Hey bros i have a dilemma. My smile is similar to pic related, I want to get jaw surgery to fix my gummy smile...

Hey bros i have a dilemma. My smile is similar to pic related, I want to get jaw surgery to fix my gummy smile. However it costs 40k (no insurance) and I made around 100k in crypto so far. Should i spend the money to fix my jaws or use the money to buy more crypto? wat do? im a guy so having shitty beta gummy teeth is an absolute turn off for women

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Just don't smile.

buy link instead

i just have really low confidence because my smile is so ugly, i cant not smile
nigga pls

I say fix it.

You don't deserve those 100K.

Fix it.

>I can't not smile
Go to /pol/ for a year. Its easy

Straight up do it, being more attractive will contribute a shit ton to your future earnings and your general happiness. Will be totally worth it

Grow a mustache

I unironically got rid of my gummy smile by not brushing my teeth for a couple of years. Gingivitis will make your gums recede so hard.

How about you just try not to show your cums like a retard

just paint your gums white.
$10 max

You talking about maxilla surgery where they do a diagonal slice and slide it up?

You shold do it but only a small amout.


Like trading, don't be greedy

would you be happier having a normal smile or with $40k?

its an upper jaw issue not gums ive already seen a maxillofacial surgeon.
thanks i think so too
not that easy

Fix it, my nose job changed my life

Do this op

Have you seen what they do to your skull to "fix" this?
If the surgeon fucks it up you're fucked: as in your facial structure becomes fubar.

yup except i would be doing both jaws
i dont know thats why im asking

hey user - done a fev things with teeth (Veneers), nose (straight), hair for 15k all in all. Bought a professionel fitness equipment. Went from a 7 to a good 9. Made a lot of different in life. Life is really in easy mode when you are beautiful. Even my normal buisness beside crypto became more easy. Didn´t regret it till now.

Fix your face

Its thr most important thing in your life

thats why it costs 26k JUST for the surgeon. hes board certified

board certified does not mean he's good at what he does. passable and actually good are very different things in every field, surgery even moreso.

If you already have a surgeon in mind, try and find (or ask if patient confidentiality isn't a thing in this regard) other patients that he's done this to, this isn't something you'd want fucked up in the slightest


i bet at the very least you'd be able to see pictures of the mouths he or she has done work on


cheaper solution

thinking about it tbqh

who the fook cares unless you look retarded and it will make you look less retarded. I see plenty of attractive people with that shit.

Why not wait another year for a bull market? 1 year later when you realize you would have made 10x as much money but you wasted it on fucking jaw surgery. 1 year later, still a virgin, but significantly more poor.

lmfao, nobody looks at noses you fucking brainlet. If you're ugly you're ugly, nose job wont do shit. You probably just made yourself more feminine looking hahahaa fucking faggot.

also a good point

i know someone who has a cute gummy smile. how worst are yours? show picture

before doing surgery i advice you

Practice pouting your lips and then slowly turn it into a smile and then show a bit of your teeth.

practice it infront of mirror

Tranny gay here giving you beauty tips

Beauty is a skill


gum smile are best to shot cum on

>Practice pouting your lips and then slowly turn it into a smile

This is ridiculous and horrible advice. Sounds about right coming from a trap though.

JEsus christ OP is a faggot

Why the fuck are you insecure about shit you cant control? retarded


>Spending 40k to potentially ruin your life because some girls don't find it "appealing"

Lol how the fuck did you even get 100k in the first place


to be fair huge gums do make people look retarded

Singapore senpai, its called medical tourism

Fly to a cheaper country a get it done. I'm serious.



Can't this shit be fixed with brackets? Am I missing something?

I'm a grill and had an injury as a child that made it crooked. But the nose is the single most important facial feature because it's in the middle of your face. More so for women.

Make sure you get a surgeon that specializes in what you want and has lots of experience. If that means waiting another year because you have to pay double then so be it.

just try it. its what you call a modelling smile.

let me see how terrible your smile first
do you look like a horse?

Fix it after you reach 1 million.

Go to Korea it only cost 12.000 dollars to dix it in there.

Unless you want to look like a literal clown, I would not suggest this.

user the answer is obvious.
surgery is the key.

I once made around 50k. I got some cosmetic surgery to stop being an ugly fuck tard. Well the cosmetic surgery went great since now I look pretty good and am able to pick up more girls thanks to the boosted confidence. The shitty part is that all of this happened last year, before the bitcoin price jump. I was only recently able to get back on the game thanks to the dip, but I've been living like a peasant just to pick up whores. Moral of the story, keep investing in crypto until you have way more and then worry about dumb shit like your Goofy smile.


$BCH all in

i dated a girl who had a gummy smile. for some reason i thought it was really cute on her. dont waste your money OP, someone probably finds it attractive. what i'm saying is i think you're cute

if you can wait another year you can fix it and have mid 7 figures. if you fix it now youll probably still crack a mil

Where did you get the surgery?

*Any and *corporate
Thanks autocorrect

do it. i did and it was great

Doesn't cost that much. Go out of country for some cheap plastic surgery. There are plenty of surgeons that were educated in Europe and the United States that make huge bucks in their home countries, and still charge a fraction of the price. Try Colombia and Venezuela (most of their top surgeons are in Colombia now)

Honestly OP nobody cares. The most people will do is think its a little strange and then not give a fuck. Ive met several people with this and it doesnt bother me in tbe slightest. Dont stress over it bruh.

Don’t listen to this posi-fag, OP. Everyone calls you Mr. Ed behind your back and they quietly neigh to each other when you walk by. So unless you’re John Elway or Gary Busey, spend the cash and fix your fucking grill, ya horsetoothed jackass.

I'd try not to. Not that these surgeons aren't talented but if something goes wrong you'd need it fixed as easily and quickly as possible without flying back and forth. Revisions cost as much as 5x depending on the surgery already.

I've read somewhere in a book that changing your face also changes your personality/behaviour. Not mystic shit but scientific article.