No matter how much money you have. Women won't want you unless you look like pic related

No matter how much money you have. Women won't want you unless you look like pic related.

Then I'm good.

bullshit. women are whores

Time to find a blind woman with big milkies then

small arms+forearms

>hair too dominant on one side
>overemphasis on abs, neglected rest of upper body
>slouched shoulders
>puffy nips
>the fuck is that bracelet

The utter jealousy of these biztards LOL. Your own girlfriend would fuck this guy and you're talking about the size of his arms. Oh wait, you obviously don't have a girlfriend. my bad.

why don't you just do suck his dick now cuckboi.
>muh abs
he's not that big dude. Tiny wrists too

I don't care what women want.


jesus look at that god

>tfw better looking than that and girls still won't line up to go out with me

The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka
Skidiki-pap-pap, and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom
Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun
Poom, poom, you dun know

But I've already had multiple women and I look like shit.

wrong, there's plenty of fat and/or disgusting people with lots of money who have women on them. it just depends on the type of girl

Can someone explain why women like abs? I seriously dont feel inspired to work them out at all. I only focus on back, pecs, and arms. Its just, abs are covered by a shirt, and tbqh, ive always thought abs look like the type of poop thats made up of different balls, and get disgusted by them.

So, just dont get why women like them

4/10 women don't count.

Women don't actually respect pretty boys.

A Chad is generally a little less perfect, but also more charismatic and successful in his field.

Pretty boy is just a fuck toy for empty women.

>hair too dominant

who needs women when you have fat gains

TFW you gay. Fuck women

I honestly think that with the make up and lighting this guy has I could look as good as him.

News flash: women are fucking stupid.

I'm an average looking white guy of average height and build. I get laid so often and have so many women in my phone that sometimes I don't even want sex, because I am burned out and need to recharge. I even have to come up with excuses not to see them.

Two different women have cheated with me on their husbands this year alone. One woman demanded I fly to her country to knock her up with a white baby.

I don't know what happened. Things just spiraled out of control these last 2 years when I stopped giving a fuck about anything except my career and finances. It was like women picked up on the fact that I had stopped giving a shit about them, and suddenly that made me irresistible.

Like I will tell a chick I just met, "Yeah it was nice to meet you, give me your phone number so we can fuck later" trying to be an asshole and get her to leave me alone, and then she does it and I am secretly flabbergasted.

I'm not a mean person naturally, but being sorta-mean to women does nothing but stimulate them. I don't get it.

>used to be in good shape
>bitches threw themselves at me
>got out of shape
>had to exercise moderately decent social skills to get a lower caliber of woman

I mean yes and no.

I think more girls prefer bears

>One woman demanded I fly to her country to knock her up with a white baby

who cares what THEY want you fucking beta cunt.

>men thinking they know what women find attractive
>applying Veeky Forums memes to real life

I'm sorry to burst your bubble but nobody outside of closet gym fags cares about bicep peaks or how you can pick up heavy things. It's nothing more than a glorified dick measuring contest where you think you are doing good in life because you can bench more than some other loser. All you need is an average semi athletic build, decent hair, jawline and not shit clothes. Add in the ability to have a conversation and you won't know what to do with all the pussy.

The actual state of the fat ugly nerds in this thread that pretend to know anything on a chink finger painting board.

So is this what guys with small dicks tell themselves?

should i just become a trap then?

does he even link?

Unfortunately we live in a spectator society now, especially in North America.

Do we go out and socialize and talk to the opposite sex? Nah. Just flip on Jersey Shore and live vicariously through them as they do those things.

Do we go exploring nature and learn to camp, fish, build a fire, and survive? Nah. Let’s just watch other people do that on Survivor.

Do we travel the world? Nah, let’s watch other people do that on Amazing Race.

Do we exercise and keep thin and healthy? Nah, let’s order pizza while we watch other people do that on The Biggest Loser.

Do we start a business? Nah, let’s watch other people do that on Dragon’s Den and other entrepreneurial shows.

Do we pursue our dreams of becoming famous singers or dancers or making a living off our personal talents/hobbies? Nah, let’s watch other people do that on American Idol and Americas Got Talent.

Do we go out and talk to girls? Nah, let’s just read game blogs. ;)

And then tomorrow morning we’ll go back to our mundane job we hate working for a boss we don’t like, trapped in a relationship we settled for, running out of breath walking up a flight of stairs, and sing in the shower until the next chance we get to escape our shitty lackluster lives when the next episode is on TV.

It really is a sad state of affairs. Most people are just waiting to die. Cancel your cable, sell your Xbox, limit your Internet usage, quit watching pickup seminars, and go live life.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this since being home for this week, my parents have done nothing but plant themselves in front of the winter Olympics.

Fuck dude

I can't fucking unsee this and now I want to die

how can u go live life if you still have to wagecuck from 8-5. i literally just want to buy a van and overhaul it and live on the road doing cool shit but i think i'm too much of a pussy to do that because i'll have no reliable income

When I started pickup and was going out like 3-5 nights a week regularly, I had a 9-5 job I didn’t give a shit about so I would nap an hour at lunch, nap 3 hours after work, shower up and go sarge, then come home around 2am and pass out to get up for work again (so I end up with my 8 hours of sleep), which got me used to getting by on random naps. On days where I have nothing to do I basically catch up on sleep if I need to. I did this for like 5 years straight.

