Next stop $13,888

Next stop $13,888

Why didn't you listen?

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>listening to anything this old lunatic says

What's dis faggot channel?

Next stop 14888

I bought at 17K you piece of shit

Are you telling me this tinfoil hat old man is actually a shaman?


I lost faith in this charlatan when BTC first hit $13,888 on 12/6 (over two months early).

However, if it actually hits the ol' $13,888 by the end of the month, and then goes straight to $40K, I will re-believe in him with cultish fervor and never doubt him again.

It is crashing motherfucker

It's going up again. LOL

More like Warlock


you said this in the previous thread, dipshit.

when is this crazy old farts next report due?

His latest report is good until 2022 user

>No more half measures, Walter

He would be more credible if he stopped talking to nigger shitcoin developers about the ooga booga sticks they're rubbing together trying to make a crypto business.

It's the most obvious scam part of his business. I honestly believe he just has a thing for black men.

The true "Masters" dont gaf about money.
INB4 poor fag, just shilling the new Master.

Tom Campbell: A Model of Existence and Consciousness

>Red candle means it's all over, forever.

Fucking moron.

2018, people still think clif high isn't right about everything when it comes to crypto

Veritaseum is a shitcoin that MAY, barely, rise above the level of an outright scam.

I don't give a fuck about any prediction he made, VERI being shit is UNDENIABLE

I don't know what it does - school me senpai.

Ok, I'll give it a watch.

Naw man, it is about that word veritaseum. It is not likely another value which satisfies the emotional value for the platform that eats stock markets. Clif's approval is for a solid network security and network effect plan of action.

He thinks Veritaseum will reach a price higher than bitcoin

Doesn’t this lunatic think there is a land bridge to Mars or something?

Short term next stop is upwards towards 12k then down a lot

Are you talking about the underground tunnels from the grand canyon to giza?

Clif is a heliocentrist of sorts. He does talk about when Jupiter was the sun? Or portals through which cryptids get dumped here.

Basiago reports going over the ice wall to the mars you and Soetoro can go to, not the paradox light in the sky.

You mind explaining?

Latin 'words' are easy to pick out of meme space. Not like SALT, not like numbers.

Clif correlates excitement/emotional value about the word with the space, here being stock markets.

Clif then does the DD on possible hits/projects as to not get burned by a false or incomplete correlation by pushing the CTO to say something stupid, or not.