I have 12 ETH i want to exchange tonight. What coin should and I get and why?

I have 12 ETH i want to exchange tonight. What coin should and I get and why?

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P.S. I'm already 80% VEN/ICX/XLM, so no more of those

HPB or NAS. HPB dipped ridiculously hard today and is starting it's rebound now.

NAS has an AMA on the 24th and it's generally a very quiet camp, so any news is good news. (CEO of NAS is the co-founder of NEO fyi)

4eth on neo, ven and omg.

ACT. It's a new blockchain that is an easy 10x. Plus you get free money every time it forks.

Just seen this. 50/50 on neo and omg. I also hold ICX and xlm

Already have 1k HPB, I'll look into NAS but too lazy for a new exchange outside binance and Kucoin. Ty

XSN swap starts on March 1st
>time is running out

Wait for ETH to bounce back and buy some ICX since it's so fucking cheap.

Other than that ACT has been pretty decent like said, you could end up making some money on future forks and it's been moving up in sats

PRL has been pumping decently the past week or so, it's already climbed pretty high but it's still nowhere near its ATH and I can't imagine it will dip before the SHL airdrop coming in a few weeks (SHL whitepaper was just released too).

Might consider ADA if you want a bunch of cheap bags and are willing to hold them for a while, same with REQ

Link has unironically been steadily climbing in sats the last week or so, might want to wait a bit and see if it dips though.

OMG looks poised to be a fucking juggernaut pretty soon, but it has pumped quite a bit with the BTC pump

depends on what you're looking for and how long you're willing to hold for.

Am I too late to them? How much upside you see EOY?

I want to hold for 12 months (Amerimutt)

LINK versus OMG versus ACT: what would you pick?

I would tell you, but your 12 ETH would literally kill this coin's sell order list and I'm still accumulating it. It's a coin that is a guaranteed 10x mission a maximum 5 months from now which could grow to 1000x if it ever catches traction.

OMG seems to be the safest but that obviously comes with less gains since it's pretty high.

Link is more of a hail mary but youll be "fuck you" rich if it pans out

Achain seems like a relatively safe bet since China loves their coins and all of the forking will help recoup your initial investment

up to you, I hold all 3 so i'm biased


OP, look at the BoldPure platform.
Private Event is happening soon & Main ICO is happening March 1st. It's a weird social network where you get paid to report scams or verify legit projects. Could be something or could be nothing but it's worth looking at.

Pee Pee Tea

EOS - show those ETH is who’s boss daddy.

NEO 1k eoy, OMG $100. Could be higher but I think these are reasonable expectations if crypto in general does well this year.

I'm in this for "fuck you" money as I already have a safe job making $350k+/yr...

A new LINK bagholder is formed

Larptarts 4 breakfast

I'm not LARPing though

TKY on kucoin. Below ico and way undervalued. Easy money user

Hahaha the delusion

It took him 45 days to get exposure right
Despite the fact that he is controlled opposition

dogs youcollect.co/#/marketplace
On doggies the floor is getting eaten away and this is coming out shortly.
medium com/@youCollect_co/mining-content-upgrade-for-crypto-youcollect-incoming-going-live-in-24h-4393318eb3d5