You fags ever talk about stocks here or is it just crptotrash?

you fags ever talk about stocks here or is it just crptotrash?

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We used to before november 2017

we dont talk about overvalued shit in normieland


this is in bittrex?

ROBINHOOD my nigger. You can normie your way into coin ownership.

crypto is like stocks but with ultra gains

I'd much rather trade options on stocks and etf than crypto desu.

We had a stock general rolling but when BTC just tanked it got wiped out of the catalog

no one ever talks stock , what do you wanna talk about ive been trading for a year now

The best roi is in crypto desu, having said that, Im long on NKE,HD, and APPL.


lots to talk about, im just surprised there was no general for it. i swear there was one before.

i made my initial crypto money when i bought OSTK *overstock DOT com* right when i heard they were goign to start accepting went up up about 50 dollars, sold it im as comfy as ever...

thank you jewish bank overlords and magic internet money

I'm 11 grand deep in LTBR at 1.45

>trade options
Enjoy paying half of your profits away in fees.

>I'm 11

/smg/ exists until the trading day is done and then gets swept off by crypto autists

i'll have to check it out tomorrow, thanks. i can't believe how fucking bloated this board is now.

beats gambling on crypto for me, i don't want to touch the stuff.

Shouldn't you be getting your prostate checked, boomer?

Once the stock market crashes it'll be a good time to invest back into some total stock market index funds from my crypto. For now though it's overvalued and this past dip wasn't a true correction.

pels dont tel

Long live /rgt/ and /rhg/, /smg/ just doesn't have the same feeling

stfu trash

nah thats when you started

I always talk about stocks. its a bubble but (((They))) want you to think that BTC is the real bubble so you invest in (((stocks))) instead.

there is literally a /smg/ - stock market general thread every single day

it only operates when the market is open though (9:30am - 4pm eastern US time). Not enough posts during off hours to keep it alive on the fast moving Veeky Forums

>investing in badCrypto

but with garbage liquidity and mass slippage. You can actually cash out millions of dollars in cash from stocks or options THAT DAY. crypto is a joke if more than 1/4 of all people demanded their fiat simultaneously it would all collapse to 0

>not realizing it's a pump and dump
>not looking at the 6 month daily chart

You FOMO'd at high 4's and averaged down, didn't you?

>This entire thread is bait

Veeky Forums discusses stocks too but they're all shitty penny stocks, why don't you just go leave you boomer. You hate crypto the way the victorian hated automobiles.

So I'm gonna need a name sooner rather than later. Thanks.

More pls who is dis

Name first and I'll show you the light.

this is a cultured board