Jo poorfags. We just launched!

- 50% up on sale

- 25% down every 5 hours without sale

Self sustainable ETH investment game!

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first tickets sales
submitted to all directories

!!! !!!


How do you even purchase a coin??

you wait until prices sync and click it

>Ruby sale just went through at 0.7 eth

Well, looks like there's movement lol

oh lol. nice! seems it starts taking off

Unicorn is the 'pocket' item.

By which I mean the devs always make one thing far more reasonably priced than everything else to lure you in, like 1.5k for a diamond, or 2 bucks for a potato. Then the unicorn is in that sweet spot. The name of this game should be hot unicorn.

see you in hell, pajeet

if items really get stuck we can still choose to payout the current owner and respawn it.

however this will most likely solve itself within less than a day due to slowing prices :)

I was hoping they are still rather high when dappradar lists it

not bad so far

I actually like the aesthetic you went with. Are these stock vectors?

to be fully honest with you they are from Flaticons :)

Also pretty happy with the result, even thought its minimal AF

again a rather high bet coming in

It will probably do better when there's less drama in the charts. Although in future when shilling to Veeky Forums you may want to take a more meme-y approach.

>drama in the charts


BTC dipping

here is me, coding and smoking weed all day not even looking what those tokens i am after are even worth. thanks for the heads up!

Listen how good are you with smart contract programming? I have a project you might be interested in, send an email to:

[email protected]

Inb4: you would be paid, it would be upfront, nothing fishy, just want to know your thoughts on the idea.

post etherscan

its on the bottom:


dont let it die out just yet :)

when dappradar joins in they all will be stuck +1 ETH for a while like always


Site is clean and I'm all for minimalism, but I recommend putting at the footer of the page for transparency's purposes. A lot of people will be too scared to jump into something like this without seeing where their funds will head. Can't blame them, scams are everywhere.

That game is dead get on the new hot game


its slow and looks shit, so meh.

What does this shit offer that the others don't? At least OP's has a unique mechanic. Isn't this just a copy/paste of the other trading card games that are running rampant?

I haven't even joined any games aside from this one simply because the self-sustaining gimmick was interesting to me.

Only 2 hours left and the top row will drop prices if nobody stops them

Great. Let them bleed. Also, explain to a brainlet - someone purchased from me. There's no more reason for me to keep the ETH in the contract, right? Or do I continue gaining dividends because I purchased first? Thinking of pulling my ETH out to buy some more when they bleed out, but I don't wanna give up possible dividends for holding.

Never mind, I am true brainlet. Just came back from wageslaving and tired so didn't even realize that you don't even hold onto anything. Dunno if I should take that as a sign to sleep now or keep myself up for some impaired judgement choices considering I already won some from this.

heh man dont worry, i know this feeling way to well. gonna catch some sleep now as well

Will bookmark this and keep an eye out. Continue promoting it.