Guys, you do realize 22 is doom's day, right?

Guys, you do realize 22 is doom's day, right?

We either break the upper wall of the major downtrend channel or the lower wall of this minor uptrend.

What are your bets?

I'm just sick of getting destroyed in this market. I am sick of it. And I'm pissed off, and I'm sick of this shit.

11875 was the top fof this run, I don't know where the bottom is, maybe 9k maybe 5k

I want it to go sideway until summer

it will break down causing panic for a few days before bouncing and break through upper resistance.

at least short term bull reversal coming imo

watch for flags and pennants

Why woudlnt it just continue straight through your lines? The highest price from 2momths ago have nothing to do with the price now.

Not necessarily -- it's crowd psychology, people behave in patterns

Look at the easy patterns in my chart -- those are beginner bull/bear flags/pennants -- as an example. The market will tell you what it wants to do but you have to pay attention to its behavior.

Two months ago we had lines at atm's. Now we don't. We've topped out without new money.

>maybe 9k

Yep, at the bottom. There's WAY too much resistance below that now. Then back into the 10's and sideways coasting. Been saying that for days personally. Wasn't even surprised to see this after the mini-FOMO yesterday.

We're about to break the upwards trendline soon desu.

Looks like a bullflag on the 15min in Binance.

How do you figure? To my understanding, bear flags and bull flags look exactly alike; the only difference being that bear flags follow downward momentum while bull flags follow upward momentum.

looks like a bear flag to me

My indicators are also showing a loss of upward momentum right in the middle of the flag

Naw it's a cup and handle.

>one day will change EVERYTHING
pls go

>still HODLs...

9k is the bottom, and also where the trend line from the 7-9k is placed. When we break below 10k, there'll be strong support on 9k and tough resistance at 10k, so we'll trade sideways until the make or break moment when we hit the trend line again.

Now is not the time to place big bets on BTC, we're still in the downtrend channel which is a highly volatile and risk-filled area.

You can make an absolute killing if you do your daytrading correctly in this situation, but if you don't know what you're doing then the hodl meme is unironically the best possible thing you can do. Either that, or you can buy alts and hodl that (diversify into at least 3 coins, preferably 5)

Alt get destroyed when BTC goes on a run in either direction. I'll buy up at 9.5k

Here is some genuine advice user. Always make sure to check the long and shorts that are currently open since they're a good gauge of where the market is headed. If there are close to an equal number of shorts to longs open then it's all fucked.

Looks like I was pretty accurate. brace yourselves fags


That's completely correct, but it means alts are low prices right now and if you buy now you'll make a huge profit when BTC stabilises and alts begin growing.

t. blindly followed a TAfag into destruction and concluded that if his TA was bad, all TA must be a meme

>i only recognize things are shit after i get tricked by them
>so everyone else must too!!
nice projection