The chinks are pumping in 8 minutes

The chinks are pumping in 8 minutes
you have 8 minutes to buy anything

6 minutes

2.7 minutes

2.7 minutes again

1.5 minutes

and the pump is now, thank me later

>everything dumps

lmao all hourly greens
ty op

ty op

ty op

Kind of sideways. Looks like this is going down. Chinks ain't pumping nothing.

shit, theyre dumping instead, abort, I apologize! I wasnt talking about crypto btw

holy shit OP i just went bankrupt

fuck you OP my wife just left me

USA sells low, China buys low.
Every night.

This happens every time there's a decent dip and the chinks wake up. If you don't know this by now you don't deserve gains. ALWAYS buy the mid day dip.

How high you think we going?

>mid day

it's 9pm

That's not true. The USA has been postponing the recent crash by buying dips in the morning for a week before it happened.

It's 10 am in China. When are they pumping?

In your shithole country it might be. Fag