Coinmetro who?

Are these people for serious?
This screams we don't have a clue what we are doing.

This is in response to some questioning on why they waited until the last minute to figure out their legal shit for US investors.

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Good ico. and you'll get +7.5%


I think u just need to chill, regulations are fucked right now, a lot of legal questions are taking time to be answered

This is basic stuff dude. You ever hear of an IPO?
Same thing different medium. This is not at all a legal grey area by any means.

The fuck are you talking about? They are waiting on guidance from legal - do you have any idea how long that takes? No... Nor do they, no one does.

They've setup exchanges in the past. Pretty confident they'll do it again.

This is literally a 35 million ICO. The fact that they didn't have this ironed out weeks ago much less months ago is extremely unprofessional.

You're telling me that someone launching an IPO would wait until the day before or day of to let potential investors know whether or not they will be able to participate?
Fucking lol

Accredited investor here. They should have not even mentioned the possibility of private US investors from the get go. That's something you absolutely do not do until you are 100% certain on it. It seems like they've been using it to leverage hype and it's working.

How could they have it ironed it weeks ago? It is out of their hands! They told US residents it's up to them if they want to contribute but might get refunded if they don't get waiver. Whats the issue? If they get it, which I think they will, great. If not, US folk get refunds. Stop being so dramatic.

Hopefully the burgers have to wait till after ICO for glorious metro tokens.
Suck shit burger cunts

Think about this.
They are asking for $35+ million Euro and they didn't think to do basic legal work until it was too late.
They are a fucking Forex company dude. Also what do you mean "how could they have it ironed out weeks ago?"
You are telling me they couldn't have possibly seen this coming when they decided to do an ICO months ago if not a year ago?
This is literally what you do prior to even announcing an ICO or IPO.

You think they just found out what the SEC is a week ago?

Retard, I was in the telegram a month ago, they did all the paperwork it's not their fault gubbermint is slow.

Theyre doing this by the book. Theyre legit, things like this take time

Oh so now we are waiting on the government?
I thought it was their "legal team"
whats the next excuse going to be?
"Oh sorry we lost it in the mailroom, we get a lot of mail XD"

If by the book you mean unprofessional as fuck then sure.

I had high opes for this, I just want a non-shit exchange to use

literally kill youtself.

Same but this is becoming a clown show. I think I'm out regardless of US investors at this point. They have already shown they can't properly communicate in a professional manner.

Pretty low tier fud desu

God damn you pajeets when will you learn fucking basic reading comprehension:

"Waiting to hear from the legal team" MEANS they're waiting for the legal team to confirm that the gov't has issued the exception. They CEO has been saying repeatedly saying using voice chat that they've done everything they can, months ago. This is how business works, when I say 'I'm waiting to hear from my mum that dad is ok' what I'm actually saying is 'When my mum knows she'll tell me'.

But you don't care you're just a stupid pajeet who wants to FUD.

They obviously did not do so early enough.
How many IPOs do you see where this happens?
Cite me ONE LEGITIMATE IPO where this has happened.
There is no fucking excuse dude. Yeah no shit they did everything they could, months too late.

what's the difference if they just give back the money to the burgers? they said all along that it was still up in the air. total transparency nigger, what's the big deal?

They already fucked themselves by allowing this in the first place. If they do not get an exception at this point, regardless of refunds, they are fucked legally. That's not how the SEC operates.

You dumb fuck it's been this way for MOST ICOs, off the top of my head Nucleus and and Matrix chain all had KYC against mutts. They just aren't very diligent because chinks dgaf.

Also why can't their PR/CEO (lol) just type up formal statements?
He does all his announcements and updates via voice clips? What the actual fuck is that

How long does it take them to send a damn verification email?

Mid tier FUD. Newfags will probably fall for this. Also fuck burgers.

yeah it's decent fud. I'm still buying tho

FUD? How is this FUD?
Pointing out the facts is FUD I suppose.

they operate in estonia and georgia. no worries there nigger. and no regulations yet either so try harder. your skin is shit colored and you don't use a toilet

Oh yeah? Then what are they waiting for?

How does that have anything to do with this discussion?

they are waiting to drop the beta late march early april. as planned. you're obviously a pajeet born in the united states so you feel burned. the rest of the world doesn't give a fuck about your poo colored skin or illegal immigration tactics. stay poor pajeet. fuck the burgers, they can fomo in later

fucked legally by who? the sec who has zero jurisdiction over unregulated markets? not an ipo, not operating out of the united states. if they take something and give it back then it doesn't matter. you're sad and black

Now you're even further off the issue at hand? What the fuck does the beta have to do with any of this?
And don't say some dumb shit like "oh they are obviously more concerned with getting their product out the door than making more money".
You think these people are doing this for fun? It's a business first

Itt: salty burgers

They have jurisdiction over US investors that have already invested prior to clearance. When you offer an ICO or IPO regardless of the country of origin you need to be legally cleared to allow said country to participate. They've already accepted money from US investors. They have (supposedly) filled the paper work for US clearance, they already crossed that line. Therefore yes, they are subject to US jurisdiction. No that doesn't mean the US can just shut them down but they can still take them to court.
Holy fuck it's like you have no clue how this works.

Do you not realize the SEC already has guidelines and regulations in place for crypto/ICOs?

"We will know by the main token sale"
So is there any update on this?


They aren't even going for an exemption you fucking idiots
Have fun with this one everyone

You're a dumb fucking idiot, George.

Just don't invest and stop wasting their time you fat fuck

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Read the chat I just had with the admin you dumb niggers.
I figured out exactly what they are doing. Up to you to figure out why. Enjoy. :)

These were painful to read. I'm cringing for you George.

Lol act like a real tough guy on Veeky Forums, then on tm you're all 's-sorry for being s-such a h-hothead'.

What is persuasion

Kek, let me guess you think something along the lines of the devs are pulling a fast one on us because they actually secretly don't want to be classed as a security so they can get away with all kinds of shady shit.

No I just think they aren't being straight about their US legal stuff.
If you know where to look you'll find the right info

Like I even care, I'm not an amerimutt, I'll be selling them my bags kek.