This is why bitcoin should be illegal

This is why bitcoin should be illegal

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at least they aren't nocoiners

Are you going to tell me what to do with my Left 4 Dead 2 Beta or not?

supporting terrorism isn't illegal

>no QR code
>why we getting no BTC, Abu-Jafar? you said we making MANY moon!!!


those newfags are gonna get rekt by XVG anyway

LMAO they even printed the "Bitcoin accepted here" logo

I sent them 3 monero, fuck you sue me.

>Are you going to tell me what to do with my Left 4 Dead 2 Beta or not?
delete it

I always thought sand niggers were too dumb to use and trust white devil's tech like bitcoin.

However, I only found 1 source of this picture which leads to a fishy twitter with only 64 followers. Could be a bait. But if it's somehow real, it's not very good because governments will obviously clamp down.

But by far, I smell bullshit.

Or we could just nuke the middle east and keep our crypto rubles.
Also BTC isn't anonymous, so if some retarded sandy wants to get iced by some ODA bros, who am I to complain?

>sending terrorists money on a public ledger.

That’s why Islam should be illegal. Or at a minimum contained in its own small shithole.


>terrorists hate freedom
>op hates freedom

Makes you think.


CIA niggers are getting smarter with entrapment

Nobody would even know about pisslam if it weren't for the oil money.

>edit the picture
>spread on islamist sites

Just LOL at terrorists for not taking Monero. You have to tumble your bitcoins to donate to ISIS or you will get butt fucked. Since most people buy BTC on exchanges that require verification. And your LBC trader (if you buy with cash) could rat you out by giving them a description of what you look like and your phone number (make sure to use a voip burner and TorGuard VPN with TOR)

haha, this!

>tumble your bitcoins
No amount of tumbling will change the fact that it's a public ledger. You can always retrace everything, it just takes a bit longer.

Thanks, just sent 100k

terroists using btc are asking to be drone attack to death

This is kinda funny until you donate as a joke and don't realise it's mossad playing dress up and CIA/NSA track your payment and you go to gitmo for giving made up meme money to a made up meme movement.

I think youve just come up with a new way of scamming people. kek.

>using TOR when most nodes are operated by FBI/NSA

>Have pile of 2000 "clean" BItcoins
>Send 2 more Bitcoins into pile
>Withdraw 2 Bitcoins from pile of 2002 BItcoins
>Nobody knows whether these coins are "clean" or not.

What are the names of those two companies that are doing blockchain analysis for the government?

>Trade btc to monero using shapeshift
>generate new BTC address while using tails or whonix
>send from monero wallet back to newly generated BTC wallet using shapeshift again


Then use Monero. Just LOL at donating to ISIS of all people with BTC.

I use Bcash to buy drugs (personal use only), pirated ebooks and tutorials because my anonymity is not that important for such things. But if you are buying drugs on dnms for re-selling on the street, selling drugs on dnms, buying/selling fraud items (stolen CCS and bank accounts), kiddie porn, terrorism, etc. you should use Monero.

Not even enough for one RPG. RIP

i'll be starting a beta uprising right wing group and i count with your support guys

all fun and games until NSA/CIA find the pic and track it to you

>manually typing a bitcoin address rather than using qr code

Now that you mention it isn't wearing gold forbidden for men in islam?


>No one has checked on whether they've received any yet

Y-you f-first

holy shit now that I think about it this is a great way to get bitcoin from your those filthy towel heads.

top fucking jej
the absolute state of coinlets

If you're gonna pretend to be ISIS and do a Photoshop scam, take Monero. Never BTC. lmao. If you are serious about donating to terrorists or doing illegal shit without getting caught, you'll pay the outrageous XMR withdrawal fees that Poloniex and such charge. They charge several times more than the actual network costs because they know crooks are desperate to get their hands on monero

Trump gonna ban your bitcorns because "muh terror"

fucking thinking pajeets.

where's the qr code so I don't have to type this shit?

I hope you get arrested

Get rekt

He received like $800 sent from Lumo/ButX (which is a mobile wallet) and a couple of pennies on top of that

who brave enough to call


maybe we should troll people into sending some satoshi there so they get fucked lol


Ok then the fiat should be illegal too because the US govt gave $USD to the jihadis.

that comparison isnt flattering, it looks the same

Set up a cancer research donation thing and use their address?

Pajeets gonna pajeet.

No, no, no. You don't understand. Those were (((moderate rebels))). They're the good guys. They're for freedom.

wow, big timers

>paying for pirated ebooks
Unless you're buying nuclear secrets or legit magic in EPUB format, theres no reason to pay for ebooks.

more than you have, faggot

people who live in New Mexico or any of those rocky areas should get a beard growing, nice tan, and a 100 dollar sign and post it all over the place

>not even a QR code
whoever photoshopped this is not only an idiot, but they didn't even do a good job


This is actually a Mossad honeypot. You're donating directly to the Jews, then they arrest you for supporting terrorism.


sharing this pic is probably illegal as you could be said to be advertising terrorism

Bitfury is one

Don't you have a KW Cafeteria to traipse about?

re-save this image as jpg

just overwrite with this

I'm not the only one who does that?

It's a higher calling, God's work fäm.


>tfw you hack the isis bitcoin wallet

Lol nocoiners LITERALLY blown the fuck out

they accept usd too don't worry

Thanks for sharing, retard

What, because they don't use USD, Gold, Oil etc too?

Bitcoin is also traceable. These dumb fucks are getting a reaper drone up their arse at some point.

But America already sends them US dollars, so they can bring chaos to the Shiite enemies of Israel.

classic Veeky Forumsraeli

Looks like they are not supporting segwit

>use that address in fake ads for every charity you're against

Umm, I'm following the transaction chain from their wallet and . . . well, pic related.

let's be honest they're probably cia/mossad niggers

Nah man, shit's actually compulsory if you live almost everywhere in the world.

spotted the shitskin

>mfw OP shopped the address and is making bank instead of the sand niggers

How much opium has guy without a mask smoked in the last hour?

faggot terrorists got nothing on the alt-right reverse shill that is IDJT.
>lefties about to get btfo

how easy would it be to scam other muslims into donating to fake ISIS addresses?

>This is why bitcoin should be illegal

mind you, those weapons were supplied because of US dollars and US influence


filthy nolinkers

is this photoshopped?