Sold out

Ok which of you fucking autists went and bought the Sergey shirt

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I wonder if he wears it because it for good luck.


why were the queers on this board saying he got fat? he's still in pretty good shape

>Sergey doesn't wear it to SXSW
>Price dumps

Stupid Amerimutt, he's literally obese lmao.

I have the same macbook, gonna buy the shirt and now I only need his pants and shoes.

he has the same body as me and i weigh 280....

He is starting to get santa clause cheeks.

So, you're fat already.


...user, you know he's the one on the left side of the photo? right?

his man tits and moneybelly are well shaped

gr8 b8 m8

Both Sergey (and I think it was Rory posing with him) look good to me. Skinny men / guys with abs are awful.

Sergey probably bought them all so he can wear a new one every day.

Bears want fat guys with big shoulders, not skinnyfat nerds.

>pretty good shape
pretty good shape
>pretty good shape
pretty good shape
>pretty good shape
pretty good shape
>pretty good shape
pretty good shape
>pretty good shape
pretty good shape

I hope he finishes the project before he kills over... please...



not yet but I'm working on it, already stopped working out for 2 weeks now

Just look at his older photos. His face was like half it's current width a year ago. He's been gobbling down Bigmacs like it's his job.

>Sergey too fat
>Vitalik too skinny

So this is the power of crypto autisn

And cosplay?



Not necessarily. Bears come in different forms.

Loving this shirt meme

>tfw the buttons struggle to contain is belly

America in a nutshell.

Sergey will wear this shirt again, which will cause more memes, which will pump the price.
He is playing us like a fiddle. If that isn't 5 dimensional underwater chess I don't know what is.

Money Skelly and Money Belly will make us all rich

Fat or not, Sergey will always be a Chad

>visibly autistic

top lel

I did

Congrats for this. Seriously.



How do I setup a dropshipping shop to sell these to you fags?

Anyone else kind of taken aback by the way he trims his mustache? Instead of trimming it equally the whole way around, he is only clipping it when it grows over his top lip... He's leaving the corners to get really long. Not only does this look very strange, it must also feel odd.

Mad man

you dare question our savior?

It must feel amazing on his cock

when the stash goes over your lip it becomes an obstacle to eating food comfortably

there is literally nothing wrong with trimming your stash in this manner

Man i was hoping for funny meme reviews on the product


How i actually look. | How i think i look

I don't even close GIMP anymore,
Sergey is a true meme factory

You're understimating his autism.


gtfo pleb

Maybe it is his job. What if the oracle solution has, in the past month or two, become sentient, and has realized the path of least resistance toward its ultimate goal of linking everything is to force feed its creator to become the largest being alive.
Next, Sergey is as large as the Himalayan mountains, the Oracle will want creator to begin phase 2 and absorb the entirety of the human race into one omnipotent being by rolling around the earth, crushing and absorbing city after city. After he’s absorbed enough people and tech, the rest will follow shortly of their own volition. Finally, chainlink has achieved its goal of connecting everything, by centralizing everything into one living, computing singularity.

I do this, feels bretty gud desu familam

This guy gets it

I also sometimes use Paint

Laughing so hard at this

Here are the shoes for anyone purchasing the entire outfit.



The shirt is sould out but you can still purchase the Nazarov Shoes.

>Lucky brand

Oh shit

the pants

>every size sold out
Jesus christ

those bottom two buttons are earning their keep

name a site more autistic than this

would be hilarious the next forum he's at, 50 copies show up


my body is almost as bad as Sergeys, so fucking sick of it but im stuck behind a desk 40 hours a week. have improved my diet so much over the last 5 years but it makes hardly any difference.

>Visibly autistic

Fucking lost it


>40 hours a week...
So what do you do with the other 128 hours left in the week? Work out your left hand?

>have improved my diet so much over the last 5 years but it makes hardly any difference.

BULLSHIT. if by improve your diet you mean substitute the shit you eat for more shit than your just coping like a fatso would. i lost 30kg in 3 months, want to know how? STOP eating. one meal a day boyo and water only.

I wonder if Sergey would get a chuckle from hearing about his shoes and shirt selling out, or if he would consider his holders too autistic, even for him. This is some serious cult like behavior; I should probably buy more Link.

This. IF combined with 3-7 day fasts and going keto drops the weight like water. No fucking excuses for being a lazy, gluttonous sack.

wew lad

I also laughed a big money belly laugh at “visibly autistic”.

You can buy a small dumbbell for like $30, keep it in your desk drawer and work your arms when you get 20-30 seconds.

>Be Sergey Nazarov, CEO of a revolutionary startup company
>want to change the world with smart contracts
>need to be as professional as possible to appeal to big CEOs and companies
>hear about a huge event in March, SXSW
>docusign CEO is there, probably a bunch of other companies and wealthy investors
>semi-professional event so no suits, just take your favorite shirt and pants and act as professional as possible
>arrive at the conference
>about to enter the speaking room
>see literal hordes of autistic manlets wearing the exactly same outfit as you
>some of them even holding chainlink cubes and screeching shit about big macs


holy shit 20 of you retards are going to show up to SXSW in the same shirt as Sergey. the autism is real. just bought 10k


i do this. otherwise you end up getting it stuck in your mouth when youre eating and that really hurts

Lol, shilling your referal link.

>see literal hordes of autistic manlets wearing the exactly same outfit as you

i'd actually pay to see this

The trust with those buttons lmfao

Holy KEK

Full outfits. Anyone find the pants or I guess they are fairly generic?

The best part is that it will be a bunch of pajeets in Sergey costume.

The pants look comfy as fuck, someone find them please.

Holy shit just go to macy's you faggots

Top kek

>Sergey is sitting in the board room of Exxon Mobil
>Ready to sign a contract which lets Exxon operate a node, and utilize LINK for smart contracts relating to the sale of oil
>Sergey twitches slightly to the side to pick up the pen
>He's ready to sign the document. This is it
>One of the two lower buttons on his shirt shoots out at Mach-4 speeds and hits the chairman of the board in the eye
>It shoots straight through his skull and ricochet through the room for what seems like an eternity
>After 40 seconds the button stops
>Sergey looks around, and his button killed nearly half the board of directors
>He quickly signs the documents and runs the fuck out of there
>Always prepared. Always sneakers

Reminder that its people like him who got trump elected.
Keep doing gods work user.

I suppose he's in good shape if by good shape you mean pear shaped.

But yeah, $1000 EOY.

is this bait? i do the same

Thanks user, I laughed loudly like a retard in the middle of the lecture. If anyone had doubts I’m autistic now they know for sure.


kek'd so fucking hard

Holy fucking shit you links. Jesus chirst. This IS some serious cult like shit.
Bravo on selling out all the shirts. I better see something hilarious come of this in a few months
>And you guys need to start a link general, your fucking shit threads are like 70% of this fucking board now, its getting out of hand.

Pic related, you guys are about as bad a finland.

>And you guys need to start a link general
I have a few link shillfud threads already prepared
I just hesitate because I don't want to further litter this board

thank you