Morning time in Australia

>Morning time in Australia.
>Everything gets dumped.
They are behind this.

You are wrong.
It's because of all the canadians who are in holidays in australia.




fuck you man - I'm living in AUS and we are waaay ahead of stupid wall st type burgers using BTC to syphon more money from everyone or shady chink gamblers. I Guarantee the most iron hands are down under

Come on, OP. This is an embarrassing and shameless attempt at copying the bog meme.

fuck off dickhead there's about 70 people in australia invested in crypto we have no sway on the market you big dumb cunt get fucked

Srs question did they evolve from monkeys

monkeys evolved from them you idiot, it went abos > monkeys > humans

Takes a special kind of retard to get offended by a harmless meme.

Ahh thank you

Fuck I hate coons. If it were up to me I'd lock the cunts up in the territory with some kind of wall. I'd call it, the rabbit proof wall. Probably sell their children off or someshit too for slavery.

Now this is a pure race, in the strictest sense. Good for you sisters.
Like we all did user, if you have proff you did not evolved from one please let us know, a drop of your blod is literally priceless for science.

I was okay with the Bogdanoffs, but I fear the Pulas.

is blockchain centre in melb having an event tonight? might swing by its been a while

I posted in yesterday's thread trying to blackpill the biz normies. Bogs fucking report to the Pulas. Bogs are servile little cucks to these true masterminds.

For those who don't know, English settlers didn't actually genocide the indigenous Australians. It's fake history. The Pulas are an old dynasty of one of the longest-running civilisations on Earth. When the britcucks came to Australia the Pulas persuaded them to build a civilization which would benefit Pulas & their kin. From there the Pulas spread their wicked influence across the world.

While we fear the Bogs, the Bogs fear the true top echelon of humanity.

Yep - gotta get my dollerdoos somehow. Nice big dump to bear trap the bots, buy back in lower. Thanks cunts!

I deliberately dump my bags all at once so prices crash and the difficulty for the coins I'm mining goes down. I have done this multiple times now and watched Americans and Europeans fight over who caused it.

-Council of 13 bow to the pulas
-In contact with 5-Dimensional beings
-Possess the ability to change form and shape at will
-Control Australia with an iron fist
-Own hundreds of underground vaults around the world
-Direct descendants of the ancient abo wizards
-Will be the first abos to invest a double stick
-Own 99% of crypto shill threads on the internet
-First synthetic petrol will be all likely be Pula-Oil
-both sisters said to have 100 IQ which is genius level for abos
-Ancient Abo scripture tells of two witches who will bring an era of chaos and stick building to the world
-They own every gas station in the world
-You likely have Pula-gas in your car right now
-They learned So-so english in under a week
-Nation states entrust their boomerang reserves to the pula sisters
-The sisters are about 7 decades old, from the space-time reference point of the base human currently accepted by our society
-In reality, they are Eldrich like beings who have lived for eternity until now. Their aims and goals are beyond human understanding

remember, we are all africans, no such thing as race!

>Meme lines

>some cosmetic differences

Get fucked ya fuckin dog id hlass your face in with a vb stubbie irl cunt fucking kangaroo kick your dick off cunt

cunt are you fucked in the head? i was just having a bit of a laugh and apparently you're too much of a dumb cunt to pick up on it, piss weak mate