Now I work my own hours and I keep my workload light enough to just pay my rent/groceries/etc. so I have a lot of free time when I want it. That’s why I can post a bunch of long rants here and txt girls all day, I’m just taking an hour out of my 6-10 hour work-day to write a bunch of shit and then I go back to work. I can spread my work through the day if I want to have a fuckbuddy over, or take breaks to post, or go out to sarge, or sleep in if I was out late, but I don’t mind if my work stretches all day since I like what I do, so a day for me might look like I work 4 hours, have a girl over to bang, pass out for a nap with her after sex, work 2 more hours, go out to sarge with a buddy for a couple hours, then come home to work a few more hours till I fall asleep. If a girl can only hook up late at night because she’s in the bar industry or only has her lunch hour free to bang etc. I can adjust my schedule around being available for that hookup. Sometimes I have to catch up on work and tell girls to eff off for a couple weeks (or have them over just for quickies and kick them out after) but that’s just giving them the gift of missing me so even that works out in the end lol

how the fuck does that help me

>Oh no poor me im such a victim life sucks its unfair bla bla bla

go put in a tampon your fucking pussy

Once I have enough money I can pay for my body to be like this. I can get a head transplant in China for Christ's sake.

>he fell for the gymcel meme

I remember when I didn't know it was all about face, too. I got up to 240 pounds 9% bodyfat at 6'4 and my success with women only went down. Body means next to nothing in terms of attracting HQNP women unless you have a PSL 6+ face

and i look sort of like OP just not as shredded

Literally dont care about women m8

I would love to have a relationship to settle for

>Now I work my own hours
>That’s why I can post a bunch of long rants here and txt girls all day
wow indulging in this form of entertainment is so much more enlightened than watching television *tips fedora*

It is desu. Tv is the least stimulating form of entertainment to exist. Literally brain numbing. At least shitposting all day or texting roasties requires some level of applied thought.

Writing about social dynamics and helping other men the way I was helped is a hobby for me, so I enjoy it and specifically make time for it. While other guys are playing Xbox or watching mindless YouTube shit, I’m reading/writing about this stuff and helping other guys revamp their lives for free because I’m just a nice dude that way and I enjoy seeing other men develop their full potential.

For any guy with insecurities, whether it’s about your height or your hobbies or your job or your preferences in life, if you reframe your shit the way the guys here have fine with cooking, women will find it attractive because the strongest frame always wins and women ping off their environment to decide how to feel…so if you talk about cooking like a boss, or if you talk about collecting Pokemon cards like a boss, women will fall into the frame of “ok this must be cool and wow it’s hot how passionate he is”

The funniest part is that if they objectively think the thing is lame, you become “the exception”. So it becomes “well guys cooking is kind of girly, BUT when (the guy I’m attracted to) does it, somehow I find it sexy”. And “collecting Pokemon cards is super lame…BUT when (the guy I’m attracted to) talks about it, wow he’s so passionate…I don’t really understand it, but he’s not like those NERDS that collect Pokemon cards.”

They don’t even register the cognitive dissonance lol. And when you guys break up she’ll say “ughh he was so lame he was always in the kitchen like a woman/pokemoning, I like REAL men.”

Remember: “I don’t do X because it’s cool. X is cool because I do it.”

I know that feel. Also this guy is major queerbait

Originally I wanted to get rich enough to afford surgery to look like that and get women but now I want to get rich so I can destroy womankind instead

God damn, preach it

I'm not gay but how the fuck this guy couldn't get laid is beyond my understanding

The sex doesn't trickle down

He was a weird insecure fuck with a blackpilled world view. It would be against natural order if he got laid.

>All these salty incels thinking they need to look 10/10 to get laid

Ugly people have been getting laid for thousands of years. Your incel problem has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with your spergy personality.

Yes, the past thousand years where women HAD to find a man to marry else they would be kicked out by their parents and forced to become prostitutes.

Now that women can work (no urgent need to find a good man) and hypergamy is acceptable (free to fuck dozens of Chads a month) they have no reason to bother.

Nothing that hasn't happened before. Grow a personality nigga.

Wtf im gay now

I know this feeling so well. No one is demanding my baby but I completely understand how you get girls.

About a year ago I was in a bad skiing accident and hit my head pretty hard. For a month after I had bad headaches and I found women particularly annoying for some reason. I went out a few times during this period and women who were normally above my league threw themselves at me. I am convinced that they sensed that I didn't want sex and thought they were annoying and it turned them on incredibly. Weird shit.

>women go for looks
I guess if you want terrible women, thats the standard you want lol

All I wanted to do since I could read was to escape society... The only thing holding me back is a chronic condition that will kill me within a week if I don't stay near society....
I'm sure going to enjoy my one week of being free, user :...(

I haven't given a fuck about women for 5 years and no girls show the slightest bit of attention toward me. You guys claiming to be normal are probably above average.


Mate my girl loves when I pick up heavy shit and she sees my muscles working. Learn to women you fucking faggot.

>implying women know what they find attractive