation though.

don't conflate american college system with the rest of the world. Europe and Asia have no such classes.

My father told me I was not "college material". I went to work for a company which welds natural gas fittings. Brother was a professional student on mom and dads dime and has spent the last 10 years in school and working shit part-time jobs. Brother just took a job as a Math teacher at a local high-school making like 48,000 a year. Mom and Dad so proud. I have my own welding crew now and work contracts in 4 states. I cleared 370K last year. I gave my old beater truck to my brother so he would have a way to work. I smile every time I see his smart college material ass riding in my old pos chevy. He also told me I was crazy for investing in BTC. I have a 650K portfolio right now. Do your own thing user.

Yes bigger tbubble than crypto.

If you go to school for an undergraduate degree you better either:
> go specifically to fuck as many girls as possible
> major in a field that requires an undergraduate degree for post-graduate school (law, medicine, other science fields etc)

Anything else is pretty much a scam unless you want to get into a very niche profession and even then it's not likely.

t. Sociology major

I also work for a fucking living. I dont sit on the couch and smoke pot and expect the world to fall in my lap. It is so easy to succeed today because the competition is basically trying to wing it through life. I drug test my guys because I feel Pot saps the natural aggressive nature of young men.

isn't teaching jobs easy

you get paid 48 k you get benifits and you get summer holidays off also the boy got his school paid off by his mom and dad so no school loans

also you make 658k but how much do you pay yo self????

Blue collar master race. I was thinking about CNC machining but I'm too much of a bitch to handle actual work.

you're still trailer trash

>killed himself

my best friend just graduated an engineer and has not been able to find a job for the past 12 months now. He tells me employees are only looking for "experience" and he has just graduated without any internships. The funny part in his class there was one other girl who actually failed a particular subject (i cant remember which one) and STILL applied for a job in that particular area and got employed after 6 months, no job interview or anything most likley because she was a chick and the company was looking to fill quotas. My friends at uni still are in this fantasy that when they graduate they are going to magically find 100k a year jobs. They also thought i was crazy for investing in crypto a year ago

> I drug test my guys because I feel Pot saps the natural aggressive nature of young men

this is interesting. care to elaborate more

why aren't you a millionaire, tho

stem girls have such an unfair advantage

>tfw I have about 250k in cash and I'm 22
>I just need a good 4x opportunity without fucking up to become a millionaire

Général ed classes is an American only thing.

Cope harder

yeah, at least for computer-related things... just stop being a fucking faggot, make a professional site with a portfolio of shit, and apply to jobs. projects will convey more to an employer than anything. certs too. all achievable without a 4y degree and much cheaper.
i am absolutely blessed my parents paid for my education, i would kill myself if i was in 200k debt. i don't have the heart to tell them it wasn't worth it; i work hard for them.
>t. sql database developer

If you consider yourself a millionaire just because you kiss $1m, you're a retard

yeah but ur still an uneducated welder. you are dirty and probably smell like shit. also a liar, because we all know you dont have a welding company or more than a few hundred dollars of crypto. unironically kys

This is why I hated fellow people in my chem degree. 80% of them weren't worth their weight in compost, and they just kept progressing in education, not because they were gifted at it, but because they were pushed towards the degree.

If I had a dollar for every absolute tit I was partnered with, or learned from, during my degree, I would have paid for my tuition.

If you don't believe me, or think this is some narcissistic rant, I once had a lab instructor 30 minutes late because his cat was cuddling with him that morning, and he didn't get out of bed. His fucking cat.

STEM attracts a very unique brand of worthless fucks, but they just don't have the social baseline skills to smooth over their edges. And there is nothing worse than a stupid smart person.

Absolute waste of time. Would not do again. t mba

God damn, who the fuck is this.

I truly believe that getting a loan to go to college is a scam after seeing my older brother become washed into the college system. You've made it user.

literally not true. companies, especially ones that hire database people, dont want fucking retards that dont know about basic principles or security.

its true that if you have a good resume from one place, it can be as good as a degree, and that some places like google dont place a huge emphasis on degrees, but in cases like google, they actually verify you arent retarded by making you tackle problems and shit in your interview. insurance companies and shit dont usually do that, they would prefer you to just have a degree which to them is just supposed to say 'im not clinically retarded'.

tldr; it takes more effort to verify non-degree project based people (because youd have to actually look at and evaluate their projects) than to hire people that got degrees (which is basically given to people by doing projects and having them evaluated).

since you said your parents paid for education, you probably have a degree, and so your opinion that they arent useful is kind of biased at best

>paying for college
>Not getting paid to attend college
GI Bill Master race here. I clear $1800 a month tax free just for being in school and my tuition is paid in full. I also got an ROTC scholarship plus I do the army reserves once a month bringing my total earnings to $2,700 a month. Whoever told you college is too expensive is a fucking memenigger

you sound like you have a huge inferiority complex desu, maybe you should go to college and get a degree for fun one day, because you have the money to.

that way you can overcome the weird inferiority complex you have in your head that causes you irrational angst against anyone who is college educated.

by the way next time you guys get treated by a doctor, make sure to smugly tell them that college is a scam for retards and politely decline any of their fancy college educated diagnoses or treatments, because remember, money is the only reason go to college, and money is the only thing that matters in life in general

College: Only a little bit.
Loans: Yes.

>Tfw making more money than all my friends and relatives with degrees with a job I got through certifications

Also instead of going to school for 4 years and losing money during that time, I worked and gained money. Not only am I making more or equal money (in one person's case but she has a master's going on doctorate), I also have a bigger savings than them.

Do what you can to set yourself up during those early adult years. Getting yourself in debt for a piece of paper is setting yourself back. Unless it's a serious degree and you know the job field is aching for workers, don't bother.

>Physics doctorate dies from falling

This seems really, really appropriate.

He died the way he lived? He died doing what he loved? Idk.

A has yes Cnc machining. lol don't kid yourself. You end up as a glorified button pusher.


I don't know what the effects of its "burst" may be. Student loans may get a bailout, and then the system may be restructured to be even worse for all we know, much like how the 2008 restructuring was worse for everyone except those at the top of its collapse.

I think online universities may kill the university bubble. Sad because I like universities and community colleges but they're so excessively expensive they don't justify their own existence.

Same girl?


Similar story here.

Unless you are becoming a doctor or lawyer, college is a COMPLETE waste of time.

Why don't grills like this ever do porn???

Yeah I'm a bit dirty when I get home from work - not as much nowadays. My house is modest - I could afford a bigger place but its paid for so fuck it. My friends and employees are not as educated as my brother. His friends are fucking insufferable liberals and they do look at me as if I'm some sort of hired handy man. I taught myself crypto which my brother says is a ponzi scheme. I'm using a MacPro which my brother envys. Welding didn't get me where I am in life starting my own business and hiring my own crew is what really changed things for me. I have nthing gainst teaching. I do have a problem with the way my dad raised us. Basically Tommy is the golden child and I'm the one who's "not the sharpest knife in the drawer"
All this is bullshit food for trolls. My message to OP is right now in this country there are other ways to make a fuck-ton of cash than go to school. The Trades have never paid so well and they are hiring. You must have a strong work ethic. You have to show up first and leave last. You cannot be that asshole who hates his job. Drop the bong in the trash and get after the dream my brother.

Tbqh I think when a girl is too perfect, it ruins it for me. Thank God Lucie Wilde has a butter face

>you're not tricking us into the uni scam, schlomo

/sigh I wish I went to college and didn't have to trade cryptos :/

>yeah but ur still an uneducated welder. you are dirty and probably smell like shit. also a liar, because we all know you dont have a welding company or more than a few hundred dollars of crypto. unironically kys

The fucking state of Veeky Forums. Fucking newfags - we know YOU'RE a loser. Doesn't mean everyone is.

>The Trades have never paid so well and they are hiring.

They aren't about to all be replaced by algorithms either. Blue collar jobs are going to outlast white collar.

Amen. I found Veeky Forums because one of my guys was showing me the uncensored ISIS videos on /b. I lurked there for awhile then stumbled onto /biz. I swear there are more assholes on /biz than /b

If you are willing to travel for short term assignments a welder that's been burning sticks for just 2 years can easily make 200K a year working on the gas fields or platforms. Its wide fucking open.

>GI Bill master race.
You do realize you gave the best years of your life to Uncle Sam, right? Whats it like being 4 years older than all your classmates?
What's it like knowing you won't start your real career until your at least 30?
Those fags going in to debt will have at least 8 years of time spent in industry over you and they'll be young, which is what a company wants.